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Chapter 215 - Increase your forces - Part 5

It was just a simple action of taking off the mask, but the effect was enough to shock everyone at the guesthouse. Even Bakgi, who was almost emotionless, became shocked and was dumbfounded. Hu Bong’s mouth was open large in his shock.

‘Am-am I dreaming?’

Of course, he wasn’t. Hu Bong then thought of many events in the past where he stripped naked and walked proudly in front of Mun Ku and all other events. Hu Bong became pale.


Hu Bong covered his face and looked away. Chun Mukeum was also shocked by the unexpected identity of Mun Ku.

‘So, he was actually ‘she’?’

He didn’t imagine a stupid face hiding such beautiful woman underneath the mask. Mun Ku’s beauty even made him become astonished. But the problem of this event was elsewhere.

‘God dammit!’

Chun Mukeum had tried hard to have other members from the high-ranking clans join him just like other princes. Chun Mukeum did not act aggressively like Chun Yuchan from the Blade clan, but he was arrogant in his nature so he even threatened Mun Ku to join him once.

‘Well, if you are so persistent on not joining me… I promise you that if I become Crown Prince, I will remove the name of Demon Dragon Clan from the face of the cult. If you don’t care about that, then keep on with your neutral stance.’

Chun Mukeum said that and just proposed to the person whom he threatened in such a way. He couldn’t even look at Mun Ku from embarrassment.

‘Skin Mask…’

Bu Churyong was surprised by her identity and her beauty. Mun Ku’s beauty was enough to be appointed as the new top three beautiful women in all of Yulin. If this wasn’t a place to have Chun Mukeum marry, it tempted him to take her as his concubine.

‘It’s tempting but…’

But he wasn’t a fool to follow his temptation. He was an elder, and he knew what to prioritize.

‘Having a skin mask doesn’t change the fact that she’s a granddaughter of Elder Mun.’

Bu Churyong did not know what Chun Mukeum did in the past at the academy, so he continued.

“I didn’t think such beautiful woman would hide her face under a mask! I guess I would have my granddaughter do the same if she was as beautiful as you! Hahaha!”

Bu Churyong laughed to ease the atmosphere. Ja Kinkeng also complimented Mun Ku’s beauty and spoke.

“Our Prince Chun is a lucky man to marry such beautiful woman!”


Chun Mukeum became embarrassed. Ja Kikeng did not know Mukeum’s thought so he asked Mun Ku with a smile, “Well, since you have heard about what was going on, it is better you tell us your decision. Will you accept Prince Chun’s proposal?”

Mun Ku then smiled and turned to Chun Mukeum.

“Well, looking at Prince Chun Mukeum reminds me of what he told me back in the Academy.”

“Oh! So, you two knew each other? That’s good then!”

Ja Kinkeng brightened up, thinking something was going to work well, but his excitement was shattered by Mun Ku’s next words.

“Prince Chun Mukeum once told me that he will erase the name of the Demon Dragon clan from the face of the cult if he becomes the Crown Prince. Well, fortunately he isn’t the Crown Prince so our clan is safe. Whew.”


Ja Kinkeng’s face turned grim.


Chun Mukeum became grim and looked down. He didn’t imagine the thoughtless words that he blurted out would come around to take him down. Mun Yun’s face scowled instantly.

“Erase my clan, you said?”

“N-no, I meant…”

Even if Chun Mukeum was from the Loyal clan, one of the six clans, this was too much of a threat. Even if it was the Loyal clan, it required heavy casualties if they were to fight the Demon Dragon clan.

[What have you done?!]

Ja Kinkeng spoke to Chun Mukeum through telepathic message. There was nothing to say to that. Ja Kinkeng then decided he had to take care of what had already happened and tried to explain to Mun Yun.

“Elder Mun! I think our prince made a mistake in the past… he was young so…”

“Mistake? Do you think that is enough explanation for such a threat?”

It seemed like the 8th Elder wasn’t going to let this go easily. He wasn’t a type to lose his temper, but he became furious after hearing that his beloved granddaughter was threatened with the Demon Dragon clan as a hostage.

“…Elder Mun, will you really try to fight us?”

“If you want to ‘erase our name’ I guess I am left with no choice.”


Ja Kinkeng who tried to explain also frowned. He had become angry at the 8th Elder, who was a lower rank than him, being this rude. With two powerful warriors at the superior master level unleashing their energy, the gazebo started shaking with power. Then 3rd elder Bu Churyong sighed and jumped in.

“Ugh, enough! Two of you! Put aside your anger!”

“Do you think you would put your anger aside if you heard the same?!”

Mun Yun roared angrily and Bu Churyong responded, “I understand how you feel, 8th Elder. But what if the threat that Prince Chun made was only when he was only a cadet? And do you think there is a clan who can fight against the Demon Dragon clan so easily?”


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