Taming Master | Chapter 95 | The Grave of the Forlan Hero | Part 3

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Chapter 95 - The Grave of the Forlan Hero - Part 3


The Lotus Guild's Lord was Ian.

However, Herz, who had received the sub-Lord title, also had internal authority over almost everything.

While Fiolan and Ian were attacking the Forlan dungeon, Herz was in the Human Resource Centre with Carwin.

"Hyung, you said you could pick three people in a day, right?"

Herz nodded his head.

"Yeah. I noticed you could pick up to three. But you don't need to always pick all three, if there's no one with stats that you like, then I guess you don't need to pick any."

Carwin tilted his head.

"Still, wouldn't it be better to pick all three for now? We lack manpower."

"For now, yes."

Right now, Herz was planning on picking someone with 'construction abilities'.

This was because, although there was no time or materials required to build the first internal building, starting from the second building, that wasn't the case.

If they appointed someone with a high construction ability level as the person in charge, the construction time would be reduced based on their stats, and there were cases where the required costs were also reduced.

Because of that, right now, while it was the beginning of the Domain promotion and some of the primary internal buildings weren't even built, people with construction abilities were the highest priority.

'Firstly, I think we'll have to pick this one named Mohan…'

Herz carefully looked through the information window of the person with the name 'Mohan'.

• Mohan

Lv. 87

Race: Human

Occupation: Architect

Title: (None)

Strength: 375 (+5)

Agility: 153 (+12)

Intellect: 235 (+15)

Health: 295 (+20)

Occupational Stats

Architecture: 87

Artistry: 69

Leadership: 80

*Construction Speed +7%

*Construction Costs -3%

Combat Stats (Open)

Specific Abilities (Open)

Currently, Mohan was the only person with the Architect occupation amongst the people that appeared in the Human Resource Centre.

Herz appointed them for now.

• Individual 'Mohan' will be appointed.

• Will you deploy 'Mohan' into the construction site immediately?


As Herz responded, a message popped up.

• Please select the construction site that Mohan will be deployed to.

The internal buildings that were being built in the Lotus Domain right now were the 'Military Facility' and the 'Resource Management Facility'.

Herz selected the Military Facility.

"I'll deploy them to the Military Facility."

• Individual 'Mohan' will be deployed to the construction site of the 'Military Facility'.

• The construction speed of the 'Military Facility' building will increase by 7%.

• The construction costs of the 'Military Facility' building will decrease by 3%.

After appointing Mohan, Herz appointed two more people that at least had satisfactory stats amongst the remaining people before exiting the Human Resource Centre.

And he had also deployed them all to the construction sites.

Carwin mumbled.

"The internal content of the Domain is seriously complicated, and not to mention, there's a lot."

At those words, Herz grinned as he replied.

"Yeah. That's true, but it's more fun for me than just hunting."

"Of course. Since it is a little new."

Carwin, who stretched, continued speaking while looking at Herz.

"Hyung, since it seems that everything that needs to be done on the base is roughly finished, should we go to Forlan as well?"

"You mean the two of us?"


At those words, Herz wore a slightly concerned expression.

"Hmm… Will we be able to clear it?"

"Why wouldn't we be able to? Now, even if Kroban hyung and I go together, we can clear it with 5 minutes left."

"No, Kroban hyung and you are both Warriors, so you guys can deal enough damage. If you go with me, fighting will be safer, but I lack damage, so I think it will be hard to meet the clear time."

The 'Warrior' class was a class with a balance of both Offensive Power and endurance. In comparison to that, the 'Knight' class was a class with stats focused on Defensive Power and Vitality, giving it the role of a pure tanker.

As the Forlan dungeon was a time attack dungeon, it was obvious why Herz had such worries.

"Hmm… I'll try hard to deal more damage. As long as we don't die, there's no big penalty even if we fail at clearing, right? We'll just be wasting time, I guess."

At Carwin's words, Herz couldn't help but laugh as he nodded his head.

"Alright, let's give it a try, then."

"Speaking of which, will Fiolan be able to go in and clear with Ian hyung? I can't even take a guess since I don't really know the combat methods of Summoners."

Ever since resetting, Ian had yet to join a party hunt with his guildmates.

But Carwin hadn't seen any other Summoners battle aside from Ian either.

Since it was incredibly rare to see high-level Summoner users that could hunt in the northern continent, it could be considered an obvious.

At Carwin's question, Herz, who momentarily thought about it, slowly opened his mouth.

"Hmm… That I'm not sure about either. I heard that the Summoner was a class that specialized in PVE, but we have no idea of knowing whether their synergy with Magicians like Fiolan would be good or bad. Still, if Ian is able to protect Fiolan well with his Familiars so that she could cast her magic skills, then I think they'll definitely be able to clear."

Carwin added on.

"But it is Ian hyung's first time. It won't be easy."

Herz nodded his head in agreement.

"That's also true."

However, the two people's worries were utterly groundless.

* * *

"Fiolan, careful!"

As soon as Ian's words left his mouth, the giant's club dropped down on top of Fiolan's head.


The force was so incredible that it could have put a Magician like Fiolan on the brink of death if she was hit by it!

However, fortunately, it was after Fiolan had quickly dodged it.

"Ian, just 1 more minute and the cooldown times of all my skills will be over!"

At Fiolan's exclamation, Ian nodded his head.


After responding, Ian began to busily let out commands to his Familiars.

"Halli, go around to the back and attack as much as you can!"


