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Chapter 205 - Hidden Purpose - Part 6

Yeowun became dumbfounded. Sahin was already thinking about having Yeowun as his hostage ever since he realized he was being surrounded. That seemed like the only way for him to escape from all these warriors from the cult. The people with torches were already closing in their direction.

“Hostage… you think it’s possible?”

“Hah! I have no time to waste!”

Sahin then charged against Yeowun. His fist unleashed powerful energy as he moved to use powerful fist formation. This wasn’t just like any other fist formation.

‘Second formation of Blade God’s blade skill?’

It was skill used with a fist, but Yeowun was able to realize right away. But it was interesting to see the original formation that required blade, fit perfectly with fist and the power was almost similar.

‘It’s amazing.’

Yeowun became serious as he saw powerful fist formation coming at him. If he were to defend this, he needed sword skill strong as Twenty Four Demon Sword. Yeowun then readied to use Twenty Four Demon Sword and unleashed the fourth formation. Two of them collided against each other. It was so fast that if there was a spectator, he would have been dizzy from such speed.

‘No way…’

Yeowun became grim as he attacked. His sword formation was losing power against Sahin’s powerful fist formation. Yeowun knew the blade skill well, so he was thinking of countering it with its weakness, but Sahin too changed his skills to aim for the weak point of Twenty Four Demon Sword.


Yeowun was then struck on his chest. The fist that came from all angles without limit had paid off. Yeowun stopped using his formation and created a sword barrier through swinging quickly, but he was pushed back and couldn’t stop Sahin’s fist formation.

“You think you can block my attack!? Hahahaha!”

Sahin’s powerful fist began pushing back Yeowun’s body. The Fist skill of Blade God was powerful itself, but Sahin’s internal energy also was higher than that of Yeowun. Yeowun tried to withstand, but he couldn’t hold back any longer against powerful fists and Yeowun’s cold steel sword began to crack.

“You are powerful, but the energy and formation all are weaker than me! Haaaaah!”

His fist that wielded powerful energy struck on the sword barrier and Yeowun’s sword shattered and pieces stuck into Yeowun’s body.


Yeowun covered himself with an energy barrier, but sword pieces pierced into him and shook him down. Sahin did not lose this chance and struck his fist into Yeowun’s stomach. Yeowun spat blood and was pushed back. He dragged to the back and had to push out the fist energy that came into his body and stopped. With the energy going out from his feet, the ground cracked down. It was astounding power. Yeowun couldn’t move from the spot and Sahin spoke.

“I punched you to kill, so I didn’t expect you will push out the energy. You sure are worthy to be Crown Prince of the Demonic Cult.”


Yeowun let out a deep breath and his body began to steam. He was pushing out the energy of fist outside from his body.

“Do you think you can defeat me with sword skill of Sword Demon?”

‘Does he know sword formation of Twenty Four Demon Sword?’

Yeowun became shocked. He figured it was strange when Sahin countered as if he knew Twenty Four Demon Sword, and he sure did know. But this wasn’t all that strange. AS Sword Demon tried hard to analyze Blade God’s blade formation, it was likely that Blade God’s descendants tried hard to analyze Sword Demon’s formation, who was known to be the nemesis of the Blade God.

‘He’s really strong. I can’t defeat him with Twenty Four Demon Sword.’

Sahin then spoke to Yeowun with an arrogant look.

“So, I countered sword skill of Sword Demon… it’s decided. Sword skill from the cult cannot defeat our Blade God’s martial art. Stop resisting and follow me.”

Sahin then walked up to him. He thought Yeowun could not resist even if he pushed out the fist energy, as Yeowun should have taken severe internal damage and was injured with sword pieces stuck into his body. That’s when the steam coming out of Yeowun’s body stopped and Yeowun looked up and glared.

‘He’s eyes… he didn’t give up yet.’

Yeowun’s eye did not die yet. He was actually more eager to fight than ever.

“My Cult’s sword skill is weaker than that of Blade God’s?”

“Don’t be a fool. You will only… what?”

Sahin then stopped and became shocked at what began happening in front of his eyes. Sword pieces that stuck into Yeowun’s entire body pushed out as if his body was pushing all out. What’s more shocking was that wounds that sword pieces had made began to heal at a tremendous speed.

“I-it’s impossible! How…!”

It was as if Yeowun was not even a human. Sahin then instinctively realized Chun Yeowun was a dangerous enemy. The hostage plan was not going to work.

‘H…he’s dangerous! He’s like a monster!’

He changed his mind. He realized that injuring him and take him as a hostage was not going to work. He had to kill Yeowun before he can heal. Sahin then unleashed force qi over his two fists and charged at Yeowun, using strongest fist formation he knew.

“Die, you monster!”

And it was then when Yeowun’s dark wristguard began to come apart and combined in one to shape itself into a black sword.

‘W-what is that?!’

Yeowun then grabbed on the black word, and black force qi came up on the black blade.

“Black force qi?!”

With ominous aura being unleashed, Yeowun’s body shot out like a streak of black light and came straight against Sahin’s powerful fist formation. The black streak of light then turned into twenty-four sword movements, and combined back into one dot.

“H-how can this be?!”

Sahin’s fist formation was shattered, and his both arms were pushed out, and Yeowun’s black sword penetrated into his body.


Soon, Yeowun’s body had shot past Sahin and Sahin turned slowly at Yeowun with disbelief and spoke.

“H-how can such sword skill exis…. Argh.”

Sahin couldn’t finish as blood began pouring out from his mouth and dropped. His chest had a large hole in it. Yeowun then looked down at dead Sahin and mumbled.

“This is the best Sword Skill of the Demonic Cult.”


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