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Chapter 222 - Anonymous - Part 3

About an hour ago, there was someone who arrived at Five Wise Peak. It was Chun Yeowun. After finding out that the day had changed to today, Yeowun talked with Yin Moha and decided to stay at Five Wise Peak first.

‘I will go with you.’

Huan Yi said he’d go together as it was dangerous, but Yeowun knew that Anonymous was stronger than the three elders, so he refused. If Anonymous was that strong, then he might find out that there were people hiding and not reveal himself. Yeowun then found a good place to hide. There was a dense bush area at the peak, and he hid within it to wait for Anonymous to appear.

‘Second elder.’

The first one that got to the peak was Kingbonki. He too was a superior master level warrior, but he was weaker than Yeowun so he couldn’t find Yeowun. Even after a long time, Kingbonki did not sense Yeowun in his hiding. Soon, Yin Moha also got to the peak and finally, the man that Yeowun was waiting for had revealed himself. It was the black-clothed man.


Yeowun became astonished. He knew that this man was powerful, but he was astonished by the way Anonymous had hidden his powers. It proved that the man was either equal or stronger than Yeowun in power. He became curious.

‘I should take a look.’

Yeowun then thought Anonymous would show the first formatin of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon to test the two elders, so he thought he would watch that first. That’s when something unexpected happened. Anonymous suddenly turned and threw sword qi in his direction.

‘He found me!’

Yeowun then took steps to dodge the attack. But with his location revealed, there was no way to hide.

“Crown Prince!”

Kingbonki frowned when Yeowun appeared. It was a secret between the three elders. If Chun Yeowun was here, then the culprit was only one. Kingbonki turned to Yin Moha with a glare.

“Elder Yin! It ‘s you!”

Yin Moha already showed to everyone that she sided with Yeowun. She was the only possible reason for Chun Yeowun coming here.

“Bah. Yes, it’s me.”

“Why did you bring Crown Prince here?! Are you out of your mind?”

Kingbonki became furious and shouted. He had waited this moment when he was going to succeed the Twenty Four Demon Sword skill of the Sword Demon and it was now gone.

“Hah, so you were that desperate?”

Yin Moha pulled out her sword. She wished to find the true Sword Family in this place, so she didn’t hesitate to fight.

“Ugh! You are out of control!”

Kingbonki wanted to cut her down right now, but this wasn’t the time. Kingbonki knelt on both knees and spoke to Anonymous.

“Great High Lord! This isn’t my doing! I have kept your promise! Please allow me to succeed the Sword Demon’s…”

But his desperate begging did not work on Anonymous.

“It’s too late. You people do not have the right to succeed the Twenty Four Demon Sword.”

“N-no! Wi-wait!”

Kingbonki shouted desperately but Anonymous took steps to get out of the place.

“G-Great High Lord!”

Kingbonki tried to follow after Anonymous but Yin Moha got in his way.

“Who told you to go?”


Kingbonki was hot-tempered, but he was trying to hold back so Anonymous could teach him. But with that chance disappearing, his aggressive nature exploded out at once. He pulled out his sword and struck down on Yin Moha.


Yin Moha then easily used her True Demon Sword to defend it. Kingbonki became shocked, as he thought he was stronger than her.

‘What? Since when was she this strong?’

He thought that no one other than the Mu Jinwon or Marakim was stronger than him. But he was shocked each time he felt the energy coming from Yin Moha’s sword. He even thought he might lose if he didn’t do his best.


And Anonymous, who was running down the peak, was already at the middle of the mountain. His stepping skill was so quick that he ran like the wind.

‘It’s a shame.’

He was ashamed that he couldn’t teach the Twenty Four Demon Sword. The reason he pulled the date early was to teach the Twenty Four Demon Sword, but it now had failed.

‘Well, there are others who learned it so it wouldn’t matter.’

He hoped ones that had connection with the Sword Demon from the past would learn it, but he was given no choice.

‘I will have him lose my tail and return.’

He saw Chun Yeowun was following him when he first left the peak. He knew he could lose him, so Anonymous pulled up his internal energy to speed up. It was then.


He heard screaming coming into his ears and looked up. That’s when Chun Yeowun dropped from the air and struck down with the White Dragon Blade.


Anonymous quickly pulled out his sword and blocked the White Dragon Blade. As two swords struck against each other, the weight and power pushed Anonymous’s foot into the ground. It was as if he was pushed down by a thousand tons.


Anonymous, who only used half of his energy, thought he had to use more and pulled up 90% of his energy. He was then able to push up against Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade.


Yeowun was thrown away into the wood and struck on it. The wood was broken down from the energy. Yeowun panted with his pale face. It seemed he had pulled up too much of his energy.

‘I shouldn’t do this anymore.’

Yeowun shook his head.

[Initiating self-healing mode on the destroyed muscle structure and fractured bones.]

Nano’s voice came through his head and the pain quickly eased. Anonymous then pulled out his fist from the ground and spoke with dumbfounded look.

“Did you jump out from above?”

Yeowun did not answer, as it was correct. Yeowun had used his stepping skill, but Anonymous was too quick so he couldn’t catch up to him. So Yeowun ordered Nano to activate nightvision mode and use augmented reality to calculate the destination and angle on how he needed to jump, and jumped off the peak.

‘I almost died.’

Yeowun thought he might die for the first time in his life. But thanks to his gamble, he was able to catch up to Anonymous at once.

‘How did he guess where I was running to and jumped down on me from that height?’

Anonymous looked at Yeowun with disbelief. The height was enough that would scare any warriors from jumping off. It was too high and that could have killed him instantly.

‘He’s like a monster. But nothing changes.’

Anonymous thought he could use stepping skill to run away, but his legs began to tremble.


He had blocked the power of blade striking down on him, and it seemed he couldn’t defend well against it. He was able to defend against having his bones from breaking, but his muscles seemed to have ripped.


But Yeowun was quickly healed by Nano. He got up and looked at Anonymous and spoke.

“It’s time to find out who you are now.”


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