Taming Master | Chapter 76 | The Magic Tower of Dimensions | Part 4

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Chapter 76 - The Magic Tower of Dimensions - Part 4


The building was located on the outer side of the village.

Ian couldn't help but get curious, so he asked, "Professor, how did you find out about this place?"

Lobos Village wasn't far from Muran, capital of the Luspell Empire, but it was in a desolate area and

there wasn't any decent hunting ground nearby, so it was a quiet village.

If Jinuk had taken the usual level-up course, he would have never gone there.

'There is no news about it at the community yet, so it must have been made recently…'

Jinuk replied, "The owner of this Monster Training Center is an NPC named Ralph, I luckily met him

when I visited the Tower of Summoners for the first time."

Ian became interested, 'It looks like a hidden quest… If it is a quest that anyone can do, the

community would know about it by now.'

Jinuk spoke again, "When I first met him, the Center was being built. I got a quest from him. It was

about capturing monsters like wolves, foxes and bears."

Ian suddenly remembered something, 'I heard that if a user completes a quest to help build a facility,

he or she can build that facility and own it…'

It was a quest usually given to users who concentrated on craftsman classes.

After doing the quest successfully, they could build facilities like a forge or a restaurant and run them.

'Harin told me she needed to do a quest to build a restaurant at the base…'

Jinuk continued to speak, "Anyway, I finished the quest and this Center was completed, I work here


Ian asked him what he wanted to know, "Professor, didn't you get a message that said you can build a

Monster Training Center after you finished the quest?"

Jinuk was surprised again, "How did you know that?"

"Usually, users of the craftsman classes get the rights to own facilities through quests like that one."

Jinuk nodded, "Since you know about this, I can explain more easily. As you just said, I was given the

rights to build a Monster Training Center. But I cannot do it right now because I haven't fulfilled the


"What requirement?"

Jinuk took out a strange-looking book.

"This is the Book of Monsters. I got it from Ralph. I have to register at least 50 monsters here to be

able to build a Center of my own."

As soon as Ian saw the book, he recalled something.

'Oh, I've gotten something like that during the Magic Tower quest…'

He opened his inventory and soon found the Book of Ancient Monsters.

However, it was clearly very different from Jinuk's Book of Monsters.

'I cannot register monsters to this book… they must be different kinds of things.'

Jinuk gave his book to Ian, "To register a new monster to this book, I have to capture it. However, I

could capture only about 30 kinds of monsters. So, I want you to take this and register the monsters I

couldn't capture."

Ian first checked the information of the book.

[Book of Monsters]

Category: Common good

Rank: Regular

You can register monsters you captured in this book.

You get at least 100 Reputation when registering a monster. You get more Reputation if the monster is

a rare one.

While Ian was reading, Jinuk spoke again, "If you help me, I will let you use my Monster Training

Center for free. How is that?"

Ian wanted to know what the Monster Training Center did first, "But professor, what can I do at the

Monster Training Center?"

Jinuk answered, "If a user entrusts his or her pets at the Center, the pets are trained there. More

functions will be added as the Center's rank rises, but basically, it is for training pets."


Jinuk summoned one of his pets instead of answering.

"Wolfy, Summon!"

A giant black wolf was summoned in front of him.

Ian's eyes widened at seeing that.


He was surprised because he had never seen anything like that.

'There are some black wolves among Regular rank wolves… but I've never seen anything that big! It

is almost as big as Ly!'

Jinuk was glad to see Ian surprised and spoke again, "Haha! have you made your pet evolve?"

Ian's eyes widened even more, 'It's an evolved pet! But how?!'

It wasn't just because it was the first time Ian met another user that made a pet evolve.

He had assumed that there must be some users who succeeded on that by now.

However, Jinuk was not even Lv.30 yet, so Ian was confused.

'What? Does he have the Training skill like me? Oh… maybe?!'

Ian realized something.

Jinuk confirmed that he was right, "I trained Wolfy in this Center and he evolved into a 'Black Claw

Wolf' a few days later. Although, I don't know what exactly made him evolve."

