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Chapter 77 - Ancient Pet - Part 1


There wasn't a time limit, however, Ian didn't receive a lot of information to complete the quest.

'I just have to do my best.'

Although the quest did not have a time limit, the reward depended on the clear level. This meant that

the rank of the Soul Stone that Ian would get will have something to do with the clear level and its


'I will gather the pieces of the Soul Stone belonging to the strongest monster in this field.'

The pieces were dropped in a simple way.

The ancient monsters in the field all looked like ghosts, a piece of the monster's Soul Stone was

dropped when killing that monster.

So, to complete the quest as quickly as possible, Ian just had to keep hunting the weakest monster in

the field, gather all the pieces of its Soul Stone and return.

'I cannot do that.' Of course, Ian's greed would not allow that.

'I got a 10-day First Finder effect, so I will comb through the entire field.'

He studied the monsters in the field. Their levels were 3~5 higher than the ones at the dungeon where

he had done the last quest.

'Monsters near the entrance of the field are this strong… that means the boss monster might be over


Then, Ian might find it hard to kill some monsters.

'Good, I will also gain some levels!'

Ian killed all the monsters, he then searched for the strongest monster in the field.

"Herss! The community is all crazy about the news! Have you seen it?"

Herss was a little confused at seeing Piolan running toward him at the base.

It had been less than 15 minutes after Piolan logged out to have a meal.

"Have you finished eating already?"

"No, I visited the community and was so surprised that I logged in again."

Herss' eyes widened slightly, "What? Did something happen? I haven't checked the community, I

have been busy hunting…"

Piolan caught her breath and spoke again, "In the expedition to the North, the Titan Guild found a new

map called Forlan Basin and a time-attack dungeon was found there."


Time-attack dungeons were a common type of dungeon. Most games had it.

However, a time-attack dungeon had never been found in Kailan, therefore, Herss was very surprised.

"There are two dungeons; one of them has a level limit of 100, and the other's is 120."

Herss was glad to hear that.

"Oh… we can go to the one with the Lv.100 limit!"

Piolan nodded.

"Yes, I thought that could possible as well, so I ran here as soon as I found out about it."

Herss thought about it, "Hmm. Should we stop working on the Public Order and go to the dungeon

first? What do you think, Piolan?"

"I think the two of us must go there first while we leave the rest here."

Herss was a little surprised to hear this, "Huh? What can the two of us do there?"

"You see, only two can enter the dungeon. The Lv.120 dungeon is for 3~4, but the Lv.100 dungeon is

for 2 users."


Then, Piolan's proposal made sense.

Piolan had the highest level in the Guild while he was Lv.110. The other high-level guild members had

levels similar to Herss'.

As Piolan was a Sorcerer, a Knight would be the best partner. Additionally, Herss was the guild

master, so it would be wise for the two of them enter the dungeon first.

"We don't even know what that dungeon is like. Taking everyone would be risking too much."

Herss nodded, "You are right, Piolan. We should go there first."

"Should we go now?"

Looking at Piolan's impatience, Herss laughed and shook his head.

"You have to eat first, Piolan."

"Uh… you are right…" Piolan checked the time and spoke again, "Meet me... 30 minutes later at

Forlan Basin. By now, there must be videos of the fights at the dungeon in the community… so, it

would be better to watch them first."

"Okay, I get it. Then, I will see you soon."

The Time Traveler title which Ian got as the First Finder of the Highlands of Arnobil was a useful


'The Master of Hunting title was becoming inefficient by now… this is much better.'

The title decreased all the skills' cooldown time by 15%.

The Master of Hunting title had an effect which increased by 5% all the stats when fighting high-level

enemies and an EP increase. They were clearly good.

However, as Ian's level got higher, he was more and more relying on his pets in battles so 5% of his

own battle stats really didn't mean much. Moreover, now it was impossible for him to fight enemies

whose levels were much higher than his own, so the increase in EP was minimal.

On the other hand, the 15% decrease of all skills' cooldown time was very useful.

He could feel that he was hunting much faster as the cycle of all skills, including the ones he got when

he reached Lv.90, was getting quicker.

Ian hunted happily for a few days with a new title and the First Finder effect. He gained two levels and

he was now Lv.96.

'The First Finder effect is so good.'

He had gathered all the pieces of the Souls Stones of three different ancient monsters, however, Ian

wasn't thinking about going back to finish the quest.

It was time to hunt the one he had in mind.

"Hu! shall I go down the cliff?"

The Highlands of Arnobil were divided into two parts.

The north side of the portal from which Ian went through was the high land where Lv.95~98 lived, the

lower land, down the cliff of the north had monsters of Lv.100 and higher.

