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Chapter 206 - I will not forget this debt - Part 1

Lee Hameng’s internal damage was too severe that it felt like he would fall anytime but Hameng held on and used his running skill. He had fought Sahin by himself, so he knew how powerful their enemy was. If he was too slow, there was a chance for Crown Prince Chun Yeowun to die. Lee Hameng quickly ran toward the training ground and saw cultists closing in from outside.

“L…Left Guardian Lee… Hameng… reporting to the Lord.”

Lee Hameng got to the Lord Chun Yujong and was barely able to kneel with his one knee. Every cultist around the area became grim at the sight of Lee Hameng with severe injury. Lee Hameng was one of the top ten powerful warriors of the cult, so if he was injured this badly, then it meant the enemy was very powerful. The Lord asked.

“Where is the enemy?”

“At… the library… building… Crown Prince… is fighting.. the Blade God… Six Martial clan… Y-you must go… quickly…”

“Left Guardian!”

Lee Hameng then fell due to severe pain and Great Guardian Marakim quickly ran over and checked on his state and had warriors to have Lee Hameng sent over to the medical room.

“Blade God Six Martial clan!”

The Lord became grim after knowing who the intruder was, and tried to run toward the library. But Great Guardian stopped him.

“Please, you must wait, my Lord.”

“What is the meaning of this? Great Guardian?”

Lord asked back uncomfortably and Marakim sent a telepathic message.

[My Lord. Your internal damage is not fully healed yet from the last battle. I will take the lead.]


Chun Yujong then nodded. Other elders were scattered over four castle gates and only elders that followed the Lord here was Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng and 10th Elder Yin Moha. Marakim then quickly ran toward the library along with two elders. After sending them ahead, the Lord moved toward the library along with warriors and saw a satchel that Lee Hameng dropped.

“Hold! Bring that over to me.”

“Yes, my lord!”

A warrior took up the satchel and brought it over to the Lord. Chun Yujong ordered it to be unpacked, and it dropped cut arms and human skins that were preserved with various medications.

“What is this?”

The Lord did not know the presence of underground treasure vault, so he didn’t know about the existence of these remains. But what was strange was that the satchel did not contain skill books from the Sword Demon.

And for Marakim, fitting to his nickname ‘Wind God’ he was able to get to the library faster than other elders.

‘How… can this be?’

Marakim couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He imagined to find Chun Yeowun having a hard time dealing against an enemy from Blade God Six Martial clan, but what he saw was beyond his imagination. What he saw was Chun Yeowun shooting past through the enemy like a black streak of light.

‘How can such sword formation exist? It is perfect in every way!’

There seemed to be no flaw in the sword formation that Yeowun just used. What’s more surprising was the black sword that Yeowun had wielded. It was far and dark, but Marakim quickly acknowledged it to be a legendary sword.

‘Black sword?’

It wasn’t just dark, which would indicate if it was made from Cold steel, but the entire blade was actually truly black. Marakim’s two eyes that showed through his mask shook.

‘Black sword… black sword…? Wait. That sword must be…!’

That’s when the black sword scattered into pieces and formed itself as an armguard over Yeowun’s wrist. Yeowun then realized Great Guardian Marakim had came and flinched as he turned.

‘Great Guardian?’

Chun Yeowun bit on his lips. He used the Sword Force of the Sky Demon’s 5th formation in order to take care of the enemy before other cultists arrive, but he mistakenly revealed himself using the sword skill and even exposed the existence of the Sky Demon Sword. It was a secret that he never told to anyone. That’s when two other elders arrived at where Marakim stood.

“Great Guardian! What has happened… huh?”

Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng then found Chun Yeowun standing on the dead body of Sahin the Blade Fist. Ja Kinkeng thought they would still be fighting, but the fight was already over.

‘By the gods… did he just killed warrior from Blade God Six Martial clan alone?’

Ja Kinkeng frowned. He had fought against warrior from Blade God Six Martial clan on the battle at Jurkang castle, so he knew how dangerous these foes were.

‘Is he a monster?’

He already thought Chun Yeowun was a monster when Yeowun killed Mu Jinwon, but this proved Chun Yeowun was much more powerful than other elders. Unlike Ja Kinkeng, 10th Elder Yin Moha quickly came over to Yeowun and asked for his safety.

“Crown Prince. Are you unhurt?”

“…I am fine.”

His injuries were already healed by Nano, so he was okay. Only thing he was concerned was the Great Guardian witnessing his Sky Demon Sword. Yeowun heard from Left Guardian that Guardians succeeded will of the Sword Demon, but he also heard that Great Guardian was a most loyal servant to the current Lord.

“Crown Prince, it’s good that you’re safe.”

But unlike his concern, Great Guardian Marakim only asked for Yeowun’s safety and did not mention the Sky Demon Sword.

‘What is he thinking?’


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