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Chapter 218 - Increase your forces - Part 8

“Aaaaaargh!!! M-My arm! MY ARM!!!”

Chun Mukeum, who was relieved that he might be spared, screamed in pain from the area where his right arm had been cut off.


Bu Churyong grimaced with shock. He thought Yeowun would let Mukeum go as Yeowun had gotten all he wanted, but it was false hope. Chun Yeowun wasn’t that foolish.

‘He did it on purpose…! Because he knows that we are trying to make Chun Mukeum the new Crown Prince…!’

He couldn’t believe that Chun Yeowun had made such a decision in such a short moment. With this, Chun Mukeum now had lost all value for their purpose. Bu Churyong truly feared Chun Yeowun.

‘We have no choice…’

They had no way to raise any objections. Yeowun could have killed Chun Mukeum on the spot, so letting Mukeum live, even after cutting an arm, was still an act of mercy. Yeowun spoke to them coldly.

“Do you have a problem?”

They knew what Yeowun’s question meant. Ja Kinkeng quickly pressed on Chun Mukeum’s blood points to stop him from bleeding and held back his anger.

“…No, my prince. Thank you for your… mercy.”

Unlike Bu Churyong, Ja Kinkeng just saw his nephew getting his arm cut. But he held back his anger. Of course, if he didn’t hold it back, then they had to fight against Chun Yeowun for their lives. The elders weren’t fools.

“We have to tend to Prince Chun, so we’ll be on our way now.”

Of course, they had different thoughts in their mind.

‘…We aren’t finished yet, Crown Prince!’

Two elders bowed to Chun Yeowun and Mun Yun and took Chun Mukeum out of the mansion. After they left, Yeowun apologized to Mun Yun on shedding blood at the home of the Demon Dragon clan and gave the orange tag as a gift.

“I hope this serves you for your purpose.”


Mun Yun became so thankful for the tag. He so badly wanted to heal his grandson. Mun Yun got down on his knee and bowed.

“Thank you Crown Prince for such a precious gift!”

“No, please. We haven’t even met the Godly Doctor yet. You don’t need to thank me.”

“You are a like lifesaver to our Demon Dragon clan. How can I not be thankful?”

“Please, stand.”

Yeowun smiled and offered Mun Yun to get up. Yeowun became soft and hospitable, very different from cold hearted state he showed while cutting down Mukeum’s arm.

‘He is such a great man!’

Mun Yun was touched by Yeowun’s action. Mun Yun already knew why Yeowun had visited the Demon Dragon clan.

‘You are better in choosing a person than me.’

Mun Yun then looked at Mun Ku with warm eyes. He was ashamed that he was once tempted for a chance to heal his grandson. He wanted to applaud Mun Ku who had found a great husband. And with his only concern being solved, Mun Yun thought it was right to give equal value back for payment. Mun Yun then bowed again and shouted, “I, 8th Elder Mun Yun swear an oath that I and the Demon Dragon Clan will serve Crown Prince until the end!”


Mun Ku brightened up. She was glad that her grandfather had decided to side with Chun Yeowun. Yeowun also bowed.

“I wanted to ask you for the same. Thank you.”

Yeowun accepted Mun Yun’s offer wholeheartedly. And with this, Chun Yeowun had acquired a total of four elders for the allegiance. After everything was settled, everyone sat down on the gazebo to enjoy snacks and tea. The tea had become lukewarm but it still tasted good. Mun Yun then asked Chun Yeowun, “Hmph, so, when will you marry my granddaughter?”


Chun Yeowun sprayed the tea that he had been drinking. It was Hu Bong who had been drenched in the tea this time.


Mun Ku blushed and became frantic. They had forgotten what they said, but Mun Yun did not forget what his granddaughter had said. Mun Yun thought these two were just being embarrassed and spoke satisfyingly.

“Haha, well. It is fast, but since you two have spent the night together already… isn’t it better to choose a date?”

“OH! A-Are you getting married, Master? Congratulations!”

Hu Bong congratulated Yeowun as he wiped the tea off of his face. Bakgi also awkwardly congratulated Yeowun. Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku looked at each other and sighed.

‘How should we explain this?’

It took them quite a long time to explain that everything was just a fa├žade. Mun Yun seemed disappointed after he found out the truth, but he wasn’t too disappointed.

‘Looking at the Crown Prince or Ku’s reaction, they are interested in each other. Haha.’

His old age proved that he didn’t need to rush things. Mun Yun then decided to change the topic and let his servants to have Mun Yu to come over.

“What about your grandson?”

“Well, I have been helped, so I can’t hide the secret any longer.”

Mun Yun then explained the reason for needing the Godly Doctor. It was the story of Mun Ku’s twin brother suffering suffocation in birth and being mentally ill. Chun Yeowun knew this as he was told by Mun Ku long time ago, but he pretended he didn’t know and listened.

“I tried all things to heal my grandson, but nothing worked. Then, we now have hope. I thank you again for this, Crown Prince.”

And when Mun Yun was finished, Mun Yu came over with the other servants. Hu Bong and Bakgi became surprised.


Mun Yu looked just like Mun Ku with the skin mask. The only difference was that Mun Yu was more grown and had his mouth opened half way while his two eyes were looking at different places.

“G…gran…pa… heh…”

Mun Yu drooled with his half-open mouth. But he seemed to understand who Mun Yu was.

“Yu, have you been well?”


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