Taming Master | Chapter 75 | The Magic Tower of Dimensions | Part 3

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Chapter 75 - The Magic Tower of Dimensions - Part 3


"Oh, Herss, how come Ian's not here?" Kawin was hunting to raise the Public Order of the base. He

then suddenly recalled Ian and complained.

"He is busy completing the quest he has postponed. He will be back soon after that. Just wait for a bit


During the time where Ian went from Lv.80 to Lv.93, he had hunted like crazy around the base.

Even though Public Order was hard to raise, Ian could still increase it by one every day. His absence

truly made a difference.

"Oh, we have slowed down by so much without him."

Ian was still Lv.93, so he didn't hunt much faster than the other guild members who were over Lv.100.

Yet, he played for much longer than others and hunted non-stop like a machine, therefore, he was as

good as 3~5 other players.

"We will fulfill the next requirements once we raise the Public Order to 15. Let's just try a little more."

The guild's members really cared about the Public Order of the base as it directly related to the

expansion of the territory.

After getting a base, they could take unowned lands nearby by spending some money.

A level was given according to the increased land's size and the Public Order limit will also increase

by 50 every time that level was raised.

Right now, the Public Order of the Lotus Guild base was 185.

They had already expanded their territory three times.

The base had improved a lot since the Public Order was only 12 when it became a Hamlet.

"Okay… well, we won't have to work on this when the Public Order reaches 250…"

After raising the Public Order to 250 and finishing the fifth expansion, they won't be able to expand

their territory until the base was upgraded to manor.

Kawin was talking about that.

"Yes. Anyway, I wonder if Clovan is working on his Reputation. All this work would mean nothing if it

takes him ages to get the title…"

Kawin agreed, "Yeah. He should have filled 400,000 Reputation by now and started doing the Empire

quest… I wonder how he's doing."

The two rested for a while and got up again to fight.

There were already more than five guilds that had obtained a Manor.

According to them, the Manor rank was the true start of a base, a lot of new contents would then be


They had no time to waste when it came to upgrade their base.

"Hu… that was really close."

Ian barely managed to get all the pieces in time. He came back to the Magic Tower through the portal

and let out a sigh of relief.

He had finished the quest with only 15 minutes left.

'I would not have been able to do that if I hadn't gotten that info from the community.'

When Ian first started hunting at the dungeon, he thought the monsters were too weak compared to

the A difficulty level.

He had thought the quest would be easy to complete.

However, after finishing the quest, he didn't think like that.

'There was a reason why the difficulty level was high… and I got lucky as well…'

Anyway, Ian then took the pieces to Griffer, "Here they are."

"Oh! Good, good. I knew you could do it. Although I was getting a little worried because you were

being late…"

Griffer took the pieces and some system messages announced the end of the quest.

- You have finished the Ancient Relic quest.

- Clear rank: C

- You received 8757500 EP.

Ian quietly complained at seeing such a low clear level, he had never gotten it before.

'Ha… this damn luck quest…'

If he had been lucky, he could have finished it yesterday.

Then he would have received a B or A rank.

He felt that it was unfair.

Griffer then told him to wait and went into his laboratory.

"Hu… I should sit down and get some rest."

Ian had been very nervous because of the short time he had. Tired, he sat down on a chair and

started to doze off.

Ian was about to fall asleep and get logged out, however, Griffer came out of his lab and woke him up.

"I finally finished making the magic machine thanks to you. Thank you so much."

"I am glad that your research ended successfully."

Ian got excited and asked Griffer, "Now that the machine is ready, can you revive the God Dragon's

Soul Stone?"

Ian was actually thinking that it can't be so easy, but he had nothing to lose by asking.

As expected, it wasn't that easy.

"No. It is too dangerous because I do not know whether the machine will work properly. We can't risk

it as the machine could malfunction and destroy the Soul Stone."

Ian nodded, 'He's right. I won't be able to sleep for a while if the God Dragon's Soul Stone is


According to Orkley, the God Dragon was a pet with enormous power.

'It could even be a Legend rank…'

Ian imagined about the God Dragon he would be able to summon 'soon'. Then, Griffer mentioned the

next quest, "So, I must test the machine with another Soul Stone of an ancient monster. If it works

well, I will then use the God Dragon's Soul Stone you brought."

The quest was announced.


[Reviving the Ancient Monster]

Griffer, the Mage of Dimensions, said that he must test his magic machine with another monster

before waking the God Dragon's Soul Stone.

Gather the pieces of the Soul Stone of the ancient monster Griffer wants and he will use his machine

to revive the ancient monster.

Go through the door of dimensions Griffer will make and get the pieces of the Soul Stone.

There are ten pieces in total, you have to get one of each.

Quest Difficulty Level: A

Quest Limit: Unable to form a party during the quest.

Time Limit: Doesn't exist

Reward: You will receive an ancient pet according to your clear level.

You cannot deny the quest.

Ian couldn't help but scream silently as he read about the quest.

'Aaak! It's about gathering pieces!'

He remembered the fourth piece and he almost fainted, 'At least there is no time limit this time.'

It was almost Sunday now.

He had to go to the village to meet professor Lee Jinuk.

The trip would not take a long time thanks to the Returning Magic Scroll, but something might happen,

so a time limit would have made him nervous.

On the other hand, there was an interesting part.

'I can get an ancient pet. That's so exciting!'

His Leadership had increased a lot as he got over Lv.90.

Now he could afford to have one or two more pets.

Ian finished thinking about the quest and answered, "Okay, I will get them for you."

Griffer smiled brightly and nodded, "Thank you, Ian. I am counting on you."

Sunday afternoon.

Ian had a light lunch and arrived at Lobos Village. He looked around to find the professor.

'Now that I think of it, I don't even know his ID.'

Ian wondered if he should log out and call the professor.

But then, he spotted a middle-aged user.

Ian checked his ID and flinched, 'His ID is… Lee Jinuk?'

Ian studied the man's face, he looked a lot younger than the real Jinuk.

'I think it is him…'

He had made many changes to his character, therefore, he looked slightly different. However, there

were still a lot of similarities to the real life Jinuk.

Ian carefully approached him, "Are you… professor Lee Jinuk?"

Jinuk nodded and answered, "Yes, Jinsung. You came just in time."

"Yes, professor. You came early."

Jinuk looked at Jinsung up and down and was confused, "Why can't I see your ID and level?"

Ian knew that he was right, 'He didn't believe my screenshot.'

"Oh, just a second, professor."

Ian opened his ID and level information.

Then, Jinuk was surprised, "Oh! You really are Lv.93! No, you even gained another level in the

meantime. You are Lv.94…"

Jinuk was truly impressed, so Ian felt good, "Yes, professor. I worked hard during the vacation."

Jinuk nodded, "I must admit that."

Ian asked carefully, "Then… I have won the bet, right?"

Ian was worried a lot as he spoke but, to his surprise, Jinuk coolly admitted it.

"Yes, you most certainly have won the bet. I admit that."

Ian smiled, 'Now, I feel relieved.'

Ian could now go back to complete his quest with relief.

"Professor, then may I go now?"

However, Jinuk was not done with Ian yet, "No, follow me. I have something to show you. It won't take


Jinuk started to walk.

He had already admitted that Ian won, therefore, he followed the professor with a relaxed heart.

'He seems to be a Summoner… does he have some questions to ask me?'

If that was it, Ian was ready to reply earnestly.

Ian was feeling so good!

However, a while later, they arrived at a place Ian had never seen before.

And it looked very… interesting.

'What? Monster Training Center? I've never heard of it…'


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