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Chapter 212 - Increase your forces - Part 2

“Lord’s palace…”

There were two forces within the inner castle. One force was warriors from Guardians, and one was warriors under the Lord’s palace itself. Warriors from Guardians were led by Three Guardians, and warriors at the Lord’s palace were the Lord’s direct forces.

“Half were observed into the Sword clan, and half are appointed at the Blade clan.”

Chun Yeowun and others frowned. If what Huan Yi said was true, then the Lord himself had given power to the Sword and Blade clans. If the Lord’s palace made a move, it was reasonable to have these remaining forces to be appointed at Chun Yeowun, who had killed the leader of the Wise clan, but this was unexpected to say the least.

“This… this is an apparent sign of oppression against us.”

Sama Chak spoke with a raised voice. All members who only thought six clans as their enemy were shocked and confused by the Lord’s decision.

“How can the Lord do this…?”

Mun Ku bit her lips and looked at Yeowun. She was shocked and angry at the same time, so it was hard to imagine how angry Yeowun might be. But Yeowun was thinking differently.

“…No. This isn’t just oppression. It’s balancing.”


The Lord that Chun Yeowun knew, was one who always acted for his own benefit. If he wanted to oppress Yeowun, then Yeowun would not have been appointed as the Crown Prince from the beginning. But he did, and the tide began to turn toward Chun Yeowun.

“He is strengthening two clans to oppose me, to make balance. The reason why he didn’t announce me as a Crown Prince is…”

It was a way to show that four clans still had the chance. By saying that Yeowun might lose his place as a Crown Prince, the Lord gave hope to the four clans and raised their morale to fight against Chun Yeowun.

“He is making four clans fight against me.”

The morale only occurred when the enemy seemed to have a chance to be defeated. The Lord then showed that he didn’t accept Chun Yeowun as a Crown Prince. Yeowun was still only a piece in his chess game.

‘You have a good understanding of the Lord.’

Huan Yi and Yin Moha knew this very well. Chun Yujong was a cold-hearted person. He had no interest in family or relationships and he considered everything as a piece in his chess to grip on the power of his throne.

‘The Lord is not our ally…?’

‘What should we do now?’

The atmosphere became grimmer as they realized the Lord’s intention. After a long silence, Chun Yeowun got up and looked at each member with their eyes and spoke.

“I want to ask each and every one of you here.”


“If… there is something that happens, will you still trust me and follow me to the end?”


Everyone became shocked at what Yeowun had said as they quickly realized what he was talking about. Yeowun was asking them that if he was to move against the Lord, will they trust and follow him? People gathered here pledged allegiance to Yeowun, but this didn’t mean that they will turn their back to the Lord, who was the Demonic Cult itself.

“Lot of things in our cult is wrong. I want to bring our cult back to the original times when our Founding Father Chun Ma had created our cult. Even, if that requires me to fight against the current Cult.”

Yeowun took a deep breath after that and spoke.

“Trust me and follow me to the end.”

Yeowun bowed. Everyone had lost their words at Yeowun’s determined look.

‘Master had decided…!’

‘He will not hesitate on fighting against the Lord!’

After some silence, someone shot up from his seat and bowed at Yeowun. It was Hu Bong.

“What are you talking about? I, Hu Bong, will always follow you no matter what path you take, Master.”

Hu Bong had decided to follow Chun Yeowun no matter what. This became a signal to others. Ko Wanghur then got up and bowed.

“I’m the same as Hu Bong. A man does not change his oath. Even if the path lies ahead is filled with thorns that will make me bleed, I will follow you to the end.”

And with that, others began to get up from their seat. Two elders also got up. They all bowed at Yeowun and swore an oath of allegiance again.

“We will follow the Lord no matter what happens.”

Yeowun clenched on his fist. It was possible that Chun Yeowun might even have to fight against the mighty Lord of the Demonic Cult himself, so he was ready for anyone to leave at the moment, but everyone had said they will follow Yeowun to the end. And by the announcement made by the Lord’s palace, Yeowun and his members were able to build a stronger bond. And after the heat of the determination settled, Yeowun took back all the plans he had made to fight against the six clans.

“With the Lord giving power to four clans, we have to act accordingly.”

“Do you have a plan ready?”

Huan Yi asked and Yeowun spoke.

“He tries to keep the balance, so we will break the balance instead.”

Yeowun then turned to Mun Ku.


At the mansion of the Demon Dragon clan, located at the northwestern corner of the Demonic Castle.. the mansion was equally giant and grand just like that of six clans. Someone ran across the courtyard inside the gate and ran to the Clan Leader’s office. The man then shouted to report.

“E-Elder! It’s me, Busong!”

“What is it?”

“C-Crown Prince is here to see you!”


8th Elder Mun Yun became shocked and burst out of his office.


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