However, unlike Jinuk, Ian knew why.

'Training here raises the pets' Potential, just like my Training skill does.'

Ian's head started to spin fast.

'It would be great to tell Yuhyeon and help the professor build his Monster Training Center at our


Probably no one knew it yet, however, once everyone learns that the Center can make your pet

evolve, the place will become very popular.

'I don't know if the Training Center can raise the Potential as fast as my Training skill… but that skill

has a cooldown time, so leaving the pets I don't use at the Center could help me a lot.'

Even though he had used the Training skill repeatedly until he became Lv.93, Ian hadn't succeeded in

making all his pets' Potentials reach 100.

This will soon happen with Big Guy, but after using the Bestowing Skill, Potential would decrease


Plus, more functions will be added if the Center's rank got higher.

As a Summoner, Ian found that possibility very appealing.

Moreover, building a new facility at the base would greatly help the guild.

Ian decided to help Jinuk, "Professor, I will help you."

Jinuk was glad, "Oh! will you really do that?"

"Yes, professor. But can I ask you a favor?"

"A favor?"

Jinuk was a little surprised at the unexpected request, but he nodded, "Tell me."

Ian spoke, "Instead of letting me use your Monster Training Center for free, can you build it at my

guild's base?"

Ian made a 'deal' with Jinuk and went straight back to the Magic Tower of Dimensions to finish the


Jinuk had accepted Ian's request, actually, that wasn't even a request.

It would not be easy for Jinuk to find a place to build his Center, therefore, it was a win-win deal.

'That was unexpected. I didn't know he had that kind of 'talent'.'

In reality, Jinuk was a professor, but he was also a wild animal lover who liked hiking.

That was why he immediately chose to be a Summoner in Kailan.

Ian recalled the story of how Jinuk got the quest and nodded.

'It is hard to get a hidden quest by following the usual course.'

Unlike ordinary users, Jinuk preferred bonding with his pets more than hunting with them and played

as if he was raising real pets, so he got the Monster Training Center quest in the end.

Ian took out Jinuk's Book of Monsters.

'Before I start on my quest, shall I register my pets first?'

He was curious about how the book would work.

He registered his pets.

"Register pets!"

Ian saw system messages.

- Register monster information: Red Mane Wolf - Rare rank

- Register monster information: Abyss Turtle - Unique rank

- Register monster information: Abyss Golem - Unique rank

- Register monster information: Clofia - Rare rank

- Register monster information: Lava Drake King - Hero rank

Then, more messages announced the increase of his Reputation.

- You registered Red Mane Wolf. Your Reputation increased by 1200.

- You registered Abyss Turtle. Your Reputation increased by 53700.

- You registered Abyss Golem. Your Reputation increased by 5600.

Ian pleasantly checked the messages when he was suddenly confused, 'What? Why did Bukbuk give

me the biggest Reputation?'

Compared to Big Guy, which was also a Unique rank, Bukbuk gave ten times more of reputation.

'He gave me even twice more than Rake, and he is Hero rank?'

However, Ian couldn't find out why.

'Is there a possibility of Bukbuk evolving and becoming a really great pet?'

But recalling the simple Bukbuk that would do anything for a meatball, Ian's sweet dream was

immediately shattered.

'Maybe it's an error…'

Ian read the information of the registered monsters, but there was nothing special.

'Now I should go to finish the quest.'

Ian had gotten 100,000 Reputation in seconds anyway. He felt good as he stepped into the portal.

With the Reputation he got by coming up in second place at the Rookies' League and the small

Reputation points he had gotten here and there, his current Reputation was over 300,000.

'This would be a perfect day if I become the First Finder of this dungeon again…'

Excited, Ian went into the portal.


- You entered the 'Highlands of Arnobil' field.

- You became the First Finder of the field.

- You get 100,000 Reputation.

- You get double EP at the field for 10 days.

- You get double item-drop probability at the field for 10 days.

- You get the Time Traveler title.

Ian grinned widely.

Even Ian had never gotten the First Finder of the field.

'This is awesome!'


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