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Chapter 213 - Increase your forces - Part 3

The guesthouse of the Demon Dragon clan’s mansion became busy to greet the sudden guest. It was not just any guest, but the Crown Prince, so they couldn’t just greet him as it is. As the guesthouse was being prepared, Mun Ku was guiding the group into the large courtyard’s garden at the mansion. Mun Yun, an old man, had a hobby to look after the garden, so it was beautifully cared for and decorated.

“I don’t know anything about gardening, but this is amazing.”

Hu Bong spoke astoundingly. The garden inside the Demon Dragon clan’s mansion was the most beautiful within the Demonic Cult’s castle.

“Hehe. Isn’t it?”

Mun Ku seemed to proud of showing her home’s garden to his members. Members who came to the mansion along with Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku was Yin Moha, Hu Bong and Bakgi. Where were others than? They were at other places for their own plans. Chun Yeowun said they had to increase their forces so Huan Yi and Sama Yi went together to meet the sixth Elder, and clan leader of Illusive Dream clan, Mong Oh.

‘Would it work?’

‘I heard Elder Sama is a close friend to the sixth elder and even graduated from the same Demonic Academy. You can’t do everything by yourself, so we’ll persuade the sixth elder.”

Ko Wanghur and Sama Chak then gave a list of clans that didn’t side with any remaining four clans from Huan Yi to visit them to join their forces. Ko Wanghur took most of the list, and tried to take Hu Bong with him, but Hu Bong insisted on following Chun Yeowun this time around.

‘Take Bakgi with you, master.’

‘Will two of you enough?’

‘It’s okay. Hahaha!’

‘…Show off.’

‘Hmph! Please take ‘good care’ of our master, Bakgi.”

Ko Wanghur and Bakgi were always arguing against each other as they considered each other as rivals, so Ko Wanghur was made to go with Sama Chak.

And Mun Ku was guiding them through the garden when Mun Yun himself came over to take them. He was an old man with white hair, and a noble aura to him that looked as if he was a great philosopher or something. He was also very well built and tall.

“8th Elder, Mun Yun, greets the Crown Prince.”

Mun Yun bowed politely and Yeowun also bowed back.

“Greetings, 8th Elder.”

They didn’t meet each other for the first time. They saw each other at the Great Meeting and also saw each other on the Feast. But both times there was a huge incident that happened so Mun Yun had very strong impression of Yeowun.

‘She’s still on a mask?’

Mun Yun then turned to Mun Ku. Since they were out of the academy, she was suggested to take off her mask, but she was embarrassed by her members as they did not know she was a woman and did not take off her mask yet. But she couldn’t do that for too long either.


Mun Ku realized Mun Yun’s eyes and looked away. Mun Yun then turned back to Yeowun.

“I will guide you into the guesthouse, my prince.”

“You could’ve just sent your servant. Thank you for your kindness.”

“I have a valuable guest at my home. It is a must. Please, come this way.”

Mun Yun then led the group into the guest house. As they were out from the garden and on the way to the guesthouse, Busong, the guard at the gate quickly ran over to Mun Yun. It seemed they had another guest.


“What is it?”

Mun Yun asked.

“There is 3rd, 4th Elder and Prince Chun Mukeum waiting to see you right now.”


Mun Yun frowned. Why did members from four clans come while Crown Prince Chun Yeowun was here? Chun Yeowun was here first, but it was a frustrating situation. Even if he wasn’t a crown prince, Chun Mukeum was also a prince of the cult.

‘It’s a name that I didn’t hear for a long time.’

Yeowun did not see him ever since he entered the closed room training at the Demonic Cult. He heard that Chun Mukeum had failed on the fifth test.

‘To see him visiting here at this time.’

It seemed that they too likely shared the same purpose that Yeowun had in coming here. But he was only a guest at this house.


Mun Yun became hesitant as he knew the relationship between Crown Prince and the other four clans, and Yeowun smiled.

“Please don’t mind about me.”

“Thank you, Crown Prince.”

With Chun Yeowun’s permission, Mun Yun allowed other guests to be taken into another guesthouse and proceeded on taking Yeowun to the guesthouse. At front of the building, there was a small garden and a pond and a gazebo was placed. On it, there was a round table filled with desserts and tea.

“It is amazing. I heard you are master gardener, and it seems that wasn’t just words.”

Yeowun spoke, astounded at the view. Mun Yun laughed and answered.

“Haha, it is only a hobby but thank you for your sincere complements. I have prepared some tea and desserts. Let’s talk while we enjoy it.”

“Thank you.”

Yeowun and his members then got up to the gazebo with Mun Yun. The table had full of various snacks and fruits.

‘Oh! It’s going to be okay this time.’

Hu Bong smiled. There had been incidents on every visit to Elders, so Hu Bong was concerned until now. But they had Mun Ku this time and it seemed to be going well.

‘Oh, and last time I heard Elder Sama was trying to force the marriage of his daughter to my master. I hope that doesn’t happen again here.’

Hu Bong heard that the leader of Demon Dragon also had a granddaughter. Mun Ku said ‘he’ had a twin sibling so Hu Bong thought that would be the granddaughter. As Mun Yun clapped, servants came over to pour hot tea on the tea cup.

“Then shall we…”

But before Mun Yun could finish, a small door at the gate into the guesthouse’s yard became noisy.

“Y-you shouldn’t do this! There are other guests…!”

“Move out of the way! It is an emergency!”

Servants were trying to stop a man who was trying to walk in, but they pushed servants out and came in forcefully.


Mun Yun frowned. It was 3rd Elder Bu Churyong, 4th Elder Ja Kinkeng and Prince Chun Mukeum. They were being guided into another building, then turned and walked in. They seemed relieved as they walked in.

‘We’re not late.’

They were worried if the meeting had almost been decided. But from what they can see, it seemed Chun Yeowun and his members just sat down.

‘What a coincidence.’


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