Taming Master | Chapter 80 | Forest of Love | Part 1

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Chapter 80 - Forest of Love - Part 1


Ian's eyes slightly shook.

'Finally! I will see the God Dragon!'

The God Dragon's Soul Stone had been sleeping in his inventory for nearly two months.

Ian then took it out.

'It must be really awesome!'

Ian was certain that the dragon would be his pet once it was revived.

Orkley had told him that he would give it to him.


The Stone hummed lightly.

'It certainly looks different from the other Soul Stones.'

The God Dragon's Soul Stone was twice as big compared to the other Soul Stones.

It shined with a purple mysterious energy.

"Here it is."

Griffer took the Stone from Ian and carefully put it in the magic machine.


The machine started to work while Griffer and Ian watched it with expectation.

The God Dragon must have an unprecedented rank.

In Kailan, nobody had seen a Legend Rank as a pet or monster in the fields.

Ian was thinking that the War Dragon Karseus could be a Legend rank monster.


The process took more than two times longer than before. Ian gulped hard, 'Why is it taking so long? I

am getting nervous…'

Every second felt like a millennium to Ian.


The Soul Stone floated in the air and it exploded in a purple light.

"Oh!" Ian exclaimed.

When the light faded, Ian's exclamation turned into doubt.


On the other hand, Griffer was rejoicing, "Oh! it worked!"

What they were seeing was not the God Dragon that Ian had expected.

Instead, it was a large egg.

What was unusual was that the half-transparent egg glowed with a clear purple light.

Ian stared at the egg, dumbfounded while Griffer congratulated him, "Congratulations, Ian. We have

revived it successfully. Once this egg hatches, you will be the first Summoner to have a God Dragon

in a century."

Griffer handed the egg to Ian carefully.

But then, Griffer's elbow hit the table and dropped the egg!

Ian became pale and screamed.


If the egg of the God Dragon, which he had worked so hard to get, were to shatter, Ian's mind might

shatter with it.

However, he didn't need to worry.


The egg hit the floor with a heavy sound.


Ian was surprised to hear something crack and knelt down. Then, he was dumbfounded again.

"What… what? How can this be cracked?"

What had been cracked was not the egg, but the granite floor of the laboratory.

Griffer, who almost broke the egg, looked ashamed.

"I-I am truly sorry. I almost destroyed the egg."

Ian carefully picked up the egg and put it in his inventory.

'I doubt that I need to be careful with it… but it's a valuable thing, so…'

As soon as he put in the egg, the end of the quest was announced.

- You have finished all the related quests of the Trace of the Forgotten Ancient Monster quest.

Ian was sorry to see that.

- No EP reward. I guess the egg is the best reward of all.

However, some system messages immediately appeared which eliminated Ian's complaints.

- Seal of the Dragon Tamer's Feather Accessory (Legend) item is disabled.

- The seal has been disabled. Your stats rise.

- Your Leadership increases to 150.

- Your Friendship increases to 200.

- From now on, you can capture monsters unlimitedly regardless of your Leadership. (But you cannot

summon them to use them in battles when they are over your Leadership.)

- Leadership needed to command Dragon class pets decreases to half.

- Friendship with Dragon class pets increased.

Great options were unlocked!

Ian grinned like crazy, not realizing that Griffer was staring at him.


Even though he was almost Lv.100 now, the options were really great.

'Now, I have more than enough Leadership to get two or three Hero rank pets.'

Ian read the information of the Feather Accessory again to savor it. Then, he opened the information

of the God Dragon's egg.

[Egg of Karseus]

Level: ??

Type: Egg

Rank: ??

Character: ??

Egg of Karseus, the God Dragon that guarded the ancient Arnobil Empire, one of the five legendary


Karseus was the most powerful among the five God Dragons. It was called the War Dragon.

It is known that it disappeared on the day of the battle against Kalipa, the Evil Dragon.

Ian felt his good mood turn bad again.

'An egg… why couldn't it be a dragon?'

Ian had been searching for information about the pets' eggs to finish the Hatching the Griffin's Egg

quest, so he got an even greater headache.

