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Chapter 208 - I will not forget this debt - Part 3

But the problem didn’t seem to solve itself quickly. She then looked over to people gathered on the left side of the hall. They were warriors from Yulin clan who were under hypnosis and attacked cultists. And there were also clan leaders from Cultists who were hypnotized also kept separately on the other side.


And there were others who were checking on each group. These were doctors led by Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu, checking on those who were hypnotized.

‘There seems to be no issue.’

And overnight, Baek Jongwu and his doctors couldn’t find anything. They had thought hypnosis had made some kind of trace, but there was nothing that seemed to be out of place.


Another doctor who checked on foods from the party came over to Baek Jongwu.

“What did you find?”

“There is no poison on any drinks or foods.”

“I see. As expected.”

Baek Jongwu nodded. There was no trace on the ones that were hypnotized, so he didn’t expect to find anything from the food either. All foods prepared in the palace were already searched and examined carefully beforehand.

‘Crown Prince is wrong.’

The reason for doctors to do this extensive search was because of Chun Yeowun. He had asked the Lord to proceed with searching for any possible substance that might have caused hypnosis. It was Chun Yeowun who found people under hypnosis, so the Lord thought he had a point and ordered the Demon Doctor to go ahead with the investigation. But the result came as a failure.


He sighed. That’s when all warriors in the hall bowed to one that entered.

“Crown Prince!”

Chun Yeowun had finally arrived at the hall. Baek Jongwu then walked over to him with an exhausted look.

“Crown Prince, you are here.”

“Doctor Baek, you have done good work. Did you find anything?”

Yeowun asked and Baek Jongwu shook his head.

“We investigated every warrior who was hypnotized and foods prepared in the hall, but we couldn’t find anything, prince. It seems that hypnosis wasn’t caused by a substance.”

“There wasn’t anything in the food?”

“No, my prince.”

Chun Yeowun frowned. He did not think his guess of something hidden inside the food have hypnotized these people would be wrong.

‘Was the clap really all that needed for a hypnosis?’

That was strange. If hypnosis was such an easy thing, then it should have hypnotized everyone in the hall.

“Can I take a look at it myself?”

“Of course.”

Baek Jongwu nodded but he sighed. All doctors had investigated through the night, but Yeowun didn’t seem to accept the truth.

‘It’s a waste of time.’

Baek Jongwu then began to order doctors to return to their posts. If this was really an act of a magic, then it didn’t seem like there would be any findings of substances.

Yeowun stood in the middle of the hall and looked at round tables.

‘There weren’t anything in the food… If poison was used in such a direct way, it is impossible to be hidden from all of these experienced warriors.’

Yeowun thought for a long moment and saw a glass and the liquor bottle. He then thought about the Hypnotizer ringing his glass against the bottle. Yeowun grabbed the glass.

‘What made him allow to hypnotize with… wait.’

Yeowun then realized something and checked on the glass and chopsticks.

‘You need to put your mouth against the glass or chopsticks if you want to eat.’

Yeowun ordered Nano.

‘Nano, can you check if there is any poison or weird substance on the chopstick or the glass?’

[Yes, master. Please place your hand on the target you wish to analyze.]

Yeowun then began to place his finger over glasses and chopsticks on the hall. Baek Jongwu and other doctors became confused at what Yeowun was doing.

‘What is he doing?’

‘Why is he touching those glasses and chpsticks?’

After Yeowun walked through every chopsticks and glasses over on the round table, he turned over some glasses upside down. After walking through all tables, he then came over to warriors from Yulin clan who were hypnotized and spoke.

“Do you know where you sat last night?”

“Y-yes, we remember.”

“Then please go back to your last night’s seat.”

They weren’t sure what Yeowun was up to, but they had to prove their innocence so they walked to their seat and sat down.

‘What is he doing… huh?’


Baek Jongwu and other doctors became shocked. All warriors from Yulin clan were seating down on the seat where Yeowun had placed the glass upside down.

“What is this?’

“How did he find out where they were seating down?”

Yeowun then grabbed one of the glass that placed upside down over to the doctors.

“Can you taste the part where you drink with the tip of your tongue?”


Baek Jongwu hesitated for a bit and tasted it with his tongue. Then he mumbled with a shocked look.

“T.this… is this Opium Poppy?”

Opium Poppy. It was a flower that was often used to create a drug Opium. It was also used by doctors to use it as a painkiller on surgery, that can use to paralyze the central nervous system and create hypnosis.

‘How did he find this out? Is he really the Prince Chun Yeowun I knew years ago?’

Baek Jongwu became shocked as he looked at Chun Yeowun.


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