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Chapter 207 - I will not forget this debt - Part 2

Yeowun became curious, but soon the Lord and other warriors arrived at the library. The Lord wasn’t all that excited when he saw Sahin’s dead body. It simply looked like he was penetrated to death to untrained eyes, but the Lord saw a clear mark of sword trace over it.

‘…Is this really his doing?’

If it was, then it meant Chun Yeowun did not use his best against Mu Jinwon. The Lord was now becoming more wary of Chun Yeowun. After looking at the sword trace for a long time, the Lord then turned his attention to the underground treasure vault.

“Was the enemy after this place?”


Great Guardian Marakim hesitated. They managed to defend themselves against from enemy, but it led to another problem. This incident had revealed the existence of the underground treasure vault that Guardians had kept it secret for generations.0

“I asked, is this the place that the enemy came after?”

“…That is correct, my Lord.”

The Lord then frowned and walked down to the vault. The vault had nothing left, however. There was only a faint sign of something being burnt down. All skill books left by Sword Demon were completely burned.

‘Such place was hidden under the Demonic Academy…’

This was a secret that even the Lord himself did not know, but the enemy somehow knew and came after it. This made the Lord become very uncomfortable. He then glared at Great Guardian Marakim who stood aside him.

‘So, you were hiding this from me?’

Every guardian and ones who stood guard in this library had lied to the Lord about the truth of this place. Marakim sensed the Lord’s anger and became grim.

‘What is this?’

And for Chun Yeowun, he was surprised by what he saw that was inside the satchel. He thought enemies came here to retrieve the martial art from Sword Demon, but it wasn’t. Only ones that enemies from Blade God Six Martial clan wanted as the remains of Blade God himself.

‘So, they weren’t after skill books from Sword Demon?’

Yeowun then realized that the enemy, Sahin, knew Sword Demon’s sword skill. But if they were descendants of the Blade God, then why they wanted remains that contained Blade God’s blade marks? That was a question that couldn’t be answered.

The night became very frantic for the entire Demonic Cults. Guardian warriors searched through the Demonic Academy for any possible remaining enemies, and took care of dead bodies of guards at the library. All elders and warriors were also called to search the entire castle for any more possible enemies, but there were no more traces of any other enemies.

But that was obvious. Demonic Cult had every cultist to carry medals that proved of themselves who they were and took control of everyone who entered the castle, that made hard for sneaking into the castle with the normal route.

And at the Hall of the Feast, there were hundreds of guards standing guard over one groups. They were guests from the Yulin clan.

“Hmph. I wonder how long will our lockdown will remain.”

Moyong Kang spoke from his seat with a frown. Every guests from the Yulin clan were locked at the Hall of the Feast for the night.

“We have to prove our innocence for the alliance, Moyong. Be patient.”

Poong Chungwun spoke, but he too was frustrated by their state. However, enemies had snuck in through their group so they couldn’t object against the Cult’s decision. They too would have done the same if the situation was the other way around. Jegal Sohi then spoke to both.

“We have told them what we know, so they will make decision soon. I ask you two leaders to be more patient while we wait.”

“Hmph. I understood, Strategist Jegal.”


All four enemies from this incident entered the castle faking themselves as guards of Jegal Sohi. After getting out of the hypnosis, she remembered everything again.

‘I didn’t expect them to use me like that…’

She was on her way down south, after being designated as a representative of the Yulin clan in regards to the alliance. While on her way to be with two leaders who were staying at Kangsuh Castle, she was ambushed by mysterious enemies. But she remembered until being ambushed, and when she got back to her senses, she was already within the forces of Justice clan, on their parade. What’s more mysterious was that until the moment her hypnosis broke, she recognized four guards as her original guards.

‘I explained this to them…’

But this wasn’t enough to prove their innocence. She had attacked Crown Prince under hypnosis, so this acted against their innocence. Even with her intelligence, she couldn’t find any other way but to wait. And there was one more thing that concerned her most.

‘I moved as a secret mission… only those who knew my mission were those of 17 leaders…’

It was possible that there were spies among 17 leaders of the Yulin clan. That was the only possible way to find her secret rout and ambush her.

‘I have to prove my innocence and return to my clan…!’


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