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Chapter 216 - Increase your forces - Part 6


Bu Churyong spoke highly of the Demon Dragon clan intentionally and Mun Yun became somewhat less angered. Chun Mukeum might have become angry at the comment, but talking lowly of him was the only way to make Mun Yun feel better.

‘Hmmph. I want to keep this for later but…’

Bu Churyong then took out something from his pocket. It was a deep orange tag that had a certain symbol on it.

“I heard that 8th Elder has been looking for a good doctor for the past few years.”


He tried hard to make everything going on in his clan as a secret, but he couldn’t hide the fact that he was looking for a doctor. Mun Ku’s twin brother Mun Yu was born as a mentally ill child. Mun Yun searched for every doctor possible to tend to Mun Yu and even asked around to see if he could locate the rumored Godly Doctor.

“This tag will let you meet the Godly Doctor himself.”


Mun Yun’s eyes shook. The tag that would lead him to the Godly Doctor that he was searching for a long time tempted him.

‘Fortunately, I found this from the Wise clan’s mansion.’

This tag actually belonged to Lady Mu. But when she and Mu Jinwon died, the Lord allowed the Sword and Blade clan to take what remained within the Wise clan and that’s when Bu Churyong found this.

‘You will be tempted by this, Elder Mun.’

This tag was surely a treasure, but if this can bring the 8th Elder and the Demon Dragon clan into their fold, it would serve its purpose.

“If Prince Chun Mukeum marries your granddaughter, I will give this to you as a gift.”

“T-that tag as a gift?”

“I never lie.”

“And why would 3rd Elder give such a precious gift?”

Mun Yun was confused. He knew that the four clans would want to have the Demon Dragon clan join them, but Chun Mukeum was from the Loyal clan. It was strange that the Blade clan was willing to give such a precious treasure for it.

‘There’s something more important.’

Bu Churyong then pointed at Chun Mukeum and smiled.

“I didn’t tell you before, but Prince Chun Mukeum is appointed as the formal successor to all of our four elders.”

“Formal… successor?”

Chun Yeowun raised his eyebrow. He knew what Bu Churyong was talking about.

‘So, four clans are forming an alliance.’

Chun Yeowun’s guess was accurate. The four clans had not thought about siding with one another until recently. But after Yeowun became Crown Prince and killed Mu Jinwon and powerful warriors from the Blade God Six Martial clan, they felt it wasn’t going to be easy to fight against Chun Yeowun.

‘We cannot let this go on!’

That’s when the Lord gave them hope. Hope that maybe there was a chance for the Crown Prince to be changed. If they were saying Chun Mukeum was their formal successor, then it meant that they were trying to make him the Crown Prince.

‘So, they won’t go down easily then.’

Yeowun looked at them coldly. He knew that it wasn’t going to be easy but if these four clans were to form an alliance, this meant that the fight was going to become much harder.

‘Elder Mun might choose them.’

Yeowun looked Mun Yun worriedly. Yeowun’s concern was right.

‘Four clans are siding with Prince Chun Mukeum then?’

Mun Yun became confused. They just showed their plan to him.

‘They are asking me to choose sides. Hm…’

Mun Yun was frustrated. One side was the Crown Prince that his granddaughter had pledged allegiance to, and another side was one who had way to heal his grandson Mun Yu, and had strong forces probably enough to change the Crown Prince. The tide began to change.

‘Ah… Ku, I’m sorry.’

Mun Yun then looked over to Mun Ku with an apologetic look. He couldn’t throw away the temptation that maybe he had a chance to heal Mun Yu. And to Bu Churyong’s ears, Ja Kinkeng sent telepathic message.

[3rd Elder! What a great plan!]

[Hahaha… this is what you call politics. If you know what the target wants, then you give him what he wants to get what YOU want in return.]

[I see! …I learned something new from you, Elder Bu.]

Chun Yeowun wanted an allegiance without any payment now, but they had brought what Mun Yun might want the most. This fight was already over when it started considering with that.

‘Crown Prince, we have one this round. Hahahaha!’

And to the hesitant Mun Yun, Bu Churyong spoke to finish tying the knot.

“Elder Mun, will you accept our proposal to have Prince Chun Mukeum marry your granddaughter?”


Mun Yun became silent for a while and tried to speak. That’s when Mun Ku who had been watching them speak silently, ran over to Chun Yeowun and grabbed Yeowun’s arm and shouted with blushed look.


“I… I am already the Crown Prince’s woman!!”


Everyone down in the yard frowned. Chun Yeowun also became shocked. She wasn’t lying as she was a servant of Chun Yeowun’s, but that way of speaking was enough to bring confusion. And Mun Yun, who was almost set on deciding to allow Chun Mukeum to marry Mun Ku, became dumbfounded and looked at his granddaughter and Chun Yeowun.

“C-Crown Prince?”


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