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Chapter 217 - Increase your forces - Part 7

The shocking claim silenced the gazebo and around for a long time. Hu Bong and Bakgi also became so shocked and looked at Yeowun. They didn’t say anything but their expression explained it all.

‘M-master? Since when did you even…?’

‘You are… fast.’

Chun Yeowun was also very shocked. This way of speaking would surely make everyone confused.

[I-I’m sorry! I couldn’t think of any other way.]

Yeowun then looked at Mun Ku. She looked up to Yeowun with teary eyes. She looked like a fawn in fear, shaking, so Yeowun blushed and looked away.

‘She did it on purpose.’

Mun Ku did this to make her grandfather not take up the proposal. She had no choice as she couldn’t let her grandfather make her marry Chun Mukeum. But this also brought another effect that no one expected.

Chun Mukeum’s face reddened as he gritted his teeth. He couldn’t say anything as he had made a mistake in the past, but he fell in love at first sight when he saw Mun Ku. He was actually looking forward to marrying such a beautiful woman like Mun Ku, and became furious by the action. Chun Yeowun found Mukeum in such state and became surprised. He then patted Mun Ku’s head.


Mun Ku was concerned that Yeowun might be angry at her action, but became relieved and blushed further as Yeowun patted her.

‘T-that bastard is taking what belongs to me again!’

With that, Mukeum became furious from jealousy. He thought that the death of his mother Lady Ja was due to Chun Yeowun, so his hatred toward Chun Yeowun was already great. But the elders had warned him and he knew that he was no match against Chun Yeowun, so he didn’t think about fighting Yeowun. But the sight made him imagine that Yeowun had maybe slept with Mun Ku already made him lose control over his temper. That’s when Yeowun smiled.


It was then. A sharp sword flashed up to Mukeum’s neck and threatened him.


Chun Mukeum became shocked and saw the one who was pointing the sword at his neck. It was the 10th Elder, Yin Moha. She had been standing behind Yeowun like a guard, but she quickly withdrew her sword and charged down at Chun Mukeum when she sensed Mukeum’s intent to attack.

“How dare a mere guard point a sword at the Prince!”

Ja Kinkeng roared at Yin Moha. None of them recognized her who had become younger by going through the body reconstruction.

‘A mere guard…?’

Yin Moha was acting as a mere guard, so she spoke casually.

“He had the intent to attack the Crown Prince.”

Everyone had realized Chun Mukeum’s intention and his hostile energy rising up. Such action was an act of treason as Chun Yeowun was formal successor to the throne.

‘No! I told him to hold back…!’

Ja Kinkeng frowned. He knew very well that Chun Mukeum hated Chun Yeowun for death of Ja Kinkeng’s sister Lady Ja. That’s why when they heard Chun Yeowun was at the Demon Dragon clan’s mansion, he told Mukeum to hold back his anger and stay calm. Chun Yeowun was a Crown Prince, so two elders tried hard to give no such reason to be struck down and Mukeum made a mistake.

‘We have to stop it!’

The only possible candidate who was normal was Chun Mukeum. That’s why he was appointed as the formal successor to the four clans. From what Yeowun had done to other princes, there was no way Yeowun would let this go lightly.


But not all things went as they planned.

“Put down your sword now!”

“Stay still. You have threatened the Crown Prince.”

“How dare you order me around!!”

Chun Mukeum, who was already mad, tried to strike down Yin Moha’s sword. Chun Mukeum, who was at the super master level, knew he couldn’t fight against elders or Chun Yeowun, but he didn’t fear any others.

Mukeum then brought up 80% of his energy to strike the sword.


But the sword didn’t even budge as if it was a thousand-ton boulder.

“W-what are you… AAAARGH! YOU!”

Mukeum then shouted frantically as the sword poked into his neck. It seemed like she was going to kill him without hesitation.

‘NO! The Crown Prince will not let this one go!’

Bu Churyong thought he had to stop Chun Mukeum from being killed. Chun Yeowun killed Mu Jinwon just because he had threatened him even when the Lord was present.

Bu Churyong knelt down on his knee and bowed.

“Crown Prince! I understand you are angry, but he is still your brother with a different mother! Please forgive his mistake!”

Ja Kinkeng, who was also quick on his thinking, knelt down and shouted.

“Please forgive him!”

They had to allow Chun Mukeum to stay alive. Two high-ranked elders knelt to ask for forgiveness. They had thrown away all of their pride. But Yeowun ordered coldly, “Kill him.”

“Yes, my prince.”

Yin Moha then tried to push in her sword.


Bu Churyong then charged out like lightning and smacked Yin Moha’s sword with his blade.

“Argh! My neck!”

It made the tip of Yin Moha’s sword slightly rip Mukeum’s neck and Mukeum quickly jumped back. Yin Moha tried to attack Mukeum, but Bu Churyong got in the way.



Two superior master level warriors then collided against each other. Bu Churyong, who figured Yin Moha wasn’t just a mere guard, became shocked.

‘How can a mere guard can be this strong?!’

His hand that grabbed the blade shook every time it collided with the sword. He thought he would be stronger, but he was wrong. After three formations, two of them backed away from each other. No, it was actually the third elder who returned with sweat running from his forehead.

‘What is this woman? How is she a mere guard with such power?’

After exchanging three formations, Bu Churyong was certain that she wasn’t just a guard. This woman was either at the superior master level or even higher. That’s when something happened.

“C-Crown Prince! STOP!”

Ja Kinkeng shouted and Bu Churyong turned.


Chun Yeowun was next to Chun Mukeum, with his White Dragon Blade aiming at Chun Mukeum’s neck. Mukeum was pale in his frozen state from fear.


If Chun Yeowun moved slightly, he was going to kill him.

‘I-is he really going to kill me?!’

It wasn’t like when it was from the Demonic Academy.

“I guess you have no respect for my orders.”

Chun Yeowun spoke coldly. Two elders couldn’t object to the Crown Prince as they were angry from being threatened.

‘What should we do?!’

The elders then regretted their choices. They now thought that maybe they should have given up on the Demon Dragon clan when they heard Yeowun was here already. Chun Yeowun raised his blade to cut down Mukeum’s neck and Bu Churyong shouted, “C-Crown Prince! Please stop!”

Yeowun’s blade stopped in mid-air. Mukeum’s face became pale from fear and trembled helplessly. Bu Churyong spoke.

“…We give up on the marriage. If you want something more, we will give it to you.”

He was now only intent on saving Mukeum. If Mukeum, the only one who was unharmed was to die, then there were no more candidates to push to become Crown Prince. Yeowun smiled and said, “Give me the tag that will allow me to meet the Godly Doctor.”

‘Dammit… I knew it.’

Bu Churyong frowned. But he had no choice. He had to let Chun Mukeum stay alive at all costs.

“Here it is. Please, have mercy on us.”

Bu Churyong bowed as he handed over the tag to Yeowun. Yeowun took the tag and spoke.

“Well… was it – Politics require finding out what the target wants, and you will get what you want if you give it to the target?”


Bu Churyong’s eye shook as if his eyes were having an earthquake. Those were the words that he spoke to the fourth elder through telepathic message. And when he looked up and saw Chun Yeowun, Yeowun mumbled.

“But this tag isn’t enough…”


And there was no time to stop. Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade flashed and shot past Chun Mukeum’s right shoulder. Chun Mukeum’s right arm dropped to the ground.



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