"Ly, do you see that one?"

Growl- Growl-

There was a Hero rank monster far down the cliff.

It was so far that Ian couldn't see its name and level, but the giant tiger had a strong force that made it

clear that it was a powerful monster.

"You can kill it now, right?"

Instead of answering, Ly howled to the air.


Rake spewed hot fire.

The drake would be the first to reach Lv.100 among Ian's family. Its Attack Force was almost 2500.

'By the way, Ly and Bukbuk should evolve soon.'

Their Potential had reached 100 long ago.

However, neither of them had evolved. Maybe some requirement was necessary or their levels were

not high enough.

'But they do their part well, so…'

With its high Speed and Attack Force, Ly was doing great as a lone attacker. While Bukbuk had been

very useful to Ian since he got the Link skill.

Thanks to its unusually high Defense Force, Bukbuk's Health was almost always 100%. When using

the Link skill on it, it almost worked like a 'potion' that recovered 50% of Ian's Health immediately.

Plus, the damage was divided among them.

"Guys, let's go down."

Ian slowly went down the cliff with his trustworthy pets.

'I've never fought with monsters in this part, so I should get used to it first.'

Ian used the Possession skill to be possessed by Clofia and used the Assimilation skill on Ly.

Ian's body got bigger and he became like a werewolf.

'Using Assimilation on Ly is the best. It looks cool as well.'

When Ian got the Assimilation skill, he used it on Rake as it had the highest Attack Force. However,

after he got the Ancient Summoner's Staff, he always used it on Ly.

The power of the Sphere of Magic Power Ian fired with his staff depended on his Summoning Magic,

not Attack Force.

He couldn't raise Summoning Magic or Spirit Power by using Assimilation on pets, so the most

efficient way was to maximize his Speed and use his original battle style.

"Big Guy, you go first!"


Big Guy nodded and approached the enemies.

Kung- Kung-

The large sound that shook the earth, when Big Guy walked, always drew the enemies' attention.

The monsters found Big Guy and started to quickly move toward it.

The first monsters Ian encountered under the cliff were giant worms that resembled pills.

'Souls of Clopsys… judging from their appearance, their Defense Force must be massive…'

The giant worms curled up and rolled toward Big Guy. Their skin looked very thick.

'If they are defense type monsters, I can fight more boldly.'

It wasn't easy to drain the Health of defense type monsters, however, their Attack Force was relatively

weak, so getting attacked by them didn't bring big damages.

Ian gave the order the moment Big Guy used Abyss Hole.

"Ly, go in and bite as much as you want!"


Rake, who had perfectly adjusted itself to Ian's way of fighting, fired Breath at the worms stuck at

Abyss Hole without even being ordered.


A red storm of lava was shot forward!

Its cooldown time was 30 minutes, but it worked well.


When the worms were hit by the Breath, they started to scream.

Ian studied the worms and smacked.

'Tut! their Defense Force is too high. They still have more than half of their Health left.'

Their names would have started to blink slowly if they had less than half of the Health left, but that

happened to none of them.

'If they were gargoyles, they would have melted in one breath…'

Ian complained quietly, but at the same time, he was moving busily.


A blue Sphere of Magic Power was fired from Ian's staff and hit the worms.


- You hit Soul of Clopsys with Sphere of Magic Power. You inflicted 2770 damages.

- You have successfully hit the enemy. You recovered 5 Spirit Power.

The Spheres of Magic Power of the staff gave back the used Spirit Power when hitting the enemy, so

it had no usage limit, as long as Ian hit the enemy.

It could be called a basic attack that depended on Summoning Magic.

It allowed Ian to fight more by himself than just relying on his pets.

However, Ian frowned at seeing the given damage.

'Uh! They receive such a small amount of damage.'

Sphere of Magic Power had inflicted almost 5000 damages to monsters in the high land that had a

weak Defense Force, but now it inflicted just half of that.

"Lightning Spheres-!"

Lightning Spheres was fired from Ian's staff. It landed on the middle of the worms and the lightning

started spreading.

With the Abyss Hole, Lightning spheres, and Rake's Breath of Lava that was a wide-range passive

skill, the Clopsys' names started to blink one by one despite their massive Defense Force.

Additionally, as Ian used Lightning Spheres again, yellow pieces of Lightning were sucked into Chirpy.

It meant Chirpy got 1 Spirit Power point.

'Oh! Chirpy will evolve in a few days!'

Ian checked Chirpy's Spirit Power and pleasantly smiled.

Chirpy's Spirit Power was now 993, only 7 to go till evolving.

That gave strength to Ian, he then started to move even faster.


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