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Chapter 231 - Walking into the trap - Part 4

Marakim was relieved. If he were to bring the body back, then it was going to be enough. But what’s concerned was that he was being sent out by warriors from palace guards. This was probably due to the Lord not trusting guardians anymore. And when Marakim left, the one armed man walked over to the Lord.

“There we have it. Marakim also sides with him.”

The Lord agreed as he nodded. He did sense in that regards, but he was able to confirm it when he saw what Marakim just did.

“And from what we can see, Marakim will not act according to our plan.”

“No, he will have to.”

Man became confused. The Lord then took out a key and opened the safe under his desk. Inside, there was a small wooden box that was warm. And when the Lord opened, there was a blood and small insect like thing squirming inside.

“What is that?”

“It is reactant.”

“Reactant? Oh you mean…”

The Lord then grabbed it by his hand and swallowed it at once. The man scowled in disgust. It was reactant that the Great Guardian gave it to him 25 years ago when he pledged allegiance, but Chun Yujong didn’t eat it then. He sent it to Demonic Doctor to analyze it instead and recently acquired what he wanted.

“He will have to listen to my orders.”

The Lord’s eye seemed to glow faintly in red.

And at the mansion of Ghost Illusion clan, there were ones that were talking seriously. These were Chun Yeowun, 10th Elder Yin Moha, 11th Elder Huan Yi and Hu Bong. But there were no other Yeowun’s members.

“…So, Bakgi was sent to Vice leader of North Expedition team led by Loyal clan, Ko Wanghur was sent to the Armored Calvary of Sword clan to be vice leader there. It was direct order from the Lord so we had no choice to refuse.”

As Huan Yi continued to report, Yeowun became more grim. The Lord’s palace ordered early morning and took Bakgi, Ko Wanghur, Sama Chak and Mun Ku to different places. It was a official order of job assignment to Master ranked warriors of the cult.

“They are… all stationed under four clans then.”

Problem was that they were now under four clans and were scattered all over the place. It was apparent that this move was to make Yeowun’s members to be scattered all over the place.

“Whew, master at least I am safe from being sent away.”

Hu Bong spoke as he sighed in relief. Interestingly, Hu Bong was only one who was not sent away.

‘…I think you were just ignored.’

Huan Yi thought, but he didn’t speak it. It seemed the Lord’s palace didn’t consider Hu Bong and his low ranking clan as much of a threat. Huan Yi continued on his reports.

“It’s not only two Guardians and clan leaders. Elder Sama Yi is sent to Honam Castle as a representative, Elder Mun Yun was sent to northeast of Kangsuh castle to form defensive line against Blade God Six Martial art.”

Sama Yi already left toward north few hours ago, and Mun Yun was now preparing with supplies so he can leave within the day. Everything was going to fast so it was even astounding.

“Then I guess I was ordered also.”

Huan Yi nodded at Yin Moha’s comment.

“I suspect as well, as warriors form Lord’s palace visited your mansion multiple times. But well, you are here.”

Huan Yi spoke. At least Yin Moha entered the castle without her mask as she had came back with Yeowun, so the Lord’s palace thought that Yin Moha still had not returned.

“How can the Lord do this to us! This is outright attack on our group!”

Hu Bong shouted in anger with reddened face. With the Lord’s order, Chun Yeowun had lost all of his arms and legs. Starting with Left and Right Guardian being imprisoned, even elders from highest clans were sent away outside the castle.

“At least Elder Huan is here with us like me.”

Hu Bong spoke and Huan Yi smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Hmmm… there maybe different reason for that.”

‘The Lord can’t dare to let me set loose.’

The reason why Huan Yi was left here was because he was the leader of Covert Operations team. He was leader of all spies over entire Jianghu, so there was no way to send away Huan Yi.

“Anyway, I think we should do something before the Lord does something to remaining two elders.”


Huan Yi became impressed by Hu Bong’s idea, unlike his regular irrelevant one, and nodded. This was surely very weird that the Lord was moving this quck.

‘I just hope… they are not coming for the Crown Prince himself.’

That was the only concern that Huan Yi had. It was apparent that the Lord wanted to use Chun Yeowun as a piece on his chess game, when they saw the Lord helping the four clans. But if he was taking away Yeowun’s power like this, then it was proof that he had a different plan now. Even if Yeowun was powerful, he couldn’t take on everything alone.

‘But it’s strange. Why is he so calm?’

Huan Yi thought Yeowun would be frustrated or be angry from sudden move, but Yeowun, although bit frustrated, didn’t seem to mind as much. As if he expected something like this would happen.

“Crown Prince, what should we do now? Me and Elder Yin will have to take up the order if the order does come to us… huh?”

Huan Yi frowned at middle of speaking. But it wasn’t only him. Yeowun and Yin Moha was also looking out at the same direction. Only Hu Bong was confused and asked.

“W-what’s going on? What’s happening?”

“We’re late.”

Huan Yi shook his head with grim look. Superior master level warriors could sense it through their sense. There were hundreds of warriors surrounding the entire mansion of Ghost Illusion clan.


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