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Chapter 221 - Anonymous - Part 2

At midnight, toward the Five Wise Peak, Southwestern side of the Demonic Cult’s castle. This peak was the third highest peak in all peaks of the Mountain of Ten Thousand. There was one who was shooting through the peaks in a very quick manner. In just twenty minutes, the man got up to the high peak. As he stepped on the peak, the moonlight shined upon many peaks down. It was a vast and majestic sight.


Cold air brought steam over the breaths. The one who just got up on the peak was Yin Moha. She had covered her face with her old skin mask to hide that she had gone through body reconstruction.

“Elder Yin.”

She then heard a voice. It was the leader of the Sword clan, Kingbonki, with a short beard and aggressive eyes. He was sitting down on a rock, but got up and walked over to Yin Moha.

“I thought three of us would gather again, but there are only two of us now.”


Yin Moha scoffed at Kingbonki. Kingbonki knew that Yin Moha hated the Blade or Wise clan because of their history, so he didn’t say much.

“But since you are here, you have made an achievement in your formation.”

“I don’t exchange words with scumbags that betrayed him.”

“Hah. Same old Yin Moha.”

Kingbonki then shook his head. Yin Moha never tried to talk with him or Mu Jinwon every time they gathered at this place. She always glared with a disgusted look.

‘Nothing will change no matter what you do. From today, our Sword clan will be the true successor to the Demon Sword.’

The Sword clan, although cast out, wanted to become the true successor of the Demon Sword. And with Mu Jinwon, the strongest warrior besides the Lord and Great Guardian, gone, Kingbonki believed victory was his. And there was one thing he knew when he met Anonymous last time.

‘If I’m right, he is probably… oh. It’s almost time.’

With the moon coming up in the sky, it was almost time. The man always came on right time, so it was about time he arrive. It was then.

Someone appeared at the peak. The man quickly came up to them with black clothes and a mask. It was Anonymous.

“You are on time.”

It was the same voice. From his reaction, it was sure that he wasn’t surprised to find only two of them here without Mu Jinwon. It was natural for such a man to know about Mu Jinwon’s death.

‘Who is this man, really?’

Yin Moha looked at Anonymous. She had not reached the end stage of superior master level, but she still couldn’t sense how powerful this Anonymous was. This only seemed possible if the man was stronger than the end stage of the superior master level.

“I thank you for coming here, even when I changed the date. Then let’s get to the point. Who among you will…”

That’s when Kingbonki got down on his knee.

“…What is this?”

Anonymous became confused at Kingbonki who was kneeling down on his knee. Yin Moha also became confused.

‘What is he doing?’

Kingbonki then bowed politely and shouted, “2nd Elder, and the leader of Sword clan, greets the Great High Lord!”


Yin Moha’s eyes grew large and turned to Anonymous. She figured Anonymous was related to the Cult in some way, but she had never thought that the man was Great High Lord, the one who had passed the sixth test of the Academy 70 years ago.

‘That sword skill… it must be him.’

Kingbonki remembered the powerful sword formation that Anonymous showed. As soon as they saw it, Kingbonki and Mu Jinwon were shocked. Two of them had fought with Chun Yujong in many battles, so they knew the Sword Art of the Sky Demon, and the sword formation used by Anonymous was very similar to it. They at first were confused if the Lord was testing them, but they quickly concluded that it was not possible as the current Lord was acting against the six clans. Kingbonki thought for a long time after he returned to his home and came to a conclusion.

‘Who else other than the Lord knows about the Sword Art of the Sky Demon? Then…!”

His conclusion was Chun Inji, the Great High Lord. He had gone missing about 20 years ago, so it seemed that was the only logical answer.

‘If this man can enter the cult that easily, and also know the secret of our clans, then it must be Great High Lord.’

Kingbonki was certain that Anonymous was the former Lord and paid respects accordingly. There was the possibility that he could be wrong, but if he was right, he needed to show proper respect. Anonymous then looked down at Kingbonki for a while and spoke.

“Kingbonki. You have made a mis…”

That’s when Anonymous sudden stopped and glared at Yin Moha and Kingbonki and asked, “Who is it?”

The voice turned aggressive.

“What are you talking about?”

“You have not kept the promise.”

“Huh? N-no. I don’t understand…”


Anonymous then created sword qi over his finger and threw it toward the back.

“What are you… huh?!”

Kingbonki became shocked and looked up. From the opposite side, through grass that was cut off, someone came out from it. Kingbonki was shocked. He couldn’t understand why he was seeing this person here.

“Crown… Prince!!”

It was Chun Yeowun.


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