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Chapter 223 - Anonymous - Part 4

“You risked your life just for that…? Very interesting.”

Anonymous aimed his sword at Yeowun.

“But it doesn’t change anything.”

If Anonymous couldn’t run, then there was only one way. It was to overpower Yeowun as fast as possible. If Yeowun had taken such damage by dropping and thrown into a big wood that caused even the wood to fall back, then it wouldn’t take too long to get him down.

“You don’t need to fight to know sometimes.”

Anonymous then charged out against Yeowun.


The sword formation used by Anonymous was the Twenty Four Demon Sword. It was a completely different sword formation from what Yin Moha recreated. The power of the formation was more than what Yeowun had imagined.


Yeowun let out a breath and grabbed on the White Dragon Blade. The sword formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword used by Anonymous wasn’t something that Yeowun could fight against with the Butterfly Blade Dance.

‘I will do my best from the start!’

Yeowun then unleashed the second formation of the Blade God. Anonymous was surprised.

‘Blade skill of the Blade God!’

He knew what Yeowun’s blade skill was. The Twenty Four Demon Sword collided with the Blade God’s blade formation. With two powerful formations colliding against each other, the mountain was filled with sounds of metal clashing. Yeowun didn’t look great as he struck his blade against the sword. The energy of Anonymous was much deeper than Yeowun thought. The energy kept on giving pain to his organs each time the blade struck against the sword.

[Detected damaged organs from the outside energy sword being sent in through the blade. Initiating emergency self-healing mode.]

If Nano didn’t help, the fight would have come to an end already. But the formation wasn’t all that lacking. The Twenty Four Demon Sword was weaker than the blade skill of Blade God.

‘He has lower energy for sure.’

Anonymous tried to counter the Blade God’s blade skill by using powerful energy, but Yeowun endured it through and came in from weird angels that made it hard to counter.

‘It sure is the skill of the Blade God. Then!’

Anonymous then took steps to get away from the blade skills. And when he got back, Yeowun thought he had to strike him down now and unleashed the third formation. Powerful blade attacks continued on smoothly to strike Anonymous. That’s when Anonymous got away more quickly and let go of the sword from his hand. Yeowun’s eyes shook.


And from that distance, Anonymous moved his hand over at the air, and the sword moved itself in the air to unleash the sword formation.

‘Air Sword!’

This was a technique called Air Sword where the warrior uses his energy to control the sword without touching it. It was only possible for ones that entered the supreme master level. And what was more surprising was the sword skill that was used by the technique.

‘Sword Force of the Sky Demon!’

It was the second formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. It didn’t have the correct energy coordination so its power was weakened, but it was surely the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. But with the sword moving freely with itself, it was still very powerful like its original power.

‘I didn’t for him to use the Sword Force of the Sky Demon like this.’

Even when Yeowun’s blade moved from weird angles, Anonymous wasn’t grabbing his sword by himself so he was able to counter the blade formation. The White Dragon Blade was thrown out from Yeowun’s hand and Anonymous charged into grab the sword and struck on Yeowun’s shoulder.


Yeowun was then pushed back eight steps. Yeowun grabbed his bleeding shoulder and glared at Anonymous.

‘He’s strong… to think such a powerful warrior was hiding inside the cult. Is he really the Great High Lord?’

It was hard to explain his identity if he wasn’t.

“Hah… hah..”

Anonymous began to pant. His face was hidden, but his hands had veins popping up, showing that he had used much of his energy. But warriors with supreme master level had ways to regenerate their energy through breathing very quickly.

“Hoo… Hoo…”

White steam came out of his mouth and his breath calmed. Anonymous aimed his sword at Yeowun and spoke.

“You’ve seen the difference in power already. You are no match against me. Don’t follow me anymore.”

“It’s… not over yet.”

Yeowun did not seem to care about Anonymous’ warning. Anonymous shook his head.

‘He won’t give up.’

Yeowun must have realized that Anonymous was already at a stage higher in power, but Yeowun did not give up.

‘He leaves me no choice. I have to put him down.’

Unlike before, strong hostile energy was unleashed from his body. This was a warning. It was an act to show that he was going to come for Yeowun’s life this time.

“Take this!”

The sword from Anonymous then flew in as if it were alive toward Yeowun.

‘I will make you give up! You will not defend yourself against this formation!’

Anonymous then used the best sword formation he knew against Chun Yeowun. It was the fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. With Anonymous swinging his finger, the sword moved in a way to swing in the fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.


Yeowun then let out a deep breath and grabbed the White Dragon Blade and unleashed blade formation of the Blade God. Two formations struck against each other. The fourth Formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon was powerful. It wasn’t perfect as it was missing the correct energy flow, but it still was enough to injure Yeowun’s body.

‘It’s the end!’

With half of the blade formation being countered, Yeowun was almost lost. Anonymous was certain that he was going to win.


That’s when the wristguard over on Yeowun’s arms formed one black sword. Yeowun then grabbed the black sword with his left hand while his right hand was using the blade skill. Anonymous’s two eyes became shocked.

‘I-is that?!’


And with a shout, Yeowun took a step and his black sword on his left hand unleashed the powerful sword formation. It was the true fourth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. With the blade skill from the Blade God on the right, and the Sword Force of the Sky Demon in the left hand, black and white swords moved across the air.

‘I-I can’t defend this!’

The power was overwhelming. Anonymous’s sword formation was countered easily and the sword shattered into pieces.


With the energy being deflected back, Anonymous was thrown to the back. He would have dropped to the ground if there wasn’t a tree there. And when Anonymous tried to get up while withstanding the pain coming from his damaged organs, Chun Yeowun was already upon him and his two swords crossing on Anonymous’s neck.


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