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Chapter 203 - Hidden Purpose - Part 4

“I- I can’t…!”

The instructors’ eardrums were damaged and they fell down to the ground. But not all of them were affected by it. One instructor at the master level and a warrior from the fifth floor of the library withstood the attack.

“Fool! You dare play tricks on us?”

“Hmph, so you aren’t like those weaklings?”

The middle-aged man, however, jumped out and snapped the instructor’s neck with ease.


“But you will die either way.”


With the instructor dying, a warrior who guarded the fifth floor quickly pulled up force qi of sword and thrust at the enemy’s neck.

“Huh? H-how did you!”

But the man grabbed force qi of sword by using force qi over his two fingers and grabbed it. This proved that the enemy was a very powerful warrior.

“Ugh! Then…!”

The warrior then let go of his sword and tried to bring up sword qi over his finger to attack, but the enemy struck on his chest, penetrating him and killing him instantly. The man then splattered blood over the ground and spoke.

“They’re not any different from those that were underground. There will be no one to stop you now. Go.”

“Yes, master.”

The young man then took steps to move out, but Lee Hameng did not stay still.

“Who said you can go!?”

Lee Hameng tried to overpower the man who was trying to escape, but the older man stopped him.

“I did.”

Lee Hameng was pushed by five steps after being collided against the old man. The old man had a metal glove created from cold steel.

‘What kind of power is this?!’

Lee Hameng became shocked. He thought the enemy wasn’t just any enemy, but the energy wielded within his fist was beyond the level of his own. The sword formation he just used at the old man had 100% of his energy. This meant that this enemy was more powerful then Hameng himself.

‘He is dangerous.’

He had to catch the escaped man, but he couldn’t dare to put his eyes off from the enemy.

“You aren’t so weak then. I’m lucky. I was curious about how powerful ones from cults are.”

“…Who are you?”

“Don’t care about that. Show me what you’ve got!”

The man then charged in and used powerful fist skill at Lee Hameng. Lee Hameng then backed away, unleashing defensive sword formation. Red sword created barriers of sword attacks and the man’s fist struck onto it.


Lee Hameng’s sword skill brought up flames from it, but the man did not stop.


The power of the fist attack was so strong that Lee Hameng was pushed back. The enemy was stronger than him in every possible aspect.

‘H-he’s too strong!’

Lee Hameng’s Flame Sword then shined with clear red and powerful sword formation unleashed very quickly.

“GOOD! This is more fun!”

The enemy then laughed as if he really liked this, and pulled up force qi over his two fists. He then moved in different ways to use entirely different fist skill and collided against Lee Hameng’s flame sword skill.

Two attacks struck against each other. It was a severe fight, but the result came soon enough. Lee Hameng’s powerful sword movements soon began to focus on barely defending against the man’s attack.

‘This formation…!’

Lee Hameng became shocked. The fist formation that came from strange angles were hard to even defend against and soon it got to him. The man’s fist struck on Lee Hameng’s chest, stomach and shoulder. He spat blood and was thrown into the back like a cannonball.


Lee Hameng used his Flame Sword to help him get up and the man got up to him with a smile. Lee Hameng then spoke to him.

“Y… you… are from Blade God Six Martial clan.”

The man became surprised. He didn’t think his enemy will find out who he was in just a few exchanges of formations.

“How did you know?”

“…You used fist skill… ugh… but it was close to a blade formation.”

A movement that was too hard for a normal body to use. It was very close to that of Blade God. Lee Hameng thought of the warrior from Blade God Six Martial Clan that Marakim had told him about.

“Interesting. I tried to hide it, you see? Well, you will die anyway, so I’ll tell you. Yes. I am Sahin, Master of Blade Fist from Blade God Six Martial clan.”

He spoke.

‘I was right.’

Lee Hameng’s guess was right. If this man was from Blade God Six Martial clan, then he needed to tell others, but his internal damage didn’t let him move. Sahin got up to Lee Hameng who tried hard to get up.

“Goodbye then.”

‘Ugh… please! I have to move!’

Sahin focused force qi over his fist and was about to crush Lee Hameng’s head.


He sensed something being thrown at him hard, and used his force qi wielding hand to grab it. His hand wielded force qi, but still felt the heaviness of energy held within the object that was thrown. But it was still enough to be caught.

“Do you think a metal ball can harm me… huh?!”

Sahin tried to shout in anger, but became shocked as he looked down at the object that he grabbed. It wasn’t a metal ball. It was a head of someone that had just been cut off. The half of the head was crushed by Sahin’s force qi, but he still recognized whose head it was.

“W-what happened?!”

It was the head of a man in his thirtieth that Sahin told him to escape. Sahin then heard another man’s voice.

“Are you the ‘master’?”

Sahin then gritted his teeth in anger and glared back at the man who threw the head. It was a young man with a pale white face, with long black hair. The man had the satchel that held remains that they stole from the underground vault. Lee Hameng became surprised and shouted at the young man.

“C-Crown Prince!”

The young man was Chun Yeowun.


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