Taming Master | Prologue

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The Taming Master - Manhua Novel


 Ian opened his inventory.

[Potion of Reincarnation]

Category: General Item

Rank: Hero

- Potion brewed using ancient alchemy.

- Drinking the potion will reset your character.

- All abilities, including the level, will be reset.

The item information window was full of terrifying words for Ian, a top-level player on Kailan's Korean


As if it was a poison, Ian grasped the black bottle with a determined expression.


He took a deep breath, then surprisingly, Ian lifted the bottle and gulped down its content. At the same

time, a white light shrouded his entire body.


- You drank the Potion of Reincarnation.

- All abilities, including the character's level, will be reset.

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