Taming Master | Chapter 96 | Hall of Fame | Part 1

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Chapter 96 - Hall of Fame - Part 1



Fiolan, who had confirmed that, cancelled the magic skill that she was casting and let out a cheer.

"Alright! We caught it!"

And both of their attentions instinctively turned to the message window where the elapsed time was shown.

• 00:31:29

They had a whopping 18 minutes and 30 seconds left.

They had succeeded in clearing the dungeon at an incredibly fast speed.

Ian gulped loudly.

It was a record that had him looking forward to the reward.

'It's probably an A-rank, right?'


As the giant completely collapsed, an information window that notified the two that they cleared the dungeon popped up in front of their eyes.


The Grave of the Forlan Hero

Time Limit – 00:50:00

Clear Time – 00:31:29

Clear Rank – A

Obtained EXP – 13,252,000

Obtained Gold – 141,514 gold

Obtained Items – Piece of the Forlan Hero's Shoes*8

After checking the clear window, Fiolan's jaw dropped.

"Wow, to have cleared with an A-rank!"

It wasn't like they had just barely cleared in time for an A-rank, they had received an A-rank with quite a bit of leeway.

On top of that, the EXP and gold reward that they obtained was enough to leave them speechless.

Fiolan thought back to the reward she received when she cleared with a D-rank and thoroughly calculated.

"It's almost 4 times the reward that you get for clearing with a D-rank. That's truly incredible.'

Ian was just as surprised.

In just 30 minutes, he had gathered over 13 million EXP and 140 thousand gold.

'You could probably level up more than one level every day as long as you just went through this dungeon constantly.'

It was a little disappointing that there was a entry limit of 5 per day, but even if he went through the dungeon all 5 times and cleared it, Ian felt he could fill up 80% of the maximum EXP he would need.

Ian, who had roughly calculated the reward, asked Fiolan.

"Fiolan, how many of these item pieces do I need in order to turn it into a complete product?"

Fiolan responded immediately.

"You need a total of 40 pieces. Thanks to you, Ian, it looks like I'll be able to complete one this time."

If it was possible to continuously clear with an A-rank, exactly 40 pieces could be gathered in the 5 tries for a day.

"Looks like I'll be able to cleanly make one each day."

However, at his words, Fiolan laughed as she shook her head.

"That's not how it works. Since it's not like the same part always comes out. The only reason why it was possible for me to make a complete product this time was because I was lucky and had just received primarily shoes up until now."

At those words, Ian licked his lips.

"Tch. I see. Still, though, if I keep doing it, I'll probably gather enough soon."

"That's right. Once you start building up pieces after grinding for a couple of days, you'll eventually be able to continuously make about one each day."

Ian nodded his head as he continued speaking.

"The Forlan set goes for about 5 million gold each piece, right?"

"Yes, since items are continuously being released, I feel like the market price will drop soon, but right now, its market price should be around there."

"Keu, I should grind a little with this and make some money to pour into the guild's finance."

"There's no equipment you need, Ian?"

"Yes, well, there's nothing I need immediately."

While the two were sharing a conversation with broad smiles on their faces, unexpected system messages additionally popped up consecutively.


• You have cleared the 'Grave of the Forlan Hero' dungeon with the highest score.

• You have been recorded in the 'Hall of Fame' of the Grave of the Forlan Hero dungeon.

• You have taken 1st place.

• Unless your rank drops, you will obtain 3000 Fame every day.

There were no words to say about the even better mood of the two people.

Hall of Fame (1)

"Whew, we barely cleared it."

"Good work, Limlong. Thanks to you, I think we were able to clear easily."

"Ay, not at all. Because you carried the second phase, Celine, we were able to narrowly meet the time limit."

The two users that cleared the 2-player dungeon of Forlan and came out with a white light shared a warm conversation while leaving the dungeon.

The two people's conversation continued.

"Either way, since you have experience clearing now, it should be easier to join a party."

"No kidding. From now on, even if you're not here, I should be able to try."

It was normal for users that weren't in a guild to find parties in the community.

However, since the difficulty level of the dungeon was so high, there were a lot of cases where they didn't even give users that didn't have clearing experience a chance.

Because of that, it was incredibly important to have experience clearing at least once.

"But why aren't you joining a guild, Limlong? A powerful person like you should be able to easily join a top-ranking guild."

Celine was a fire-based Magician at lv 109.

Compared to Limlong, who had just barely reached lv 100, her specs alone were much better.

However, Limlong was an Assassin, one of the new classes, and since he was assumed to be the number 1 user for the Assassin class currently, comparing the two was impossible.

Limlong responded while laughing.

"I just really like solo-playing. However, since this newly found Forlan dungeon's efficiency is so good, I'm slowly starting to realize there's now a limit to solo play."

"I see!"

"If the opportunity was to arise in the near future, I might even join a guild."

At his words, Celine's eyes shone.

"By any chance, if you would like, what do you think about our guild?"

At her words, Limlong asked back.

"Oh, you were in a guild, Celine?"

"Yes, I put it on private, so you probably had no idea. One second."

A moment after she finished speaking, a guild insignia popped up above Celine's head.

A ray of light made of the five cardinal colours was wrapped around the border of the insignia.

It was a marking that could only be seen on the insignias of the guilds that were in the top 100 rankings.

