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Chapter 219 - Increase your forces - Part 9


Mun Yu walked over to Mun Ku and brought his head over to Mun Ku. Ku smoothly touched her brother’s head.

“Yu, say hello to the Crown Prince. He’s helped us greatly.”

Mun Yu then looked up at Mun Yun’s words and looked toward Yeowun. His eyes were out of focus, but one of the eyes looked at Chun Yeowun.

“He… H… Hellooo….”

He greeted Yeowun with an innocent look. After looking at this, Yeowun understood why Mun Yun was tempted to side with Bu Churyong.

‘I see why he thinks the Godly Doctor is the only hope.’

Yeowun looked at Mun Yu with a sad look for awhile and asked Nano, ‘Nano, is there a way to heal Mun Yu?’

[It requires analyzation of the symptoms to check the possibility.]

‘I heard he became sick from suffocation during birth. Can you check?’

[Checking through data…]

Nano’s data contained a vast amount of medical information. Nano quickly went through multiple datasets and spoke.

[Found a total of 24,201,023 similar cases and studies similar to patient’s symptoms.]

‘That much?’

It was obvious as Nano’s data contained hundreds of years worth of information stored within it.

[For better analysis, please place your hand over the patient’s head.]

Yeowun then saw augmented reality being engaged over his sight. White lights drew lines over Mun Yu’s head, asking him to place his hand over the head. Yeowun then looked at Mun Yun and asked, “Elder Mun, can I take a look at your grandson for a moment?”

Mun Yun became confused at the sudden request but nodded. He just figured Yeowun wanted to take a closer look at Mun Yu’s state.

“Of course.”

“Thank you.”

Yeowun then placed both his hands over Mun Yu’s head, as directed with the augmented reality.

“Ah…uh… what… is… it?”

Mun Yu looked up to Yeowun with a curious expression as Yeowun grabbed his head.

[Scanning with magnetic resonance imaging technique on the target entity.]

A faint red light then began from the end of his finger tip down to his palm.


“What’s with that light!?”

Everyone became shocked by the weird phenomenon. It wasn’t just a normal scan, but Nano Machine was creating a magnetic field over the palm to receive cell signals back from skin and analyze it. Yeowun then was shown the MRI image of what he just scanned. It showed brain and veins running through Mun Yu’s head.


Yeowun was surprised at the unending abilities that Nano had. As the image began to play, white light and red lines began to form.

[The red dotted areas show blockage in blood circulation. Based on the studies, suffocation during birth caused the brain to stop functioning, and destroyed the brain cells which resulted in underdevelopment of mental health.]

‘Can you fix it?’

[It requires the removing of dead cells at the points where blood can not circulate, and after recirculating the blood, it will require an electrical energy shock to form new brain cells that will replace the old. It will require a bit of time, but it is possible.]


It meant that Nano could heal him.

[Will you proceed with electric shock therapy?]


[Please place your hand on the red dotted area.]

With Nano’s voice, Yeowun saw a red dot flashing over Mun Yu’s head. Yeowun then placed his fingers on the point.

“Crown Prince?”

Mun Yun became worried at Yeowun’s weird action. Many doctors came to visit Mun Yu, but Mun Yun never saw anyone touching Mun Yu’s head. Yeowun then warned to Mun Yu, “This might hurt a little.”


Mun Yu couldn’t understand. That’s when a light flashed from Yeowun’s finger and electrical energy shot through Mun Yu’s head.


Mun Yu screamed weirdly and began to tremble. Soon, his eyes, nose and mouth bled, oozing with black blood.


Everyone became shocked.

“C-Crown Prince! What is the meaning of this!”

Mun Yun quickly got up and shouted. It seemed like his grandson was going die even before meeting the Godly Doctor.


“Crown Prince!”

Yeowun did not stop even when Mun Yun shouted so Mun Yun ran over and tried to pull Yeowun away. But Yin Moha stopped him.

“Move out of the way!”

“You must trust the Crown Prince.”

“H-he’s going to die! I can’t just… YU!”

That’s when Yeowun took off his finger and Mun Yu fell to the ground. His nose and mouth that were bleeding black blood now had steam coming out from them.


Mun Yun pushed Yin Moha out of the way and took up Mun Yu. He wasn’t in a good state to begin with, but now he looked numb and without any energy.

“YU! YU!!!!”

Mun Yun grabbed Mun Yu’s arms and shook him madly. But Mun Yu did not respond or react. Mun Yun became furious that Yeowun just messed up Mun Yu to point where he could not be healed and got up and glared.

“Crown Prince! What did you just… Huh?”

That’s when Mun Yu grabbed Mun Yun’s hand.

“Hurts…. My head… it hurts…”

“Y-YU! Are you okay?”

Mun Yun then looked back down to Mun Yu. But Mun Yun became shocked and couldn’t close his mouth.

“W-what in the world…”

There wasn’t a big change. But Mun Yu’s two eyes that always focused on two different things was now looking up to Mun Yun like a normal person.

“Oh my god…”

Mun Ku was also so shocked that she covered her mouth with her hands and was teary. This was a sign that Mun Yu was healing.


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