Taming Master | Chapter 84 | Empire Quest | Part 1

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Chapter 84 - Empire Quest - Part 1


Regardless of the process, Ian cleared the quest and went back to Iriel.

"Oh! Ian, you came back."

"Yes. Just as you asked, I've helped Witson."

Iriel nodded, "Yes. I've heard about it from Witson. You have done so much…"

Ian muttered quietly, 'Yes… I have done so much… I don't want to do quests like this ever again.'

There was no physical labor involved, however, it was full of mental labor.

While Ian silently complained, system messages announced the end of the quest.

- You have finished the Cupid quest.

- Your Attraction increases by 20.

Then, Iriel came near Ian.

"As I have promised, I will give you part of my power. I hope you will help Griffer to succeed in making

the ancient monsters breed…"

Iriel lifted her hand and spread it.

A white sphere of light appeared in front of her palm and was sucked into Ian.

- You received [Making Pets Breed] skill.

- With the [Making Pets Breed] skill, you can recognize the sex of the monsters.

'… I can tell the sex of the monsters?

That was a little strange, but soon Ian bought it.

Now that he thought about it, he had never seen anything about the monsters' sex in their information


Ian suddenly wondered about the sex of his pets.

'Now, I can see it on the information window?'

Ian started to check his pets' sex starting with Ly.

'Yes, it's right here. Ly is a boy.'

Ian was a little surprised after checking the sex of his pets, 'What? My pets are all boys?'

Now that I think about it, none of them were that 'feminine.'

Ian asked Iriel, "Are there more boy monsters than girl monsters?"

Iriel blinked with her big eyes at the sudden question, "What? No. Except for a few special species, all

monster species' sex ratio is 1:1"


Ian felt somewhat uneasy, 'Well… I guess it's all a coincidence…'

Anyway, he had gotten what he came for. It was time to go back to the Magic Tower of Dimensions.

"Thank you for your help, Iriel."

"You're welcome, Ian. Contact me any time you if need my help."

Iriel then gave Ian a blue crystal sphere.

He had already seen things like that.

"What… is this?"

Iriel smiled and answered, "You can send me messages with this crystal sphere."

"What? Why are you giving this to me?"

"I cannot tell you now, but I think I will have to ask you a favor soon. May I contact you then?"

Then, he received a quest window whose content was quite strange but also had familiar parts.


[Shadow of the Evil Dragon Kalipa (Hidden)]

Iriel, caretaker of the Forest of Love and great elf Summoner, has been worried for a long time.

If you get more powerful, you will be able to hear about it.

Quest Difficulty Level: ???

Quest Limit: Summoner who has the Spirit of a God Dragon.

Quest Limit: Summoning Master Lv.3

Time Limit: Doesn't exist

Reward: ???

The quest is automatically refused if you don't receive the crystal sphere from Iriel.

If you refuse the quest, your Friendship with Iriel decreases and you lose 20 Attraction.

Ian spotted 'Evil Dragon Kalipa' first, 'Oh, I've heard this name before…'

Soon he realized that he had heard about Kalipa from Orkley, the legendary Dragon Tamer.

'It's not like hidden quests are frequently given… and it doesn't have a time limit, so I don't have any

reason to refuse it.'

He read down and stopped at the quest limit part.

The quest was related to the Soul of the God Dragon. In other words, no one could get the quest

except for Ian.

He felt good about it.

At the same time, he also saw something strange.

It was Summoning Master Lv.3.

'But what is this? I can raise the class Proficiency even after I become a Master?'

Summoning was the Proficiency stat that was the basis of all skills' improvement of the Summoner.

Warriors and Knights had the Fighting stat, Priests had Faith, Sorcerers had Mana and Archers had


However, no user had raised one's class Proficiency to Master, so no one knew what would happen


'I just assumed that the class Proficiency wouldn't rise once I become a Master…'

Judging from the Master Lv.3 that was written on the quest window, he could keep raising his

Proficiency even after becoming a Master.

Maybe there was something else after that.

'Hmm… I still have a long way to go. My Summoning is Advanced Lv.2 now… so, I should be about

Lv.150 to become a Master…'

Ian finished thinking and took the crystal sphere from Iriel.

- You have accepted the quest.

"Of course. I will gladly help you."

Iriel smiled brightly, "Thank you, Ian!"

He went back to the Magic Tower where Griffer had been waiting for him and greeted him warmly.

"Oh, Ian. Welcome. Did everything go well?"

Ian nodded, "Yes. I have received the power about making pets breed."

Griffer smiled, "Well done. I knew Iriel would like you."

Next, Griffer took Ian to a low and large hill behind his Tower.

That place had been turned into a farm while Ian was gone. The ancient monsters Ian had been

revived there.

"Huh? Griffer, some monsters are missing!"

Halican was not there because Ian had gotten it, but a few monsters that had tormented Ian weren't


Griffer nodded, "This place is for herbivorous monsters only. I've put the carnivorous ones in another


"Oh, I see."

