Taming Master | Chapter 74 | The Magic Tower of Dimensions | Part 2

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Chapter 74 - The Magic Tower of Dimensions - Part 2


'Arnobil Empire… that was the empire that existed before the Kaimon Empire…'

Kaimon Empire was one of the empires that took half of the Kolonar Continent. While the Arnobil

Empire existed even before the Kaimon Empire.

There was a reason why Ian knew about the name of the ancient empire.

When playing Kailan for the first time, all users had to watch the 15-minute long video about the

history of the continent.

The video was quite entertaining so only a few users were unhappy about having to watch it.

'Let's see, what are the levels of monsters here…'

Monsters that lived in the underground dungeon were all ghosts and skeletons.

What was unusual was that there were more ghosts and skeletons of monsters than that of humans.

'Early 90s level… perfect for hunting. That is similar to the Snow Gargoyles.'

Ian couldn't see any Soul of a Grave Robber yet, but he was already eager to hunt.

That was because… of the system message he saw.

- You became the First Finder of the dungeon.

- You receive double EP in the dungeon for 5 days.

- You receive double item-drop probability for 5 days.

At the same time, Ian recalled the 3-day time limit of the quest.

Ian was sad, 'Then, the time limit should have also been 5 days!'

He was disappointed because he would not be able to hunt there for a full 5 days, however, 3 days

were still enough.

Ian grinned widely and moved to fight.

"Hmm, there is no info about the Ancient Site of the Arnobil Empire."

Jinsung swept through the dungeon for the whole day and came out of his capsule to eat and find

some information.

"I wasn't expecting much, I was the first to find the dungeon…"

What Jinsung was looking for was info about the Soul of a Grave Robber monster that was the most

critical for the quest.

He had met less than 20 Souls of Grave Robbers.

Additionally, the quest items were dropped so rarely that he got only two Piece of Ancient Relic item.

They were the same piece and Ian almost exploded from anger.

'Uh! if things continue to go on like this, I won't be able to finish it in 3 days…'

Jinsung kept clicking his mouse as searched.

But then, he finally spotted the word Grave Robber.

'Huh? That's not the Soul of a Grave Robber, but maybe?'

The title of the post was about 'Grave Robber Kobold' monster, not about the Souls of Grave


However, Jinsung really needed some info. He clicked on the post.

Title: Ha… I hunted only Grave Robber Kobolds for an entire week.

I received the Lost Relic quest from the Baron Suykan of Kaliv.

It is a hidden quest, but it requires a long time and the reward isn't good, so I don't think anyone

would do this quest… but I do have a tip, so I am writing about it.

The quest was about gathering pieces of a relic to restore it.

The pieces were sometimes dropped when killing Grave Robber Kobolds.

Jinsung was excited at reading this much, 'It is a lot like my quest!'

Then he read the rest.

The irritating part of the quest is that the same piece can be dropped again.

I needed to gather four different pieces and restore the relic, but I could not get the third piece.

The pieces were dropped very rarely but I kept getting the other pieces again, so that almost drove

me crazy.

Jinsung nodded as if he could totally understand the writer, "That is enough to drive anyone crazy…"

The quest was almost identical to Jinsung's quest.

Jinsung scrolled down thinking he might get some decent information.

However, I found out something almost after a week; there was a reason why the Grave Robber

monster dropped the quest items so rarely.

The probability of them dropping the items decrease greatly if you damage the bundles in their back

when killing them.

I have tried it. The quest item was dropped like, once in killing ten Kobolds, but when I killed them

without damaging the bundles, they were dropped 2~3 times.

I found that out when I was almost finished, but it would help you a lot if you knew this and did the


Jinsung brightened up, "I knew it. There was a secret."

He was sure.

It wasn't the same quest, but he had a feeling that the tip would work with his quest as well.

Jinsung almost failed the series of quests at the beginning. He let out a sigh of relief, "I should try it."

Jinsung was about to go to sleep after finishing his meal, but now he would not be able to fall asleep

before checking the info he just got.

He finished eating in a hurry and logged into Kailan.

Two days later.

"Uhhh! This is really making me go crazy!"

Jinsung checked the relic piece he had just obtained with the tool Griffer gave him. He couldn't help


"Oh, it's impossible!"

Ian had been proceeding well with the quest after he got the info about the Grave Robber.

He got five out of the six pieces in just one day.

However, on the last day of the quest...

He had already gotten five pieces, yet none of them were the fourth piece he needed.

