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Chapter 225 - Anonymous - Part 6

Yin Moha unleashed blue force qi over her sword. She couldn't run away with stepping skill so she gathered up her last energy to attack.


She then thrust her sword into Kingbonki's chest. She was ready to give her life away if she failed. But her sword that wielded force qi shattered as if it was an egg that was crushed against a rock. Kingbonki's enlarged muscles acted like metal armor and crashed against the sword that was protected through force qi.

"H-how can this be…!"

"It's ticklish! Is this all you got?!" Kingbonki exclaimed. And as he got up, Yin Moha was shadowed from the death itself.


She then slumped down. Kingbonki slowly raised his large hand and grinned.

"Die painfully… kakakaka!"

And with that, his fist struck down on Yin Moha's head. She closed her eyes at the fear of death.


That's when she heard metal clashing and heavy panting right next to her. When she opened her eyes, she saw someone blocking Kingbonki's fist with a clear white blade. Yin Moha's eyes grew large.

"Crown Prince!"

It was Chun Yeowun. He was drenched in sweat, so it was easy to see how hard he tried in quickly trying to climb up the mountain.

'I… I'm not late.'

If he was late, then Yin Moha would have died to Kingbonki's fist. She became astounded for being saved. Kingbonki, however, became dumbfounded at Chun Yeowun who appeared.

"You're in my way again!"

Yeowun then spoke to him with cold eyes.

"In your way? How foolish."

"Arrogant as ever! You think you can deal with me?!"

Kingbonki began to unleash evil energy within him. It was very powerful.

'It's dangerous.'

"Get back."

"C-Crown Prince!"

Yeowun pushed Yin Moha to the back by using his energy. It wasn't an attack so Yin Moha was let down far to the back safely. Kingbonki's hand was covered with terrible force qi and came down upon Yeowun.


But Yeowun quickly spun and created blade force qi over his White Dragon Blade. With force qi striking against itself, the clashing sound filled the area. Yeowun had used the formation from Butterfly Blade Dance, but he was thrown to the back with powerful energy.

'It's powerful!'

Kingbonki's power that grew exponentially was very powerful. It was enough to destroy Yeowun's force qi instantly and send him back. Yeowun was pushed ten steps. Sweat ran through his cheek. It felt like he was against a monster rather than a warrior.

'Is that blood reversion art?'

Kingbonki's enlarged state and veins popping up showed that it was blood reversion art. Yeowun had fought a criminal who used it, but that criminal was like a kid compared to Kingbonki. Kingbonki became arrogant when he saw Yeowun becoming tense and created force qi over his two hands.

"Krrrrr… it's good. I will kill you here and now."

Kingbonki then jumped to charge toward Yeowun with incredible speed. The martial arts he was using with his hand was the formation from the True Demon Sword.


"Hahahaha! You cannot run from me!"

Yeowun tried to dodge it by using stepping skill, but the force qi was so large that he couldn't get away from its range. If he couldn't dodge, then he had to fight through it.

'It's too powerful. Then…'

Yeowun then changed the way he gripped the blade and unleashed the blade skill of the Blade God. A powerful blade skill unleashed itself against Kingbonki.

'His body is like metal.'

But the White Dragon Blade couldn't make any cuts on Kingbonki's body.

'I can't do it in my current state.'

Yeowun became pale. He had used a lot of internal energy from the fight against Marakim, so he couldn't use the blade skill of Blade God fully, as it required all of his energy.

'I can't cut him with this… huH!?'

That's when his hand that grabbed on the blade was thrown to the back.

"That's no use! You cannot harm me like that!"




Yeowun quickly blocked against the giant force qi swinging against him, and he was thrown away. He struck a few times on the ground as he thrown way into the back and soon struck into the ground, making a crater. A dust cloud kicked up and hid his movement.

"C-Crown Prince!"

Yin Moha screamed desperately. Marakim, who just got up to the peak, also became shocked.


Chun Yeowun had used much of his energy through fight against Marakim. But he thought Yeowun would not lose to almost anyone, so he was shocked to see what he saw on the peak.

'Second Elder using blood reversion art?'

Marakim had never seen a superior master level warrior using blood reversion art. But what the elder turned into was that of a monster.

"You are nothing against me! Hahahahaha!"

Kingbonki laughed and rejoiced. From how his hand felt, he had injured himself significantly this time. If Yeowun wasn't immortal, then there was no way for him to survive. Or he so thought.

That's when Kingbonki heard strange sound within the dustcloud. He stopped laughing and looked at the dust cloud. That's when he felt ominous energy within the dust cloud. As his senses had grown to that of a beast, he could clearly sense the terrifying dark energy that was coming out from it. It wasn't energy that could be used by a dying man.

'…What is this?'

It was then. Chun Yeowun shot out from the dust, and his hand was holding onto a black sword. Yeowun shouted, "Try to block this too!"

"Krrrrg! You were alive! Kaaaaah!"

Kingbonki roared and unleashed giant force qi over his both hands and charged against Yeowun. Yeowun's black sword then wielded black force qi.

'Black force qi?'

The black sword then created a trace of a movement divided into twenty-four movements combined into one. Kingbonki then brought up all of his energy and stormed against it.


But the giant force qi that was swung to rip apart Yeowun was instantly countered.

'N-no! I have to defend it!'

The black streak of light struck Kingbonki's chest without giving him a chance to defend. Kingbonki focused all energy to defend the sharp energy coming into his chest, but the power of the last formation of Sword Force of the Sky Demon that focused all of its power into one point was beyond imagination.


And Yeowun's body shot past through Kingbonki screaming in pain and stopped ten steps past Kingbonki.

"A…argh… argh…"

Kingbonki knelt on his knees and looked down on his chest that had a large hole. His body that even force qi wouldn't cut down was penetrated.

"How… How can this… be…."

Kingbonki then dropped and didn't move.

"Hah… Hah…"

As Yeowun looked at the dead Kingbonki, he panted heavily. He had to use the best of his skills to defeat the monster as he had used a lot of energy while fighting against Great Guardian Marakim.


He couldn't even fight anymore. It was then.


Great Guardian Marakim got up to Yeowun and went down on his two knees, and placed his head on the ground and shouted.

"Great Guardian Marakim of the Great Demonic Cult is here to serve the current Sky Demon!"


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