Taming Master | Chapter 92 | Territory Management | Part 3

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Chapter 92 - Territory Management - Part 3


monsters called 'Giant of Hatred' will appear. Its Offensive Power isn't that strong, but the biggest one amongst the three has an AoE skill that stuns, so you need to be careful of that. If, by accident, you begin to get caught in a stun link, you will die helplessly."

"Okay, got it."

"Lastly, the 'Forlan Giant', which is the final boss, will appear, and its specialty is that its level of immunity to status conditions is incredibly high and even one attack from it is unbelievable. In return, its movements are incredibly slow, so I think the best method would be for me to deal as much damage as I can if you could grab its attention."

"I see."

"The attack pattern of this monster that you need to be most careful of is when he suddenly stands in place and begins to gather a blue energy on each hand."

Ian nodded his head.

It was a skill that he had seen in the videos.

"You're talking about the monstrously big water cannon-like skill, right?"

"Yes. That one. Last time, Herz blocked it incorrectly and we were kicked out after he received three hits. The speed of the projectile is also incredibly fast, so it won't be easy to avoid or block it as expected."

However, despite her warning, Ian just smirked.

This was because there was something he had planned as soon as he saw that skill through the video.

"Alright, then end of the explanation?"

Fiolan still wore a leery expression, but she nodded her head reluctantly.

"Well, for now?"

"Then, let's go in now. The time limit is 50 minutes, so within how many minutes do you need to clear the dungeon in order to get an S-rank again?"

While looking at Ian, who was thinking of clearing with an S-rank before even entering, Fiolan smirked.

"S-rank? There hasn't been even one party that has succeeded in getting an S-rank for their clear rank. To clear with an S-rank, you need to clear it within 25 minutes, which is about half the original time limit. You'll know if you went into the official homepage's hall of fame, but there isn't even a handful of parties that have succeeded in clearing with an A-rank yet. I think the cutline was 35 minutes for an A-rank?"

At Fiolan's explanation, Ian wore a quizzical expression.

"Huh…? Is it that hard? From what I saw in the video, it didn't seem that hard… What are all the rankers doing?"

Ian had thought that if it was a dungeon that early lv 100 users could enter and clear, then the users in the rankings would have definitely been able to clear with an S-rank.

Fiolan added an elaborated explanation.

"That… One of the reasons why is because its difficulty level is high, but it's also because the top-rankers can't enter here. You can't enter this dungeon if you're over lv 120."

"Ah, that's why…"

"When the strongest players that were in the top 50s first found this place, they were already over lv 120, so they probably couldn't have even tried this dungeon."

Ian, who had finally understood everything, nodded his head.

"Well, then, shall we actually go in now?"

"Okay, you're all set, right?"


Fiolan grinned as she added on.

"Come to think of it, this is the first time you're joining a hunting party since resetting your character, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

"Summoner, I can expect much, right?"

Ian confidently nodded his head.

He had become so strong that it was incomparable to before he reset.

"Of course."

And as Fiolan, who was the party leader, placed her hand on top of the crystal in front of the dungeon, a short system message popped up in front of both people.

• You have entered the 'Grave of the Forlan Hero'.


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