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Chapter 214 - Increase your forces - Part 4

They were actually here to persuade the Demon Dragon clan to join their forces. But they found out that Chun Yeowun was here for the same purpose so they knew it was rude to do such a thing, but they burst in before even the Demon Dragon clan fell into the hands of Chun Yeowun.

“Please excuse us, Crown Prince.”

Chun Yeowun coldly eyed third elder and others and nodded.

“I am sorry.”

Mun Yun bowed and walked over to the elders. Mun Yun bowed and said, “Greetings, elders and Prince Chun.”

Three of them then tried to bow back, but Mun Yun went straight into his complaints.

“I asked three of you to wait while I tend to another guest. What is up with such rudeness?”

3rd Elder Bu Churyong then spoke nonchalantly to his frustration.

“We heard the Crown Prince was here, so I thought it was a must for us to pay proper respect rather than just walk by.”

“To the Crown Prince?”

Mun Yun became dumbfounded at the unexpected words. The Crown Prince was a number 2 in rank within the Demonic Cult. If these elders claimed that they were here to say greetings to the Crown Prince, then Mun Yun had no words to blame them for the rudeness.

“May we pay our respect to the Crown Prince then?”

“…You may.”

Mun Yun reluctantly allowed them and two elders and Chun Mukeum came over to the Gazebo.

“Two elders had come to say greetings to the Crown Prince.”

‘Greetings, huh?’

Chun Yeowun looked coldly and nodded. Two elders then bowed to Chun Yeowun.

“Third Elder, Bu Churyong greets the Crown Prince.”

“Fourth Elder, Ja Kinkeng greets the Crown Prince.”

Chun Mukeum was the last to bow, but he frowned as he bowed. It seemed like he was very reluctant in showing respect to Chun Yeowun. Their position had turned upside down in a few years.

“G…greetings… Crown Prince…”

Chun Yeowun ignored Chun Mukeum and bowed to the two elders.


Chun Mukeum became angry but he couldn’t show his anger. It was ironic that two sides who opposed each other were bowing against each other, but this was another form of war. Bu Churyong then spoke.

“I didn’t know Crown Prince had business with Elder Mun.”

“…I had to talk with him.”

“I see. We also had to hear his response.”


Chun Yeowun became surprised. If it was a response, then it meant they had already talked with Mun Yun already. He tried to send them back, but this made Yeowun to become curious. But Mun Yun didn’t seem to recognize what he was saying.

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

Ja Kinkeng then spoke uncomfortably.

“This is frustrating. We already sent you our messenger. Did you forget it already?”


Mun Ku became surprised and looked at Mun Yun. Mun Yun frowned.

“No, that was…”

“Didn’t you say you will give a good thought?”

Mun Yun was dumbfounded. He didn’t think it was right to outright refuse to the messenger that was sent from the Loyal clan, so he said he’ll think about it but he didn’t imagine they would interpret it as a positive answer. Bu Churyong then continued, “Well, that’s why Prince Chun Mukeum is here to see the granddaughter of Elder Mun himself.”

Chun Mukeum then bowed toward Mun Yun.


It seemed that the two elders had planned to force this already. Mun Yun was frustrated on what to say in front of Chun Mukeum, son of the Lord. He couldn’t outright refuse either.

‘What should I do with this?’

Chun Yeowun was here to form a group with the Demon Dragon clan. But if he answered to the other elders that he will think about it in a positive way, then it would show that he would be trying to side with both forces.

‘Huhu… Eighth Elder… you better choose your side well.’

Bu Churyong smiled. This wasn’t a simple proposal. Chun Yeowun only wanted Mun Yun as his member, but the Elders were proposing to form a family tie. Chun Yeowun then spoke.

“Elder Mun.”

“Yes, Crown Prince.”

“Isn’t the opinion of the person getting married also important?”

Mun Yun then brightened up after realizing the intention of Yeowun’s question and agreed.

“Haha, of course. I respect her decision.”

They were trying to get away from the situation by giving decision to someone else. But the elders did not give up easily. Ja Kinkeng spoke.

“Good! Then why don’t we call Elder Mun’s granddaughter here to meet our Prince Chun? Then we will see the decision.”

Ja Kinkeng thought the situation was going to turn the tides toward them with this. It was likely that no woman would outright refuse to marry the son of the Lord.

‘You are digging your own trap, 8th Elder. Crown Prince.’

And to those elders, someone walked up. It was Mun Ku, who had been sitting next to Chun Yeowun.

“Mun… Ku?”

‘Why is he coming out?’

When Mun Ku got up, Chun Mukeum became surprised. He had contacted Mun Ku to bring him into his fold multiple times back at the Demonic Academy, so Mukeum knew Mun Ku very well.

“Mun Ku, why are you… Huh?”

That’s when Mun Ku grabbed the bottom of her chin and pulled. Everyone became shocked at the skin that was pulled off.


“I-Is that the skin mask!?”

Yeowun’s members who did not know Mun Ku’s true identity, including two elders and Chun Mukeum all gasped in shock.


“How can this be!”

Smooth white face with shiny eyes. Small pinkish lips with crescent eyes. Her beautiful face was revealed. Mun Ku, now fully ripe in her age, had grown into a beautiful woman. Mun Ku bowed toward two elders and Chun Mukeum.

“Greetings, Elders and Prince. I am the granddaughter of Elder Mun Yun, Mun Ku.”


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