Limlong, who saw that, wore a slightly surprised expression.

"Oh, I see it's a Challenger class? If it's the Kaiser Guild, isn't it a guild in the top 10?"

At his words, Celine smiled with a pleased expression as she responded.

"That's right. We're currently ranking at the 13th, but we had gone up to 8thbefore as well."

"I see."

With a courteous voice, Celine egged him on.

"What do you think, Limlong? Are you interested?"

At her words that pressed him for a response, Limlong laughed as he responded.

"Yes, if it's a guild like that, I'd also be very thankful."

Celine was delighted.

"Ooh, then, should I send a message to our Guild Master right now?"

However, Limlong slowly shook his head.

"No. For now, I'll just take the offer. I don't really have any thoughts to join a guild yet…"

"Ah, that's disappointing."

"Instead, if I do change my mind and want to join a guild, I'll contact you first, Celine."

At those words, Celine, who wore a slightly sullen expression, smiled brightly.

"Sounds good! That's a promise, right?"


"Then, Limlong, I'll be off now. There's a guild meeting soon, so…"

"Please do, then. I need to go to the village for maintenance as well."

"Let's meet again next time!"

"Alright. Thank you for today."

As Celine disappeared using her return stone, Limlong scratched the back of his head as he mumbled.

"Ha, it has definitely become time for me to join a guild now, but…"

He didn't tell Celine, but Limlong had already received a recruitment offer from one of the top 5 guilds, the Valiant Guild, as well.

However, his criteria for a guild was not just simply its ranking.

'If I go into a guild that has already grown as much as it can, won't I just be treated like a consumable?'

He wanted to join a guild where he could play a leading role in once he joined.

If that was the case, a guild with adequate awareness and strength, and was composed of users that were almost the same level, was most suitable.

That meant the Kaiser Guild, which was close to the top 10, was also a little burdensome.

However, he wasn't lying when he said that he would contact Celine first either.

Since he was planning on contacting her after he raised his abilities enough to play a leading role in a guild that ranked in in the top 10.

"Well, since I'm not in a rush with that…"

Limlong mumbled as he moved his feet.

Because he still had three more chances to enter the dungeon for the day, he needed to go for maintenance and find a decent party member.

"Ha, but, this Forlan dungeon is pretty intense. I thought it would be easy to beat, but to have barely cleared with just 20 seconds left. On top of that, we even failed once."

Just when he was about to leave Forlan, the large crystal ball suddenly caught Limlong's attention.

It was the location that showed the hall of fame, where the rankings of the users that cleared the dungeon were written.

"Shall we see what the highest record is?"

He was curious as to how fast of a record the users that had cleared this hard dungeon left.

As Limlong stood in front of the ball and placed on hand on top of it, a record of the rankings was listed in front of his eyes.

• The Hall of Fame of the Grave of the Forlan Hero

Rank 1

Challengers: Ian (Lotus Guild), Fiolan (Lotus Guild)

Record: 00:31:29

Rank: A

Rank 2

Challengers: Semus (DarkRuna Guild), Cho (DarkRuna Guild)

Record: 00:34:49

Rank A

Rank 3

Challengers: Zion (DarkRuna Guild), Malcolm (Titan Guild)

Record: 00:34:52

Rank: A

After checking the ranking list, both of Limlong's eyes slightly rounded.

"What the hell, it was a dungeon that could be cleared in 30 minutes?"

A characteristic of the Assassin class, which was weak in PvE, Limlong was aware that it would be harder to clear compared to other classes, but even if that was considered, the records of the top ranks was at a surprising level.

And amongst those, the record that took the number 1 rank without a doubt caught his eye.

'Who exactly are these guys? This is my first time hearing of a guild called Lotus Guild…'

What was even more surprising was that there was over a 3-minute difference from the 1st place record and the 2nd place record.

Judging by the fact that the records starting from 2nd place and below were close together, the 1st place record was truly overwhelming.

And in the case of the DarkRuna Guild that was 2nd place, and the Titan Guild that ranked starting from 3rd place, they were both guilds that were each competing for 1st and 2nd place.

There were no other guilds as unfamiliar as the Lotus Guild no matter how far he looked down the list.

'But I feel like I've heard the user ID Ian from somewhere…'

Limlong's eyes were momentarily fixated on the name 'Ian'.

And he was able to figure out shortly after where he had seen Ian before.

"Ah, that dude that I met at the finals of the rookie league back then!"

Limlong's voice burst out of his mouth before he realized.

The arena finals with Ian popped up in his head.

He did win, but as it was a battle with some dizzying moments, it was a fight that still remained in his memory.

'But if it's that guy from back then, he would have barely passed lv 100 now, so how did he reach 1st place? Is the user named Fiolan in their early lv 110s?'

Limlong felt an unknown competitive spirit activate within him.

'I should reflect on the clearing process properly and shorten down the time as much as possible. No matter how much of a disadvantage the Assassin is in PvE, it doesn't make sense that there's over a 10-minute difference in the clear times with a guy that's a similar level to me.'

Even with his class that was far superior in PvP, he had only won with a small difference, so to justify himself while thinking of the superiority of his opponent's class hurt his pride.

On top of that, a clear time with a difference of 1.5x was also too big of a gap.

'I should quickly go for maintenance and try again.'

Limlong set ablaze his competitive spirit and moved to the village with his return stone.


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