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Chapter 211 - Increase your forces - Part 1

It was now three days after the incident at the party. Demon Justice Alliance was officially made and was declared to all cultists of the castle. Its reason was to fight against Blade God Six Martial clan, but cultists who had fought against Forces of Justice for a long time were not very happy at the alliance. The people from forces of Justice who were originally planned to stay for at least five more days, sensed this uneasiness and quickly left the castle on the second day morning. But the real reason behind it was different.

‘We might have a spy among our clan.’

It was because of Jegal Sohi’s claim. Two leaders didn’t believe it easily at first. It was hard to agree that there were spies among the 17 leaders who led the Yulin clan itself. But she began explaining from the day of her kidnapping and all parts that were suspicious, and leaders and members of the Yulin clan realized something was suspicious and decided to return.

‘This is an invitation from our Leader.’

Jegal Sohi gave the Demonic Cult an official invitation from the Leader of Yulin clan to the Yulin Competition that will be held on the new year and left. After they have left, Demonic Cult was now coming into a new era.

At midnight, guest house of the Ghost Illusion Clan’s mansion… There were Yin Moha, Huan Yi, Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku, Hu Bong, Sama Chak and Bakgi gathered to have a meeting. The atmosphere that was happy from Chun Yeowun becoming Crown Prince, was now had turned more serious. Hu Bong was talking about something uncomfortably.

“I mean, it’s weird isn’t it? The Lord’s palace notified everything else and only left out my master becoming Crown Prince!”

Everyone didn’t say anything but their faces showed how uncomfortable they were from it too. There had been an official announcement that was made in the afternoon about what happened at the party. The Lord Chun Yujong announced various things in front of all cultists who gathered at the courtyard outside the palace, but he didn’t say anything about Chun Yeowun becoming the Crown Prince. It was known to all clan leaders already, so the rumor was spreading fast but it wasn’t normal for such announcement to be skipped either.

“Is it only me? Huh? Am I the only one who’s uncomfortable with this?”

Ko Wanghur then spoke.

“…Hu Bong has a point. Master, something is weird here.”

Everyone was be careful of what they were saying, as they were talking about the announcement made by the Lord of the Demonic Cult himself, but people began to show their frustration followed by Hu Bong.

“I’m sure the announcement made by the Lord’s Palace is the announcement that should talk about important issues that were made from the Great Hall meeting. If the Crown Prince Coronation is left out in that…”

Sama Chak couldn’t continue onto his next word. Someone else brought up the word instead.

“Are you worried that the Lord might have changed his mind?”

“Elder Huan…”

Huan YI spoke. Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong guessed that might be the case but didn’t spoke so Chun Yeowun might not become concerned but Huan Yi didn’t stop. Huan Yi was always direct in the way he spoke.

“Us Elders share the same thought with you all. Are you not?”

Huan Yi asked and Yin Moha, who was without her mask to look old, nodded simply. All three elders who sided with Yeowun were also confused by the announcement.

“…Competition, and approvals. We had done all that required. Is it something that can be overturned just because the Lord doesn’t like it?”

Bakgi became curious and asked. Huan Yi answered.

“I’m not sure. I have never heard of such a case before… but if that is the Lord’s decision and without six clans to go against the decision… I don’t see why not.”

Members became grim at Huan Yi’s guess. In the past, all princes were from one of six clans so there was no way for the decision to be overthrown even if the Lord didn’t like the outcome. But Chun Yeowun wasn’t from any of six clans.

“Then if there aren’t any objections, then the Lord can always take back what he decided.”

Chun Yeowun spoke out for the first time. Everyone turned to him, but he didn’t seem to show any emotion. He was just hearing it as if he wasn’t involved in all this. Huan Yi looked at Yeowun and spoke with serious look.

“I was going to say this later, but I guess I should just tell you now.”

“…What is it?”

“After you killed Mu Jinwon, I tried to come in contact with the remaining forces of the Wise clan to have them come into our forces.”

Chun Yeowun knew this. Huan Yi thought getting rid of the remaining forces of the Wise clan might weaken the Demonic Cult itself so he advised them to join. Yeowun also agreed with Huan Yi’s plan and had him take care of it.

“But starting yesterday night, the Wise clan’s mansion is completely empty.”


Yeowun became surprised at the word. If there had been any problem, then it should have spread quickly through the castle of what happened. Yeowun asked.

“Did four clans moved on themselves?”

As much as Yeowun’s group wanted them, four clans wanted remaining warriors from Wise clan too.

“Half is true, and half is not.”


“The Lord’s palace made a move.”


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