Taming Master | Chapter 81 | Forest of Love | Part 2

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Chapter 81 - Forest of Love - Part 2


The Summoner page, in Kailan's official community, went wild again.

It was because of Ian.

Cho0111- I'm not the only one who got the system message about ancient monsters, right?

Dodo9099- If you are talking about the announcement on new monsters, you are right. It was a global

system message.

1hj77770- There had been no announcement in advance and suddenly new monsters were added?

I'm a beginner, so I don't know much. Has this ever happened before?

Kokomunee- Well, I don't really know if this happened before…

CreativeCaptain- Hey, that's not important now. Has anyone found the new monsters? Ancient

monsters must be so cool.

Dodo9099- I haven't seen any screenshots.

1hj7777- Go to the Screenshots page. In the expedition to the North, the Titan Guild uploaded a

screenshot five minutes ago. It's a pic of Halican, one of the ancient monsters.

Kokomunee- Yes. It's a giant, white tiger and it is almost Lv.150. The Titan Guild seems to have given

up on it.

Dodo9099- Oh, really? I must go to see it now!

Ian, who was reading these comments while eating a light lunch, smiled.

"Ke! Lv.150? Hali might be even greater than I think!"

Halican had also been powerful when it was a ghost but, now, it appeared on the Kolonar Continent

with 50 levels higher. Ian wondered what it was like.

He straight went to the Screenshots page.

Then, he exclaimed, "Wow!"

Halican seemed to have appeared as a boss monster in the North Continent.

'It's really Lv.150!'

Ian felt even more proud to see the cool Halican.

If it had not been for the quest, how could Ian have a Lv.150 Hero rank monster, that appeared on a

field, as his pet?

Although of course, it was a weak Lv.1 baby Halican.

'I can't wait to raise it soon.'

Ian finished eating and hurried to get into his capsule.

He wanted to raise Hali and meet Iriel who had the skill book that would save him.

Ian got ready to fight and stood in front of Griffer's door of dimensions.

'I don't know what kind of monsters would be on the other side.'

Wishing for another new field or new dungeon, he stepped forward.


His vision went dark and the world went upside down.

It always happened when using Griffer's door of dimensions, however, Ian could never get used to it.

'I must stay sharp.'

Ian remembered the last time he went through a door of dimensions. A monster attacked him before

the dizziness went away and he received a huge damage.

Ian got tense.



Ian looked around and blinked.

The landscape he saw was so peaceful that he was almost ashamed for being so tense.

'What? It's like I'm in Disneyland!'

Pink sunset, cute clouds and cuddly animals playing together.

The place, to Ian, was like a fairytale land.

'How do I find Iriel here?'

But then, Ian suddenly saw some messages.

- You were the first to find the Forest of Love.

- Your Reputation increases by 100.

- You get a pair of Forest Wedding Rings.

Ian had been surprised at the strange place, but now he was even more surprised.

"This place is called Forest of Love?"

He opened the place's window. The name 'Forest of Love' was written on top.

'And wedding rings… what are these?'

Ian opened his inventory, he then found a pair of rings in there.

He opened the information of one of the rings.

[Forest Wedding Ring (Female)]

Category: Ring

Rank: Hero (Improvement possible)

Usage Limit: Only for female users

Durability: 175/175

Options: Attraction +30

Options: All battle abilities +20% (sealed)

Options: All craftsman abilities +30% (sealed)

Options: All skills' cooldown time -1 second (sealed) - (It is not applied to skills that have a cooldown

time shorter than 1 second.)

- Friendship with elves increases when wearing it.

- Friendship with all monsters increases by 50% when wearing it.

- The item belongs to the user Ian.

It cannot be given or sold to other users. It is not dropped when the character dies.

(Can be given only once.)

Ring left by Elmof, the owner of the Forest of Love, the place that appears in the myths of ancient


The seal is disabled only when a man and a woman wear the pair of rings together.

If one of them discards the ring, the other ring also loses its power and becomes an ordinary ring.

Once that happens, it cannot get its powers back.

Ian's mouth was wide open when he finished checking the great options of the ring.

'Improvement possible? I've never seen an item with that option!'

Additionally, the 1 second cooldown time decrease option was very unique.

