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Chapter 232 - Walking into the trap - Part 5

“Elder! Elder!”

A warrior standing guard on the gate quickly came running in. Huan Yi stood up from his seat at the guesthouse and asked.

“What is it?”

“T-There is a man calls himself Captain of Buju Sword along with the messenger from the Lord’s palace.”

“Buju… Sword?”

Huan Yi became surprised and Yeowun asked.

“What is it?”

“…It is a covert ops group owned by Sword clan.”

These were hidden power of Sword clan. Three years ago, there were another group called Great Martial Sword, but they were revealed to have connection with criminals having learned of blood reversion act and created incident on the Demonic Academy, so they were disbanded. Important issue here was that they were from Sword clan.

“This is frustrating.”

Huan Yi didn’t think things would move this quickly. It wasn’t sure why, but if entire Buju Sword was moving, then it was sure that the purpose wasn’t all that well intended.



Yeowun sighed and walked down to the yard and looked up at the sky. He was ready for it, but it was still too fast. He had never thought he will have to fight his father, rather than fighting six clans. All he had was bitterness for his father leaving Lady Hwa to her death.

‘…Is it fate?’

Yeowun seemed to be in deep thoughts so everyone stood silently and waited. Only one that was impatient was the guard. After long silence, Yeowun moaned and looked down and spoke to Huan Yi with determined look.

“The thing I asked you before. Is it ready?”


Huan Yi’s eye glowed.

At same time, there were over 300 warriors from Buju Clans surrounding the mansion of Ghost Illusion clan. At the gate, there were man with mustache wearing brown armor, and a man with black cover over his eye that wore the robes of the Lord’s palace. The man with mustache was the leader of Buju sword, Jukem.

“Sir Pahin, they will come soon.”

The man with eyepatch, Pahin nodded. It has been a while since the guard went into the clan, so they were concerned if Ghost Illusion clan was readying to fight back, but they didn’t sense anything like that.

That’s when the gate opened and four people appeared. It was Chun Yeowun, Hu Bong, Yin Moha and Huan Yi. But Yin Moha did not have her mask, so she acted as if she was a personal guard of Yeowun.

“Greetings, Crown Prince.”

Jukem and Pahin both bowed at Yeowun. Yeowun also bowed reluctantly. They were bowing at each other, but certain cold air was upon them. Huan Yi first spoke to them.

“I am not sure why so many warriors are surrounding my mansion.”

Pahin answered to Huan Yi’s question.

“I am sorry, Elder Huan. Buju Sword is not here to threaten the Ghost Illusion clan.”

He spoke, but the act itself was already a threat. Huan Yi looked unconvinced but Pahin ignored and turned to Chun Yeowun.

“There is a order made to the Crown Prince.”

To the cultist of Demonic Cult, order from the Lord was definite. Yeowun stayed silent for a while but soon knelt and shouted.

“Crown Prince Chun Yeowun, ready for any order from the Lord.”

Pahin then opened the scroll that had writings on what the order was about and read.

“I, Chun Yujong, order the Crown Prince to go down to fight the forces of Blade God Six Clan heading south from the Jurkang Castle. I entrust you a small forces, so depart and defend enemy’s advance.”


Yeowun’s eye shook from unexpected order. He imagined something will work against him but this was unexpected. Yeowun then looked up and saw warriors from Buju Sword. They all wore armors as if they were ready to go to war.

‘This is…’

Pahin then closed the scroll and spoke.

“It is an emergency. Crown Prince must leave with the Buju Sword at once.”

Huan Yi and Yin Moha became shocked and looked at Yeowun. They too have not expected this. Yin Moha quickly sent telepathic message to Yeowun.

[T-this is a trap!]

This was only a trap to send out Yeowun outside the castle so he can be dealt with. If Yeowun still had his members, it could have been a regular mission but he had no one around him. He was also told to leave right now, meaning he wasn’t given any time to prepare.

‘They got us!’

If they resist, then it was apparent that these warriors will attack. There were no choice. Hu Bong gritted his teeth in anger as Chun Yeowun was being sent into the cliff.

“I-I will go together!”

“…The order is to have Crown Prince alone. How dare you intervene at the Lord’s order.”

Pahin threatened and Hu Bong closed his mouth. The Lord’s order was absolute. And onto Huan Yi and Yin Moha who was dumbfounded and frustrated, telepathic message came to them from Yeowun. They had to bit on their lips and take it in.

‘We have to walk the path right into the trap…!’

Yin Moha angered at the Lord’s scheme. Even if Yeowun was threatening his power and authority, it seemed it was too much to send his own son into death. Pahin snickered at them and spoke.

“You should leave now.”

It was 5 hours later when Marakim returned to the cult. He was able to retrieve the body of Kingbonki that was buried on different peak and returned. The body was so big and heavy that it required six men to carry it. But when he returned, he sensed something was weird. He felt something strange from warriors and servants walking within the palace. Marakim became concerned but he didn’t mention it and brought the body into the palace. He then ordered to have the body sent to the preservation room.

“We need to show it to the Lord, so we’ll clean it first.”

It was buried, but it wasn’t dirty. But it didn’t seem out of place, so Marakim nodded. Warriors from Palace guards then began to move the body to somewhere but the direction was…

“Wait. That is the incinerat…”

“Great Guardian.”

Marakim tried to call palace guards, when man with eyepatch walked up to him and stopped him. It was Pahin, leader of Palace guards.

“Wait a second.”

Marakim walked past Pahin to call upon palace guards, but Pahin ran up to him again and stopped him. Marakim’s eye turned cold.

“What is… the meaning of this?”

“It’s an order from the Lord. Don’t interfere with the body any more.”

“The Lord’s order?”

Marakim became dumbfounded. He brought the body that proved use of blood reversion art to ease the problem, but it was now being sent to burn it down. He had to stop hit. Pahin smiled to Marakim.

“You don’t have time to think about that. The Lord told me to bring you over to him right away when you return.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll know once you go to the Great Halls.”

“Great Halls?”


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