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Chapter 230 - Walking into the trap - Part 3

It was next day morning when Yeowun returned to the castle of Demonic Cujlt. Yeowun was able to restore his internal energy quickly, but Marakim and Yin Moha acquired internal damage so they had to take some time meditating, and Yeowun hand to protect them while they were going through meditation.

‘I will enter the castle from another gate.’

Marakim said they couldn’t enter the castle together as it will cause needless suspicion so he went to different gate. Yeowun then came to the western gate with Yin Moha without her mask. Yeowun did not go in and out of the castle gate much, but it seemed the guard was more tighter.

‘Something’s weird.’

Guards that stood guard on the castle gate always became surprised to see Yeowun’s medal, but they were different today. They seemed surprised but it was different.

‘Nano. Tap telepathic messages.’

Yeowun ordered and Nano immediately responded.

[Yes, master. Configuring different sound vibration to the user’s ear drum.]

Yeowun then began to hear the sound that he didn’t hear before.

[….is here. Send message to the Lord’s palace immediately.]

[Yes, sir.]

Yeowun passed through the gate with grim look. Yin Moha became curious and whispered.

“Is something wrong?”

“…Yes. We should return fast.”

“Yes, master.”

It wasn’t sure since when, but the Lord’s palace was watching over on everything Yeowun was doing. It seems it was the ‘beginning’ of what ‘he’ said. Yeowun and Yin Moha quickly ran to the mansion of Ghost Illusion clan.

And at the same time in the Lord’s palace. Someone was being apprehended and was brought in by Palace guards. It was Great Guardian Marakim.

‘They werew waiting for me.’

Marakim became grim. When he returned to the palace, he was arrest right away by palace guards. He asked the reason, and guards said that Marakim was suspected of related with Kingbonki going missing.


Kingbonki was killed by Yeowun. The body was buried in different mountain so that it cannot be found by anyone else.

‘Is the Lord thinking I am the suspect?’

If that was it, then it was better. With Yeowun not revealed as true Chun Ma yet, there was a chance where the Lord will use this incident against Yeowun.

‘At least its fortunate that 2nd Elder went berserk by using Blood Reversion Art.’

If the Lord was thinking Marakim was the killer, than he could use it as his defense. And soon, he was at the Lord’s office.

“My Lord, we have the Great Guardian here.”

“Send him in.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The door opened and Chun Yujong was standing at front of his desk, and one armed man standing by the wall to the side of the room. The Lord asked Marakim.

“How was your trip overnight?”

If the Lord knew that Marakim wasn’t at the castle, then there was no need to hide. Marakim knelt down on his one knee and bowed.

“I am sorry to disturb you, my lord.”

“Let me cut to the chase. Kingbonki left the castle last night and he haven’t returned yet.”


“I am not done.”

Marakim stopped speaking at the Lord’s solemn voice. He felt something was going weird, but he couldn’t object to the Lord right now.

“But I also heard that Crown Prince and Elder Yin Moha also disappeared from the castle last night.”


Great Guardian’s eye beyond his mask shook. He knew that the Lord was having watch on him already, but he didn’t think Chun Yujong was watching Chun Yeowun also. It seemed he had used his own Palace guards to do the job instead of using warriors from Guardians.

“From what the Crown Prince did in the past, I think something must have happened to the 2nd Elder. Do you agree?”

Marakim became grim. It seems the Lord’s target was not Marakim, but the Crown Prince.

“My Lord…”

“If Crown Prince lured 2nd Elder out of the castle to kill him, wouldn’t it be a murder made due to personal vengeance?”

‘So, this was what he wanted…’

Marakim bit on his lips under his mask. The Lord did not know what exactly happened outside the castle. But he was trying to blame Yeowun on killing Kingbonki, no matter what happened to Kingbonki, to pressure him.

‘This cannot be done. I cannot have Chun Ma to be blamed.’

He couldn’t let the Lord to get a reason. The Lord was going to make this as an issue to strike down on Chun Yeowun if given the chance. Marakim then placed his head down on the ground and spoke.

“My lord. That incident is irrelevant to the Crown Prince’s personal feelings.”

“And if not, what is it?”

Marakim then began to explain the death of 2nd elder Kingbonki. Of course, he had took out large chunk of part where Yeowun might become suspicious and only focused on Kingbonki using blood reversion art.

“…So, his body had become too large due to blood reversion art, so I was going to report to you to send people there to carry his body back here.”

It was smooth excuse for a excuse that was made up on spot. The Lord didn’t know why Kingbonki left the castle, so it was sure that he wouldn’t find any suspicious point in the story. The Lord stood for a second in thought and spoke.

“Good. Then I will have palace guards to go with you. Go bring 2nd Elder’s body back.”

“Yes, my lord.”

‘It worked!’


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