The cooldown time decrease option was always in a percentage value, so it was the first time Ian saw

an item with a fixed value with cooldown time decrease.

'It could be used efficiently on skills like Lightning Spheres that have a short cooldown time.'

Ian checked the other ring.

It had the same exact options.

Only its usage limit was different as it could only be used by male users.

'What is this? Although not as good as the Feather Accessory, its options are still crazy.'

Ian was still wearing the ring he had gotten in the Rookies' League at Lv.50, so he really wanted the

new options of the ring.

But soon, he felt sad.

It was the condition required to disable the seals.

'Who on earth am I supposed to give the other ring? Ha…'

The tragedy of a man who had never dated anyone!

Ian's two fists trembled.

'Even the game is discriminating against a guy who is not in a relationship…'

Without disabling the seals, the only option the ring had was Attraction +30.

Attraction was a rare stat that could not be gained in the usual ways.

With high Attraction, it got easier to befriend NPCs and gain more profit when trading goods, so quite

a lot of users preferred to have more Attraction options.

Attraction was a stat that could clearly help a lot when playing Kailan.

Nevertheless, Ian couldn't afford to wear that ring just for the Attraction +30 without any other options

that would help him in battles.

'Ha… its stats are so great. I must quickly get rid of the seals and use it…'

Ian started to move again.

He could think about the rings later. Right now, he had to find Iriel.

'I guess it's that way.'

Luckily, there was only one path in front of Ian.

He followed it and walked toward the forest.

Chirp- Chirp-

Chirpy liked the fairy tale forest with the clean air. It fluttered its wings and flew around.

The evolution hadn't changed its character.


On the other hand, Ian couldn't afford to enjoy the scenery.

'I should have asked Griffer what Iriel looks like. She must be a woman, but a Summoner of ancient

times should look like an old man with a white beard…'

Ian was walking while thinking like this.

Then, something big and white suddenly came out in front of him.

'Monster?!' Ian quickly got ready to fight.

However, the next moment, he checked the monsters and broke out in a cold sweat.


The monsters were a pair of huge, beautiful pure white horses.

They had a long horn in their forehead.

Ian knew what they were.


They were none other than Hero rank Unicorns.

They were Lv.170!

'Uh… what should I do?'

Ian slowly backed off.

Even Ian couldn't mess up with two Lv.170 monsters and get away with it.

However, the Unicorns didn't seem to think of attacking Ian.


The Unicorns looked at Ian with pity, shook its heads and disappeared into the forest!

'What? What are they doing?'

Ian didn't know what was going on. He was confused.

He looked at Bukbuk that had been following him at his side.



"Why did they just go? Do I have something on my face?"

Bukbuk thought about it.

It was the smart one in Ian's pack. It had to show something.


But even Bukbuk, eventually, shook its head.

Even Bukbuk, the smart turtle, couldn't understand the Unicorns' behavior.

Ian thought about what to do. The first monsters he met were much stronger than he had anticipated.

However, he couldn't give up on the Hatching Pets' Eggs skill book.

'I just met monsters with an insanely high level… but they didn't want to attack me. I should go in

deeper.' Ian continued to walk bravely.

He thought the quest had been given to him because he could do it.

The quest's difficulty level was A, so there was no way he would have to fight Lv.170 monsters.

After walking for about five minutes…

This time, a pair of deer came out between the trees on Ian's right.

He was momentarily tense, then he looked at their level.

'What? They are just real deer! Their level is not even 10! How can Lv.170 monsters and Lv.10

monsters appear in the same place?'

Ian couldn't understand the Forest of Love.

What was more confusing was that the deer acted exactly the same as the Unicorns.

This time, Ian was feeling mocked, 'You animals!'

Angered, Ian thought about throwing a few Spheres of Magic Power to kill them, but he was too afraid

of the consequence.

If the Unicorns showed up to avenge the deer, he would be dead.

'Hu! I just need to find Iriel quickly.'

The path Ian walked through was quite long.

He walked fast, but the path twisted and turned, therefore, he had to walk for almost 30 minutes.

Ian met a lot of monsters on his way and he soon found out what they had in common.

'Shit! These monsters are all in pairs!'


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