Although he had been searching about pets' eggs whenever he had free time, he didn't find any clue

about it.

'No, it's even better…'

Now that he had two eggs to hatch, he had to find out how.

To think positively, the new egg motivated him even more.

Ian was tormented about the hatching eggs problem when Griffer came to him, "Everything has been

resolved. Why do you look so worried?"

Ian asked Griffer, just because he had nothing to lose.

"Griffer, do you know how to hatch a pet's egg?"

But to his surprised, Griffer nodded!

"Of course, I do. How can you not know? You are a Summoner!"

Ian got excited at this unexpected answer.

"How-how? Could you tell me?"

Sadly, Griffer's answer made the energy drain out of Ian's body.

"The egg would hatch if its mother broods it."


Ian tried hard to restrain the fire in his heart.

Even a fourth-year-old who didn't like science would be able to give that advice.

'Oh… what is this old man saying… of course, I know that! Everyone knows that!'

Where on earth could he get the mothers of the Griffin and Karseus?

'I might find a Griffin mother in the Sikar Desert… but going in there now would be suicidal.'

The Sikar Desert field had powerful monsters. Even those at the entrance were at least Lv.130.

Someone even saw a Lv.150 monster there, so Ian couldn't even guess how strong Griffins would be.

'Will that knight captain know?'

However, Ian soon quitted complaining. He calmly asked again.

He had to find out everything he could.

"Griffer, but I cannot find the mother of the God Dragon? Is there any other way?'

Griffer slapped his hand, "Aha! Now I see it. You are right."

Ian thought he was ridiculous.

'Oh! How is he working as a Mage? I know he is an NPC, but this is too much…'

Ian quietly complained while Griffer spoke again, "Hmm, I do not know any other way, but I do know a

Summoner who might know the answer."


Ian was truly excited now.

Griffer was the Mage of Dimensions. So, if he had a friend and if he was a Summoner, he might

actually have some helpful information.

"Could you tell me where he is?"

Griffer nodded, "Oh, she died in the Imperial Palace of Arnobil 300 years ago."


Just before Ian said something really bad, Griffer spoke again.

"You have helped me more than I expected so, in return, I will open a door of dimensions so that you

would be able to meet her soul.

Ian swallowed what he was about to say and smiled awkwardly, "Ha… haha… thank you so much,


However, Griffer frowned at him, "I thought you were just about to swear at me…"

Ian was terrified at Griffer's keen sense. He shook his hands, "No, no way. You were wrong."


"Her name is Iriel. You will be able to reach her through my door of dimensions."

"Iriel was the best Summoner of the ancient Arnobil Empire. She will probably know what you want to


"I see."

"And since you are going to see her, could you do me a favor?"

Surprised Ian asked back, "What?"

Ian saw a quest window.


[Breeding the Ancient Monsters]

Griffer, the Mage of Dimensions, want the ancient monsters you have revived to not go extinct ever


For that, the revived monsters must be breed.

Griffer wants you to learn how to make them breed from Iriel, the famed Summoner of ancient times.

Quest Difficulty Level: A

Quest Limit: Only for users who had completed at least one male and female pair of monsters during

the Reviving Ancient Monster quest.

Time Limit: Doesn't exist.

Reward: Hatching Pets' Eggs skill book (Only for Summoners)

'The message told me the revived monsters would appear on the Kolonar Continent… so what is this

all about?'

It was a little weird, but it was a quest, so Ian just accepted it and kept reading.

He complained while he read and then looked at the reward.

Ian exclaimed silently, 'Oh!'

Hatching Pets' Eggs made Ian's face brighten.

'The god of gaming is helping me!'

The Hatching Pets' Eggs skill book was what Ian needed more than anything and it was about to

come to Ian.

'If I succeed on this quest, I can succeed on the Empire quest as well!'

Ian immediately accepted the quest.

"Of course, I will help you."

The series of quests was now over, therefore, the unable to form a party during the quest option and

unable to refuse the quest option had disappeared, but Ian didn't even notice it.

He just wanted to quickly meet Iriel.


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