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Chapter 210 - I will not forget this debt - Part 5

He was about to order to have them stop, but since the Doctor was here himself, then it seemed he was here to report that he couldn’t find anything.


The Lord nodded and ordered for the Doctor to come in. Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu then came up with a plate covered with white clothes and placed down on the ground and knelt.

“My Lord.”

“Welcome. How did the investigation go?”

Demon Doctor then looked up and answered.

“My Lord, I have found out the evidence.”


Chun Yujong’s eyebrow raised. What was the doctor thinking? He had ordered Marakim to dispose of every piece of evidence, so he was confused and couldn’t hide his feeling at the report. Baek Jongwu then took off the clothes over at the plate. There were glasses on the plate and the Lord became shocked.

‘A glass?’

He then realized what had happened. He only ordered bottles to be replaced as the situation was taking a quick turn so he couldn’t think deep, so he didn’t imagine someone would find evidence on a glass. Luckily, glasses had nothing init.

‘There’s nothing in there. Then it shouldn’t be…’

Chun Yujong became frowned and Baek Jongwu pointed at the glass and explained.

“We have found remains of various mixtures such as opium poppies that can create illusions from the glass.”


The Lord became wordless at frustration. It was a mistake for him to not order for the replacement of glasses, but this was surely a keen finding since there was nothing that was found from bottles.

‘I should’ve told the doctor for the plan.’

The Lord regretted his choice. He had to talk to the Doctor to disregard any evidence even if he finds one. It was an investigation being made in front of members of the Yulin clan, so the Lord thought it was better for the Demon Doctor to not know, to make the investigation look real. Demon Doctor thought the Lord was uncomfortable because of the incident itself, so he brought up another topic to ease the moment.

“But the Crown Prince did a good job in finding this evidence.”

“…What? Crown Prince found this?”

The Lord frowned at the report. Chun Yujong was already frustrated for his plan to fail after this finding.

‘That boy…!’

The Lord became wordless for a second and asked.

“…Is that the real reason for the illusion?”

“Yes, my Lord. Taking this substance will make you fall under an illusion. With a caster experienced in illusion, it is likely that it will happen. Especially if it is used against ones with weaker internal energy. But what’s concerning is that the amount in the glass isn’t enough.”

As Baek Jongwu explained further, the Lord became grimmer.

“It requires more amount for the effect, but liquors inside the bottle didn’t have any problem. Crown Prince guesses that bottles might have been replaced, so he said he will go check the supply of the palace by himself to…”

“Great Guardian!”

“Yes, my lord!”

Chun Yujong interrupted Baek Jongwu before he can finish. Baek Jongwu then realized Chun Yujong wasn’t reacting to his expectation and found out something was strange and became silent.

“We have found out how these enemies used their illusion, so let our guests be freed. And for Crown Prince… have him stop the further investigation.”

“As you wish, my Lord.”

When the Great Guardian walked out of the office, Baek Jongwu finally realized. The Lord knows about the poison already. The Lord narrowing his eyebrow was his distinct way of showing his emotion when things weren’t going as he planned.

‘Hmm… so it was the Lord who disposed of the bottles.’

When Chun Yeowun said he will check the supply of bottles, Baek Jongwu said he will talk with the Lord to report on possible spies in the supply lines of the palace. But it seemed that wasn’t necessary.

And at the kitchen storage of the palace, Chun Yeowun was checking on the bottles with the staff but had to stop when Marakim appeared. Chun Yeowun insisted that there might be spies, but Marakim stopped him and explained the plan that the Lord had made originally.

‘He had planned it in that short moment?’

Yeowun knew that the Lord was good at planning schemes, from experience of him being used as a bait when he was at the Demonic Cult. But it was surprising to see it again. But Yeowun thought that the plan wasn’t perfect.

“Did you know of this plan from the beginning?”

Marakim nodded at Yeowun’s question. He too thought that this plan will give the cult upperhand in their alliance with the Yulin clan, so he didn’t find any problem.

“Then it must be you who took care of those bottles.”

“Yes, it is. My prince.”

“If it was me, I would not have disposed of all the bottles.”

“…Do you have some other plans that you think of?”

“If we analyze the bottle, then we can prepare against the same poison at least.”


Marakim gasped with astonishment.

‘He even thought about after.’

If they did analyze the poison as Yeowun just said, they could have prepared themselves to defend against such a hypnotic attack. Marakim was ashamed for the plan to go fail, but he now changed his thought that it was lucky that Yeowun had found small remainings of the poison.

“It’s just my thought. I’ll be on my way then.”

Yeowun placed down the bottle and walked out, and Marakim looked at Yeowun.


People from Yulin clan became relieved. They were worried that their innocence will not be proven, but they were freed as their suspicion was freed from charges with the evidence of them being hypnotized was found.

“Haha, it’s good that our suspicion is lifted.”

Poong Chunwun spoke and MOyong Kang nodded. He spoke in discomfort.

“Hmph. It’s good, but it’s probably because they can’t undo the alliance for their safety either. They can’t fight against us now, maybe that’s why they decided to let us go.”

“You have a point.”

They were against the worst enemy called Blade God Six Martial clan, so they couldn’t bear to fight against each other. Moyong Kang believed that no harm will come to them in such situation. But Jegal Sohi had a different opinion.

‘No. The Cult could have take upper hand with our alliance because of his incident. If they are taking back a step like this…’

This was due to Chun Yeowun’s help. If he didn’t solve the mystery behind hypnosis, then Yulin clan could have been in difficult shoes.

‘Crown Prince… Chun Yeowun.’

Starting from herself, creating problems under hypnosis, Chun Yeowun was a sole person who stopped the party to celebrate the alliance to become a bloodbath.

‘He had chosen a greater good. I didn’t expect to find such person in the cult!’

IT wasn’t Yeowun’s intention, but Jegal Sohi was greatly astounded by Yeowun’s action. She then thought Yeowun was also very intelligent.

‘The cult could have taken the upper hand, but they rather gave us a debt that we will have to repay. Maybe he is the real person that we should be wary of.’

Although her thought was derived from her misunderstanding of intention, Jegal Sohi, Second Strategist of the Yulin clan, now paid the most attention to Crown Prince Chun Yeowun.

‘I will not forget this debt, Crown Prince Chun Yeowun.’


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