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Chapter 134 - Hidden underground treasure - Part 4

“That’s how it was for a long time until the day….”

The Lord of Demonic Cult was originally required to set out upon pilgrimage after becoming a new Lord. Chun Muhey, Lord from 500 years ago, was also required for this and had set out for pilgrimage after five years of becoming the Lord.

“And in that pilgrimage… the worst incident within the history of our cult had happened.”

Every member who set out on the pilgrimage had come back as a corpse. That was when the Right Guardian at the time had died also, who didn’t have any successor. This required a new Right Guardian. The death of one of the top five warriors of Wulin brought a shock to the cult or the Wulin alike.

“Who can kill the Lord who was one of the top five warriors of the Yulin?”

“…Did you hear about the name, Blade God?”

“Blade God!”

Yeowun’s eye became wide with shock. He wasn’t familiar with a lot of powerful warriors of the Wulin, but he knew the name as a cultist. This was the only known person who Demon Sword, a legendary swordsman from the cult couldn’t defeat. They tied in the end, but Demon Sword had lost his right arm from that fight and had to be retired from battle afterward.

“Then did the Sword Demon fight Blade God for revenge?”

“Yes. But that fight didn’t happen right after. With the Lord being killed, a huge problem had brought upon our cult.”

The biggest problem was the successor. Chun Muhey had one child between the Demonic Lady at the time but the child was a girl. And Chun Muhey who couldn’t have further child, had to leave for pilgrimage before it was too late, not realizing that it will be his death trip.

“With the death of the Lord, we had the problem of having no successor and losing the sword skill left by Father Chun Ma at once.”

The Sword Art of the Sky Demon was only taught with mouth and had no books. This was the worst case scenario for the Demonic Cult.

“And to solve this problem, the Elder Council had chosen Sword Demon, First Elder at the time, as a Vice Lord at the time.”

They couldn’t have 8 years old Chun Muhey’s daughter as a Lord yet, so they had to find an alternative. Fortunately, Sword Demon was talented in every way, not only in his sword skills. He had cleaned up and stabilized the cult very quickly. This was only because he had respects from all cultists. What Demon Sword wanted to solve fast after stabilizing the cult, was to find the Sword Art of the Sky Demon back. He had experience dueling the former Lord, but he didn’t know the breathing skill or the right flow so that had no way to be restored.

“That’s when for the first time, someone not from the Chun family had entered the prison cave where Father Chun Ma had left his secrets.”


Yeowun, who knew the secret to the prison cave, was astonished. The prison cave was originally a place known that Father Chun Ma had left his secret to the truth before he died. Only members of the Chun family were allowed to enter at first, but they couldn’t let the young girl to enter in hoping to find that. And with the thought to take what’s left in there, and create something better if that’s not possible, Chun Ma was blocked with a huge obstacle.

“Everyone had entered the prison cave until now, but none had learned the founding of truth. Sword Demon failed it also.”

“Why was that?”

“It was possible to replicate the sword formation left by Father Chun Ma from the sword marking left on the pedestal, but it required breathing skill or the flow of energy to use it.”

‘…So no one unlocked that secret.’

Many members of the Chun family had entered the cave but none had unlocked the mystery behind it. Sword Force of the Sky Demon required the user to use the right breathing skill wrote on the shiny stone above the cave and the flow of energy hidden behind the poetry.

“It was after three years when the Sword Demon came out of the cave.”

After three years, Sword Demon had added his own understanding over the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and created new Sword Art of the Sky Demon. This was also very powerful that didn’t fall too far behind from the lost sword skill of the Lord, so every elder at the time agreed to teach it to the daughter of dead Lord.

‘Ah… so the current Sword Art of the Sky Demon was created by Sky Demon then…’

This was something that Yeowun did not know until now. This was the reason why there were sword markings left over the sword marking of Father Chun Ma on the back of each pedestal. But what he couldn’t understand was why the Sword Demon, who entered to learn the founding of the truth from the stone had damaged the pedestal with his counter sword skill.

“Sword Demon then moved all pedestals who had Father Chun Ma’s finding into library floors of the Demonic Academy. I’m sure you too had seen the pedestal on each floor?”

“…Yes. I have.”

He couldn’t lie about not seeing these as these stones were placed at the middle of each floor.

“The heavy markings left on the back of each pedestal was left by Sword Demon himself.”

“Why did the Sword Demon destroy the pedestal so much?”

He knew that this was due to Sword Demon’s effort to counter the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. But there was no reason for Sword Demon, who was not even a member of the Chun family, to destroy the treasure left by Father Chun Ma like that.

“Sword Demon already copied down sword tracings that Father Chun Ma had left made a book of sword art book already.”


So the damage wasn’t just made out of whim. Sword Demon couldn’t destroy the tracing without leaving a record of it, so he already had organized it before leaving his mark over it and had placed it at the Lord’s palace. But without the breathing skill or the flow of energy, it was useless.

“But the damage left on the pedestal… it was inevitable in some way.”


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