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Chapter 220 - Anonymous - Part 1

Mun Yu still had his half-open mouth and drooling with a strange smile on his face. Hu Bong and Bakgi couldn’t find much difference, but families who had spent a long time easily found out the difference. This slight difference was enough to make 8th Elder Mun Yun burst in tears.

“My head… hurts… it hurts…”


Mun Yun hugged Mun Yu hard and cried. Mun Yun, after losing his child in an incident, had deep love toward his grandchildren, who were the last of his family members.

Mun Ku also shed tears with joy with her reddened eyes.

‘Master’s power is limitless…!’

Hu Bong then turned to Yeowun with an astonished look. Bakgi shared the same feeling. He knew that Yeowun was knowledgeable in poison and medications as he once knew Bakgi was poisoned, but Bakgi didn’t think it was this much.

‘He’s like a god himself.’

Bakgi was so astounded that he even thought maybe Chun Yeowun was a real person who could communicate with god. And the shock and excitement from Yeowun’s miracle lasted quite a long time.

It was after two hours when Yeowun and his group left the mansion of the Demon Dragon clan. Their number was four when they went in, but now they were five, with Mun Ku’s twin brother Mun Yu added to the group. In Yeowun’s hand, he held the orange tag for them to meet the Godly Doctor.

‘If you can heal my grandson, then I don’t need this tag. You can keep it to yourself and use it for your own benefit.’

Mun Yun decided to have Mun Yu stay at the mansion of the Ghost Illusion clan for a while. Mun Yun and Huan Yi were close friends and Mun Yu required regular treatment from Yeowun, so it was decided.

‘Please take care of my grandchildren.’

Yeowun and his members then took Mun Yu back to the mansion of the Ghost Illusion clan. It was near dinner time. The sun had already gone down as it was late winter. When they returned, someone was waiting with Huan Yi.


It was a stubborn-looking middle-aged woman, a woman with face of Yin Moha before she went through body reconstruction. She was the agent of the Ghost Illusion clan who was faking to be Yin Moha while she was gone. Huan Yi found Yeowun and his members and got down, and smiled when he found Mun Ku without her mask.

[My nephew finally got out of the mask! You are too pretty to hide your face. Just look at you… huhu!]

‘Ugh, Uncle Huan!’

Mun Ku blushed at Huan Yi’s teasing telepathic message. She had spent four years as a male, so she was embarrassed when someone else mentioned her as a girl. Huan Yi grinned from the reaction and walked up to Yeowun.

“Welcome, Crown Prince. Did everything go well?” Huan Yi asked and Yeowun nodded. Huan Yi figured things wouldn’t go bad as they had Mun Ku with them, so he wasn’t surprised.

“Congratulations. The Demon Dragon clan will be a great help to you.”

“I was just lucky with Mun Ku being with us. How did things go on your end?”

Yeowun then asked Huan Yi about his mission. Huan Yi then knelt down and apologized.

“I apologize, my prince. Elder Sama and I went over to the Illusive Dream clan, but we couldn’t see Elder Mong.”


“There were guests there already.”

Yeowun frowned and asked just in case.

“Was it… the Sword or Lust clan?”

“Oh? How did you know?”

Huan Yi asked back with a surprised look. As expected, the Sword and Lust clan leaders had visited the mansion of the Illusive Ghost clan already. Huan Yi and Sama Yi offered to wait to meet Mong Oh, but they soon were asked to leave without getting a chance to meet him.

‘I see.’

Just like Yeowun was acting to take neutral elders on his side, the other four clans were doing the same. This was obvious. If Elder Mong had refused to see Sama Yi and Huan Yi, then it meant he already decided to side with the four clans.

“It’s not good news.”

“I apologize, my prince.”

“No, they were just quicker. And why is she here?”


Yeowun then asked about the agent with Yin Moha’s mask. Huan Yi answered, “I was going to tell you about it now. It hasn’t been long since she came. Elder Yin.”


Yin Moha became curious as Huan Yi called to her. She was also curious about why her copy that should be acting as Yin Moha was at the Ghost Illusion clan’s mansion.

“Greetings, Crown Prince and Elder Yin. I am No. 24.”

The agent, who named herself as No. 24, bowed. Yeowun nodded and the agent explained why she came here.

“Elder Yin. There’s been an intruder in your mansion.”

“Intruder? …Is it from the Sword clan again?”


Unlike Yin Moha’s expectation, the intruder wasn’t from the Sword clan. No. 24 then explained what happened about an hour ago. As a trained agent, No. 24 knew all Yin Moha’s behavior, so she was pretending to be reading a book at the mansion’s office.

“I was reading a book at the office when I heard a telepathic message.”

[Yin Moha.]

No. 24 became surprised and came out of the office, but there was no one to be seen. No. 24 tried to look around when she heard another message.

[Act normally. Don’t try to find me.]


No. 24 then realized this mysterious man was very powerful. No. 24 then returned to her seat and pretended to continue reading the book and she heard another message.

[Situation changed. We will shorten the date to 10 days earlier.]

That was it. There were no more messages that came after the sudden notice. No. 24 then came out after waiting for 10 minutes and searched for a trace of the man, but nothing was found.

“It wasn’t something I could deal with alone, so I came here to let you know.”

And when she finished, Yeowun looked at Yin Moha with a serious look. Yin Moha also nodded slowly at Yeowun. Both of them realized who was the man who sent the message.


She was certain that the man was Anonymous. It was the mysterious warrior that taught Yin Moha and the other two elders of the first formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword.


Yin Moha then frowned at what she had heard. It was only five days ago when she explained Anonymous to Yeowun. She said she had 2 weeks to meet Anonymous.

“…It’s today.”

Speaking about 10 days, then the day was today. Yin Moha became confused as Anonymous never changed the date prior to this.

“I am not sure why he changed the date.”

She spoke and Yeowun smiled.

“Maybe something happened to him. Good.”

Yeowun wanted so badly to meet the Anonymous who knew the Twenty Four Demon Sword and the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. Although it was unexpected that the day would come this soon.


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