They proceeded with the quest immediately.

Ian checked the sex of the monsters, he then picked a male and a female from a species.

Then, he registered them as his pets because it was a required step to use the Making Pets Breed

skill on them.

'Umm… should I use the skill now?'

The two Clopsys were just staring at each other. Ian gulped hard.

Next to him, Bukbuk was watching with 'excitement'.


'Uh, I hope this is not PG rated...'

Ian covered his eyes with his hand and used the skill.

"Making Pets Breed!"

However, what Ian was thinking didn't happen.

A white light flowed out of the two Clopsys' chest. A while later, a big white egg appeared in front of


"Hu… it turns out I didn't have to be worried.

Ian had been worrying about having to see something embarrassing. He let out a sigh of relief while

Bukbuk looked kind of disappointed.

Messages came up.

- You have succeeded in making pets breed for the first time.

- You have obtained the Pet Breeder title.

- Your Reputation increases by 25000.

- You now better understand the ecosystem of the monsters.

- You learned the [Hatching Pets' Egg] skill.

Ian clenched his fists.

'Yes. I can finally do the Hatching Griffin's Egg quest! And hatch the Egg of the God Dragon…'

He took a look at his new title.

[Pet Breeder]

Rank: Doesn't exist

- If the Friendship is high enough, you can use skills on monsters that are not your pets.

- Befriending all monsters becomes a little easier.

- The younger a monster is, the faster you can befriend it.

All effects are applied even when you are not using the title.

It was a useful title.

It could not help Ian get stronger right away, however, with it, he would be able to get good pets.

It didn't have a rank probably because it didn't raise battle-related stats.

'I don't need to use it to get its effects. That's great.'

Ian also used the skill on the other ancient monsters that were in pairs.

Among the species, he had managed to revive at least two since some of them were all female or all

male. So, in the end, he succeeded in making 5 species reproduce.

'Sometimes an egg was made and, other times, baby monsters were born.'

The skill's cooldown time was 30 long minutes, so it took three hours to make all the five species


"Thank you, everyone. Class dismissed."

With that, the students started to get up.

Jinsung had packed his bag in advance and got up the first.

No, he tried to.

"Jinsung, wait. Why are you in such a hurry?"

Jinsung frowned at seeing Yuhyeon grab his arm.

"Why am I in such a hurry? Because I have to finish a quest."

Yuhyeon shook his head, "Oh, what kind of quest are you doing that you are not coming to our base?"

Yuhyeon had stopped Jinsung for no other reason.

Preparations to upgrade the base was about to end, so he needed to know what Ian, the best

'resource' their guild had, was doing.

Jinsung scratched his head, "I have done so many things and I am now busy picking up the pieces.

Please understand."

"And you can't tell me what the quest it is?"

"No, of course not. I have one quest left and it's an Empire quest. I don't know how much time I have

left, so I need to do it quickly."

Ian said that without thinking much and walked out of the classroom, but Yuhyeon was surprised to

hear about the Empire quest.

Yuhyeon caught up with Jinsung and asked again, "What? An Empire quest? What is your Reputation


"Oh, it has nothing to do with my Reputation. I got it when I became the first Summoner to reach

Lv.50. At that time, I couldn't complete it, so I kept it till now."

Jinsung's Reputation was already high enough to get the Empire quests, but he didn't want to bother

explaining so he didn't mention it.

Jinsung was the one surprised now. Therefore, he asked, "Hey, but why are you so surprised to hear

it's an Empire quest? Is there anything good about doing an Empire quest except for getting

Reputation? Oh, I've heard that one can have NPCs as subjects after getting the noble title."

However, Yuhyeon was not surprised because of these benefits.

He was surprised because he realized that Jinsung was the key to upgrade the base.

"Dude, do you know that Clovan is working so hard to get the Empire quest?"

"What? Why?"

"Because he had the highest Reputation in our guild. Except for special cases like you, 400,000

Reputation is needed to get the Empire quests. You know that, right? Clovan just managed to get

400,000 Reputation about yesterday."

Still, Jinsung didn't know that a guild member with a noble title was required to upgrade the base, so

he still had many questions.

"But why? He will get 400,000 Reputation eventually if he just gains levels and does quests when

needed… I don't understand. Is the Empire quest so important to him at this point?"

Yuhyeon nodded, "Yes. It's not important to him, but it's the most important thing for our guild. One of

the conditions required to upgrade our base into a Manor is to have a guild member with a noble title."



Then, soon enough, Jinsung understood everything, "So Clovan did all those quests to fulfill that


"… yeah."

Jinsung smiled sourly, 'I will probably get a blow on my face if I told him my Reputation has gotten

over 500,000 a long time ago.'

He thought he had been playing solo, away from his guild, for too long.

'After hatching the Griffin, I need to pay more attention to the guild.'

He got another reason to clear the Hatching Griffin's Egg quest quickly.


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