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Chapter 168 - Into the snake’s mouth - Part 11

The aura of hostility grew stronger as he walked closer. Even if Lady Mu was strong, she was merely at the end stage of super master level warrior. She couldn’t bear to breathe under the pressure coming from Chun Yeowun’s end stage of supreme level energy.

‘I…is he going to kill me here too?’

She had set up a trap so she can kill him, but it was she who was being threatened with death. She couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. Chun Yeowun got up to her and looked down at her.

“Did you feel enough pain?”

“Why are you doing this to me? It’s me who set up traps, why did you kill my… Aaahh!”

Yeowun kicked Lady Mu’s stomach before she can finish and she was thrown all the way back. It didn’t wield any energy, but powerful force pushed her back, twisting her organs. Blood began to come over her throat as she got up in pain and Yeowun walked over to her.

“Do you think you will die comfortably when you killed my mother?”


When Lady Muy heard this, her eyes became large and looked back at Yeowun with shock. It has been 10 years. Even the Lord, after using his guardians to search through, couldn’t find who was behind Lady Hwa’s death. How did Chun Yeowun find out?

Yeowun then pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and threw it at Lady Mu. There were full of writings in the paper piece and Lady Mu read down with shaking eyes.

[It’s Chun Jongsum from the Poison clan. Chun Yeowun, I have something to tell you.]

Ten hours ago, a little bit after noon at the mansion of the Poison clan, a middle aged man was being reported to by a warrior of the Poison clan.

“…I saw him being taken away by warriors from the Wise clan. I couldn’t hear correctly as I had to keep distance, but I saw the man with a long beard saying to that young man, that the young man was a servant of Chun Yeowun’s.”

“Is that all you have today?”

“Yes, sir. That and the incident at the restaurant.”

“I see.”

The warrior then went to his post and the middle aged man walked into the main room. Inside of the main room, there was a bed with a young man, scrawny and pale, barely moving from the bed.

“Prince, it’s me.”

“Uncle… you’re here.”

The man who barely spoke over at the bed was Chun Jongsum, prince of the Poison clan. He was now able to speak after healing up tremendously. That alone was an amazing feat. It was after two days that Chun Jongsum woke up from passing out after trying to say something furiously, when Baek Oh met Lady Mu. Jongsum originally had lost of any movement over his body, so he couldn’t even move his tongue, but when he woke up again, he was able to speak again. It was a miracle happened due to his anger influencing his senses. He still couldn’t move, but he was able to speak very slowly at least.

“So… the Wise… clan… was there… any move?”

“Yes, there was.”

The middle aged man was theonly remaining leader of the Poison clan, Baek Seng. The Poison clan failed on ambushing the Wise clan and had lost most of its forces. Remaining forces were now put to watch over the Wise clan, as they were afraid the Wise clan might move anytime to wipe remaining forces.

“You may not like to hear this, but Chun Yeowun had appeared.”


Chun Jongsum’s eye shook. He had shown no emotion recently but he was definitely shaken from the news. Baek Seng began to report on what had happened recently, from Chun Yeowun being found at the restaurant and one of his servant being kidnapped near the Wise clan’s mansion. Chun Jongsum then realized something had happened between the Wise clan and Chun Yeowun.

‘Wise clan attacked his servant…?’

Chun Jongsum thought for a long while. He thought that maybe this was his last chance to rise up again.

‘Maybe I can make them fight each other.’

With main forces all wiped out, the Poison clan was focusing on surviving. It was miserable days for them. But Jongsum thought maybe he can use this.

‘…That bitch.’

Chun Jongsum knew who was really behind the death of Lady Hwa, mother of Chun Yeowun. What if Chun Yeowun finds out that Lady Mu, not only attacked his servants, but also killed his mother?

‘You two can kill each other.’

If that was the case, then either Chun Yeowun, who destroyed his life and killed his grandfather Baek Oh, or Lady Mu who had blamed everything over at Poison clan and wiped them out will die.


“Yes, prince. What should we do?”

“Write… down… what… I… say…”

Chun Jongsum made Baek Seng write down everything Jongsum knew revolving around Lady Hwa’s death and made it sent to Chun Yeowun at once. Chun Jongsum cried in joy for getting a chance to avenge him, first time after he began his life in the bed. But the fate was dire for the Poison clan. Just as Chun Jongsum planned so that Yeowun and the Wise clan can fight each other, Lady Mu had planned to fake that Yeowun fought against remnants of the Poison clan.


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