'I might really go crazy. How much time do I have left?'

Ian opened the quest window to check the remaining time.

- Remaining Time: 03:39:21

Then he sighed, 'Wow, I have less than four hours!'

Judging from his hunting speed till now, he could get 2 pieces at most in three hours.

Whether he could find the fourth piece in time, no one knew that.

'I should have not hunted on the first day. I should have looked for the Souls of Grave Robbers…'

He was excited because of the First Finder effect and had killed every monster he saw. That now

caused a huge problem.

Nevertheless, regret wouldn't change anything, so Ian moved again.

"Clofia, go over there and let me know immediately if you find a Grave Robber!"

Clofia, which used to be used by Ian for Possession, was helping Ian a lot with finding the Grave


It had high Speed and with its Unique Ability, Riding Wind, it could move very fast.

'It is a good thing that there aren't any monsters that can use wide-range attacks in this dungeon.'

Clofia's Riding Wind increased its moving speed by 70% when flying for 5 seconds without being


Additionally, without monsters that could use wide-range attacks, there was no way Clofia, that flew in

the air, would get attacked.

Ian sent Clofia into one direction and searched the other direction. After a long time, he spotted a

strange monster he had never seen before.

'What is that?'

For a moment, he thought it was the Soul of a Grave Robber because it looked like a human, but the

ghost was a short old man with a bent back.

'Huh? But… it's Hero rank?'

Ian had never met a Unique rank monster, much less a Hero rank.

'Ah… should I go past it? Or not?' Ian wasn't too tormented.

He was not thinking about capturing it.

It was a human type monster and it was an undead, therefore, capturing it was impossible.

He wasn't worried about losing, either. He already had hunted Lv. 90 Hero rank monster on the North


He was worried about the little time he had.

'A Lv. 90 Hero rank monster… it could take at least 30 minutes to kill it…'

That lasted only for a moment.

Now, Ian would get double EP and double item drop probability because of the First Finder effect. It

would be an offense to ignore a Hero rank monster.

"Ly, let's kill it!"


Ian was tempted again.

"Hu! I didn't know that ghost monster was a Summoner." He complained.

Catching the Hero rank ghost was harder than Ian had expected.

The monster's name was 'Ancient Summoner' and it summoned many pets to fight Ian.

He mainly attacked the ghost at the end, therefore it took even less time than what he expected.

However, the ghost also reached Ian as well, therefore he had some close calls.

'Anyway, shall I check the items?'

Ian put his hand on the 'dead' body to get the items.

- You have obtained [Ancient Summoner' Staff].

- You have obtained [Book of Ancient Monsters].

Ian's eyes sparkled at seeing the system message.

'Oh! It's the first Hero rank item I have seen in eons!'

The Book of Ancient Monster was a Regular rank item so its name was in white, however, the

'Ancient Summoner's Staff' name was written in a clear purple.

Ian hadn't seen a Hero rank item for a long time and it was even a Summoner item.

Excited, Ian opened its information window.

[Ancient Summoner's Staff]

Category: Staff

Rank: Hero

Usage Limit: Lv. 91 or higher

Attack Power: 407~605

Durability: 820/820

Option: Intelligence +124

Option: Leadership +30

Option: Summoning Magic +42

Option: Spirit Power +20

Attack Force of all summoned pets increases by 32%, fatal blow damage increases by 46%.

It can fire a sphere of Magic Power using 5 Spirit Power.

The Sphere's destructive force is 250% of the Summoning Magic and, when hitting the enemy, the

used Spirit Power will be recovered.

While using the Staff, Friendship between ancient monsters never drops below 30.

A Staff used to be owned by a famous Summoner of ancient times.

The more skillful the Summoner is, the better he or she can use the Staff's powers.


Ian was excited.

He could momentarily forget about the little time left for the quest.

'It's like I got another damage skill. My attacks would be really strong now.'

Ian had always chosen a weapon by looking at its options as the weapon's Attack Power didn't really

affect the character's power by much.

'But this is different.'

The Staff's option changed the power of Ian's attacks proportionally to the Summoning Magic instead

of its Attack Force.

It was great for Ian.

The Book of Ancient Monsters was a common good item and it didn't contain any useful info, so that

disappointed Ian. However, the Staff was enough to make him think he had been right at not ignoring

the Hero rank monster.

"Now, I need to finish the quest!'

Ian went back to his quest. He quietly muttered 'the fourth piece', as if reciting a spell, and moved to

find more Souls of Grave Robbers.


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