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Chapter 227 - Anonymous - Part 8

Yin Moha was surprised to find out the truth.

“Guardian of the Sky Demon Order always acted covertly under the Lord, so no other cultist knows of this.”

And the Great Guardian Marakim knew when no other cultists should have known.

“Wait… then you mean?”

Marakim nodded to Yeowun’s question.

“Yes. I am the Guardian of the Sky Demon. It is the secret title given to all of the Great Guardians in history.”


Marakim then reached into his pocket and took out a blue pearl medal. On the front, it had the Great Guardian’s symbol engraved on it. But on the back, there was an engraving that said ‘Sky Demon Order.’

“S-Sky Demon Order!”

The seal and the order of Chun Ma itself were engraved on the Great Guardian’s medal. What’s interesting was that there was a line crossed across the Sky Demon Order engraving. It seemed like it had been made so that the seal could not be reused to fake it.

“This medal was made by Father Chun Ma himself.”


With this, Marakim always had to guard the Sky Demon Order with his life. That’s when Yeowun became curious. For the Lord, that kind of person to be watching over him might have been considered as a nuisance.

“Doesn’t the Lord think the Great Guardian is a threat to him?”

“No, my lord. I cannot harm the Lord.”

“…Do you think the Lord can trust that?”

As far as Yeowun knew, the current Lord was a very suspicious man. But Yeowun’s question was immediately solved.

“Father Chun Ma placed restrictions on us. It is made through the special poisonous parasite.”

Father Chun Ma had placed a special poisonous parasite inside the Great Guardian’s family and it was sent down into generations. The parasite was created by Chun Ma and it was used to penetrate into every Great Guardian’s internal energy. If in any way, a Great Guardian was to harm the Lord, then the poison will be activated, killing the Great Guardian.

“The Lord has taken in the reactants, so if I harm him, I will die.”


The recipe to create the reactants were only known to the Great Guardian family, so they crafted the reactants each time a new Lord was appointed and pledged allegiance. This was a secret only known to the Lord and Great Guardian. So this was why the Lord didn’t think Great Guardian as a threat, but also couldn’t outright disobey the Sky Demon Order.

“So, it had been hidden for generations…”

Yeowun spoke bitterly and Marakim continued, “Father Chun Ma had said that a Demon is sealed within the cult. And he foretold that one who bears the right will acquire the Sky Demon Sword.”

It was the legend of the Demon Seal Cave. Hundreds of former princes tried on the cave, and none had found the Sky Demon Sword. And of course, there was none that learned the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

“We Guardians have waited so long to find the one to succeed Father Chun Ma’s will.”

And hundreds of years had passed. But even after a long period of time, no one succeeded the title of Chun Ma and the Guardian families almost gave up on this.

“But everything is now changed.”

“Changed? What’s changed?”

“You are now the true Chun Ma. We Guardians of the Sky Demon only serve Chun Ma as our master.”


With Great Guardian Marakim’s serious voice, Yin Moha shook with excitement. She knew what Marakim was talking about. What Marakim said was that he accepted Chun Yeowun as his master, not the current Lord Chun Yujong.

“Please bestow me the Qi of Sky Demon to me.”

“Qi of Sky Demon?”

“Don’t you have the energy that you acquired from the Sky Demon Sword?”

“…Do you mean this?”

When Yeowun sent ominous demonic energy into his Sky Demon Sword, black light of force qi shot up from the sword.

“Ahh… I knew it!”

Seeing this in front of his eyes, Marakim was mesmerized. He was certain that it was the Qi of Sky Demon when he saw Yeowun using it to kill Kingbonki, and now it was confirmed.

“Is this the one?”

“Yes. Please bestow me the energy, so I can serve you as my master.”

“What do you mean?”

“The poison parasite is created by using the qi of the Sky Demon by Father Chun Ma.”

Marakim said that the parasite created was temporary as Father Chun Ma did not have a successor.

“Father Chun Ma left a will that said the parasite will recognize wielder of qi of Sky Demon as its master. Please take me in.”

Marakim wished for Yeowun to take control of the poison parasite’s control. Yeowun looked down at Marakim and placed his hand over at Marakim’s head and sent in the demonic energy into the head. And with the energy coming in through the head, Marakim allowed the energy flow into his body.


As the energy came into contact with the poison parasite, Marakim felt a pinching pain in his heart and internal energy, but it didn’t last long. Soon, the energy was fully absorbed and Marakim’s eye glowed with ominous dark energy.

Marakim then bowed his head to the ground again and shouted.

“Thank you for taking this humble servant! I, Great Guardian and Guardian of the Sky Demon Order, Marakim pledges an oath to the true Chun Ma!”

Yeowun smiled. The strongest warrior and the Great Guardian Marakim had now entered Yeowun’s fold. Yeowun now wielded the power of the Guardians.


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