In order to have Halli's passive ability, 'Smash', to explode, it was important to successfully hit multiple times even if he missed a couple rather than give one strong attack.

And Halli faithfully fulfilled Ian's command.

Puck- Pu-Puck-!

Halli's front paws continuously hit the giant.

And just like Ian's intentions, the giant fell into a stunned state.


However, the moment that the stun was invoked, the giant was immediately released, and while watching that, Ian's eyes slightly narrowed.

'Ugh, they did say that its immunity level to status conditions was high, but why does he get released from them so fast like that?'

It was a stun skill that originally only lasted 1 second, but far from 1 second, while looking at the giant, who didn't stay stunned for even 0.5 seconds, Ian busily moved.

On top of that, it seemed that the higher the immunity level, the lower the chance of even being stunned, so Halli's stuns didn't even activate much.

"Ly, grab its attention from the front and watch for chances, while Ddukdae, take as many hits as you can!"

Thud- Thud-.

Whenever the huge giant, which was more than twice Ddukdae's size, moved, it felt as if the whole dungeon was vibrating.

Ian and Fiolan moved as quickly as they could and continuously attacked the giant.

And shortly after, the giant's name started to slowly blink.

'It seems that there's about half its Vitality left.'

Ian slightly checked the elapsed time.

'28 minutes. We've already failed at trying to clear with an S-rank, but it looks like it will be possible to clear with an A-rank.'

They said that if they just cleared before an elapsed time of 35 minutes, it was an A-rank.

And with the remaining 7 minutes, it looked as if there would be no problem trying to exhaust all of the giant's Vitality.

"Ian, please grab its attention!"

At Fiolan's exclamation, Ian nodded his head.

As the cooldown times for all of her magic skills were over, Ian needed to buy Fiolan time in order to cast her skills.


A blue chill started to gather around Fiolan.

And Ian, who had seen that, fired a string of magic spheres towards the giant.

Pung- Pu-Pung-!

As he did so, the giant, who was attacking Ddukdae, turned its attention back to Ian.

"Over here!"

In order to provoke the giant, Ian shouted loudly.

However, the giant, who had momentarily turned its attention towards Ian, turned back to where it was originally focused on.

And right then, one of the giant's hands started to shine a bright blue light.

'That…! The water cannon!'

It was the strongest skill of the giant, which could be considered its most lethal move, and it was invoking it now, when it had not invoked it once yet.

Ian began to run at full speed.

'Ah, of all people, why did it have to target Fiolan?'

Fiolan was in the middle of casting a magic skill.

While casting a magic skill, she could not move her body.

More simply put, if she didn't stop casting, she would have no choice but to helplessly get hit by the water cannon.

Fiolan, who discovered that the giant's hand was facing towards her, was about to stop casting, when Ian yelled.

"Fiolan, don't stop casting!"


"I'll block it!"

And along with a large boom, a stream of blue water began to shoot out from the hand of the giant.


It was almost as thick as a tree measuring more than both arms' span around.

Ian, who quickly ran and shielded Fiolan, turned around and took the stream of water.

Pung- Pu-Pu-Pung-!

In order to not fall forward, he didn't forget to support himself with one foot either.

And the Inherent Ability of Bbookbbook, which Ian had already been aiming for, began to activate.

• Familiar 'Bbookbbook's Inherent Ability 'Ruler of the Water' was invoked.

• Familiar 'Bbookbbook' has absorbed the Water Cannon of the 'Forlan Giant' and has recovered 3749 Vitality.

• Familiar 'Bbookbbook' has recovered 0 Vitality.

• Familiar 'Bbookbbook' has recovered 0 Vitality.

While looking at the system messages that popped up continuously, Ian let out a shout of delight internally.

'Alright, as expected, it works!'

The 'Ruler of the Water', a skill that absorbed all Water-type attacks and recovered the amount of damage dealt as Vitality!

As he had not yet had the chance to use it, Ian, who was able to finally use Bbookbbook's Inherent Ability well, wore a satisfied smile.

As the large stream of water ended, Cannonballs of Water were also thrown towards Fiolan in continuation.

However, Ian moved quickly and took all of the hits.

Pung- Pu-Pung-!

Fiolan wore an astonished expression.

"Ian, what exactly is that? How are you fine when you've taken all those hits?"

Ian grinned as he replied.

"I'll explain that later, but for now, just fire your magic attacks!"

"5 seconds left!"

Shortly after, Fiolan's magic was invoked.

As her connected magic began to hit the giant one by one, Ian also rallied all of his Familiars and carried out a full-scale attack.


Ian slightly checked the speed at which the giant's name blinked.

'That blinking speed means that its Vitality has dropped below 30%, right?'

Ian let out a command to Ly.

"Ly, Thirst for Blood!"

Grr- Grr-!

As the Thirst for Blood skill was invoked, Ly's red mane started to shine an even brighter red.

• Familiar 'Ly's Offensive Power and Agility will increase by 30% for 3 minutes.

• Familiar 'Ly's movement speed will increase by 40% for 3 minutes.

• From now on, whenever an opponent with Vitality lower than 30% is attacked, all damage dealt by 'Ly's attack will double.

Ian clenched his staff and watched the giant.

'We'll catch it this time!'

It seemed that Fiolan had the same mindset as Ian, as she also fired her magic with all her strength.

Ian and Fiolan focused all of their skills towards the giant.

It was to the point the large body of the giant was pushed back little by little from the constant hits of their attacks.

Bang- Babang-!

And shortly after, the large body of the Forlan Giant slowly started to collapse.


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