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Chapter 204 - Hidden Purpose - Part 5

“Crown Prince?”

Sahin, the Master of Blade Fist became surprised. He didn’t expect to come across such a man.

‘I heard the Cult didn’t have Crown Prince yet… so they have one now.’

But his surprise quickly faded away. He realized that the plan already failed when he saw the Crown Prince appearing in front of him. If the young man was really Crown Prince, then he should have been at the Hall of Feast. But if he was here, then it meant the plan to have Yulin clan and Demonic Cult to fight against each other had failed. Sahin thought to escape from the castle while two groups fight against each other, but this meant he had to change the entire plan. But he became confused about how Yeowun had found his location.

‘They would have never spilled the plan…’

It was certain that something had gone wrong. Sahin’s eye narrowed. The library located at the northeast of the Academy was higher ground, so it was easy to see the training ground and beyond from here, and Sahin saw torches increasing from a distance.

‘Dammit. They are coming.’

He even felt the energy of cultists surrounding and coming in at the Academy. Whatever the reason, he now had one thing to do. He had to get away from here.

“Hmph. I will kill you before I go at least.”

Sahin threw the head on the ground and tried to strike down on Lee Hameng again. But Yeowun did not let him do it. He was already right in front of Sahin, in a short moment when Sahin glanced over beyond the Demonic Cult.

Yeowun swung his sword and deflected Sahin’s fist that tried to kill Hameng.


Sahin’s eye became large. He focused powerful energy, as he was trying to kill the man, but it was deflected. It meant that this Prince was stronger than Lee Hameng in energy.

‘Interesting. So, you’re not just any prince then.’


Sahin then spun around by using his arm being thrown back as a source, and struck Yeowun. It was a simple fist thrust, but the power was great.


Yeowun, who used 100% of his energy from the first attack, was shocked by such a quick counter-attack and held up his sword to block the fist. But the power was beyond his imagination and the energy surged through the sword and into Yeowun’s organs. But if he was pushed back here, then this man was surely going to kill Lee Hameng who couldn’t move. Yeowun gritted his teeth and focused all of his energy and muscle strength.


Sahin thought Yeowun will take internal damage and pushed back, but instead pushed Sahin back far away into the back. Blood came out from Yeowun’s mouth. It had been long since Yeowun had taken internal damage ever since he reached the superior master level. Nano’s voice rang inside his head.

[Initiating self-healing mode.]

The nano machines inside his body activated and his damage quickly healed. Sahin was pushed back but it seemed he didn’t take any damage, so he dropped to the ground lightly. He was surprised by Yeowun’s muscle strength, but Sahin smirked as he saw the blood flowing through Yeowun’s mouth.

‘He took internal damage.’

Yeowun seemed to have taken damage from Sahin’s counter-attack that added his own force on Yeowun’s energy. Lee Hameng became grim as he saw Yeowun who seemed to have taken damage while trying to protect him. If he could have healed faster, he would have run away. Lee Hameng got up.

“Hah… hah… Prince, Don’t worry about me.”

“Are you okay, Left Guardian?”

“I can move.”

He couldn’t use internal energy due to severe internal damage, but he could use a bit now. He now had to get away and meditate so that the damage will not grow. Yeowun then gave Hameng the satchel.

“Take this and call the Lord and other elders. They should be at the entrance of the Academy.”

Yeowun had to be ready for an emergency. When he tapped into the telepathic message, he heard that hypnotizer talking about the ‘remains of the Sword Demon’ and figured the ‘master’ would be at the library’s underground vault. He then told the Lord and elders to surround the Academy and came here first. The Lord and leaders of the cult was probably sealing down entire castle and came to the Academy. Sahin scoffed.

“Fools. You think I will let you go?”

“Let me take care of him. Go ahead.”

“Ugh… yes, prince.”

Yeowun ignored Sahin and ordered Lee Hameng to go. Lee Hameng had taken severe damage so he wasn’t going to be of help, so he quickly ran toward the academy.

‘Please hang in there!’

If the enemy was from Blade God Six Martial clan, then the enemy could be dangerous for Yeowun to handle alone.

“Who said you can go?!”

Sahin charged out and tried to catch up to Lee Hameng, but Yeowun blocked him.


Sahin then turned and tried to shoot Fist Bullet Qi.


But Yeowun quickly followed up to Sahin and blocked him. Yeowun became so fast after learning Step of Wind God.

“You are with me.”

Yeowun then unleashed sword formation at Sahin.

“YOU! You will pay for this.”

Sahin then unleashed defensive fist formation and blocked the attack. Even while dropping to the ground, both of them went through various formations to strike against each other. They didn’t have their foot on the ground, but their powers were at equal.

‘Didn’t he take internal damage?’

Sahin thought Yeowun had taken internal damage, but Yeowun didn’t seem to have any problem with using internal energy, so Sahin decided to take this seriously.

As soon as they got to the ground, Sahin began to unleash his true skills. His fist began to come at weird angles and aimed at Yeowun’s blood points. Yeowun then became surprised and took steps to dodge from it.

“This is…!”

Sahin’s fist stance was different from any normal martial art. Such a weird move had the potential to strain muscles, but Sahin moved it smoothly without any effort.

“You run like rats.”

If Yeowun did not back away, then he would have been struck. Yeowun then glared at Sahin and asked.

“How are you related to the Blade God?”

Yeowun realized right away that the Fist movement used by Sahin was very close to Blade God’s blade skill. Yeowun had not heard anything from Left Guardian, so he didn’t know this man was from Blade God Six Martial clan, and thought of Blade God himself instead. Sahin then became surprised.

“Huh? This is not what he said. I thought nobody would recognize…”

“What are you talking about?”

Sahin seemed to be uncomfortable at something and Yeowun became curious about this man’s identity. He then thought maybe this man was from the Blade God Six Martial clan, that was mentioned in the Great Meeting.

“If you know him, then the Demonic Cult is our real enemy!”

Sahin kept on saying something that Yeowun couldn’t understand and soon shook his head and shouted.

“Good! I needed hostage to get out from here. You should come with me.”



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