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Chapter 209 - I will not forget this debt - Part 4

The Lord’s palace of the Demonic Cult…

It was the most lavish and largest building in the Demonic Cult’s castle, and home to the Lord himself. And at the training room inside the palace, a middle-aged man walked out drenched in sweat. It was the Lord Chun Yujong. As he shot out his arms like a cross, servants came up to him and took off his clothes and cleaned his body with warm wet towels.


The Lord let out a deep, exhausted sigh and looked down at the injury that ran across his right shoulder to his chest. He had pushed out a lot of blade energy that came into his body, but it still had side effects. It seemed he required at least 10 more days in meditation to fully recover his organs that were damaged from blade energy. After his servants cleaned him, they dressed him in a new robe and the Lord walked over to another place.

It was the underground floor of the palace. The Lord opened one of the six steel doors and cold air seeped out from it. When the Lord lit the torch, it showed inside of the room that was created with cold stones just like the underground treasure vault of the library. There was a table at the center that had cut arms and skins that was originally stored at the underground vault.

Chun Yujong placed his hand over the preserved arm that was covered with blade markings and closed his eyes. He imagined the blade work over at the arm and clearly felt the power of blade skill that was used to create the damage. It was hard to imagine the formation itself, but he was able to sense one thing.

‘It’s very familiar from the blade will that I felt from him.’

Thinking of the man brought pain to his chest. There was a man that came out of nowhere suddenly when the Lord Chun Yujong was able to kill one of the powerful warriors from Blade God Six Martial clan. The man was more powerful than the other three. Chun Yujong was one of the top five warriors of Jiang Hu, and the entry level of the supreme master level warrior, but he couldn’t even stand for ten formations. The man easily countered Sword Art of the Sky Demon without any special formation and injured him easily.

‘…It is not you.’

That was the last word he spoke to the Lord Chun Yujong.


The Lord grabbed on the table and the table cracked. Thinking of the word that the man said raised him in rage. It wasn’t sure what he meant, but it was enough to make him furious from embarrassment. It was then. Someone banged on the steel door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Marakim, My Lord.”

“Okay. I will go up to the office.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Chun Yujong held back his emotion and got out of the room and went up to the Lord’s office above ground. Great Guardian who was waiting outside the office followed the Lord in. The Lord sat down on the lavish throne and raised his hand to order Great Guardian to report. Marakim then began to report everything that happened while investigating through the castle. The Lord then asked.

“What did you do with those?”

Chun Yujong just said ‘those’ but Marakim understood immediately and lowered his voice.

“…We have disposed of porcelain bottles that we replaced from the hall at the Wojor Peak’s creek.”

“Did you make sure that no one will find it?”

“We have cleaned all the bottles with water and shattered it before we threw it down on the creek, so there is no chance for that to happen, my Lord.”

“Good work.”

What were these bottles they were talking about? All bottles and foods at the party were not removed due to investigation. But it seemed Great Guardian Marakim had taken out bottles that contained liquors from the party and disposed of it.

It was yesterday night when Yeowun went ahead to the Demonic Academy for another enemy. The Lord ordered to quarantine forces of Justice and seal the castle to block anyone from coming in and out of the castle. That’s when Marakim came over to the Lord quietly with a bottle.

‘My Lord. There seems to be something within the liquors in these bottles.’


The Lord ordered one of the warriors from Guardians to drink it. The warrior, after drinking it, became numb and lost his conscious. The Lord and Great Guardian then found out this was the reason for hypnosis.

‘I will gather these and have Demon Doctor to analyze it.’

The Lord then shook his head at the Great Guardian.


‘No, we don’t need to do that. Gather these bottles and dispose it so no one will find it.’


The Great Guardian became confused. Chun Yujong then explained what he had thought up in that short moment.

‘This is a good thing. We will take upper hand in this alliance by using this incident.’


Great Guardian gasped. He didn’t think Chun Yujong will find a way to make this situation for their won good. The Lord had found a way to make a reason to oppress the Yulin clan, even through the alliance.

‘We don’t need to give them a chance to get away.’

There were even clan leaders from the cult who were hypnotized. If it was found out that liquors were poisoned, then Yulin clan was sure to blame for the cult for not examining through the liquors that were served in the party. But if the evidence was lost, then only evidence left was that the Yulin clan had allowed enemies to sneak into the Cult’s castle.

‘As you wish, my lord.’

This was how the bottles were replaced. Even if searching ensued through the night, liquors inside replaced bottles contained no poison, so there was no evidence to prove the Yulin clan’s innocence.

“Are doctors still investigating?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“We should call them off now.”

This was on intention. The Lord had contained members from Yulin clan at the hall purposely so that they can see cults had investigated publicly in front of everyone. Yulin clan had two of 17 members and their strategist Jegal Sohi with them. This was why the Lord allowed Chun Yeowun’s request to investigate. This was to ensure no complaints being made for lack of investigation.

“Have doctors to return to their stations and imprison members from Yulin… huh?”

The Lord closed his mouth as he heard someone approaching from outside the office. Soon, warriors who stood guard at the entrance shouted into the office.

“My Lord, the Demon Doctor awaits your permission to enter.”



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