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Chapter 233 - Walking into the trap - Part 6

Marakim became confused. Great Halls were only opened when there were Great Meeting. The Great Meeting was held recently, so it wasn’t likely that there will be any more meeting.

“What are you…”

“The Great Meeting had started about 10 minute ago, so you must hurry.”

“…What is the meeting about?”

“It’s about putting Crown Prince down from his position.”


Marakim became shocked and asked back. He thought the Lord will do something, but he didn’t imagine it could be this fast.

‘Ugh… he got us!’

He needed to move fast then. He had to stop before Chun Yeowun was put down from his spot. But Marakim also thought that maybe he should reveal that the Crown Prince was true Sky Demon in front of all clan leaders. But Marakim did not know that Chun Yeowun had left the castle due to the order.

“Then if you’ll excuse me.”

Marakim then quickly ran toward the Great Halls and Pahin scoffed.

“Hmph. He sure is siding with the Crown Prince.”

That was only reason for Marakim to act so quickly. But it was too late now. Marakim’s only purpose now was to make sure Chun Yeowun was brought down. And there was also job for Pahin himself.

“Hey! Don’t go there!”


Pahin shouted at female servant who almost went toward the incinerator. He had to block anyone from coming near the incinerator until Kingbonki’s body was burned completely.

At the Great Halls, there were many people gathered already. All clan leaders and elders inside the castle had gathered. Most clan leaders were here, but many elder seats were empty. Only elders that were here were Bu Churyong, Ja Kinkeng, Hang Soyu, Mong OH and Huan Yi.

Marakim arrived late and quietly entered the halls. The Lord was already on his throne, so the guard on the gate didn’t announce Marakim’s entrance. The hall was however very quiet so everyone knew Marakim had arrived.

‘What is going on?’

Marakim narrowed his eyes. If the meeting was proceeding, then it was strange that everyone was quiet. Marakim then glanced over to find Chun Yeowun, but he was no where to be seen. And within elders, only one from Yeowun’s forces were Huan Yi.


Marakim then realized something had happened. This was a place to talk about Crown Prince’s dethronement, but the Crown Prince and his forces were left out. When Marakim walked over to where elders were sitting down, the Lord spoke.

“Good. Our Great Guardian who witnessed the incident have returned.”

‘The incident?’

Marakim became confused and the Lord spoke.

“Great Guardian. Come to the middle.”

“…As you wish, my lord.”

Marakim then wlaked over and stood at the middle where elder seats were placed on either side. It was first time he stood here, as he was always behind the Lord. Marakim knelt down on his one knee and bowed.

“I ask you, Great Guardian. Tell me the exact words that you spoke to me before.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Did Crown Prince Chun Yeowun ambushed 2nd Elder Kingbonki to kill him? And that you witnessed this with your very eyes?”


Marakim’s eye shook at the question. He had told the Lord that Kingbonki had used blood reversion art so he had to be killed. What was the reason for this question?

“My Lord. I told you that..”

“Answer my question. Is it true that Crown Prince Chun Yeowun had ambushed the 2nd Elder Kingbonki?”

The Lord asked again and Marakim bit on his lips. He was forcing the answer out of Marakim.

‘I can’t let that happen.’

If the things went as the Lord intended, then Chun Yeowun was sure to be dethroned.

“That is…”

When Marakim tried to explain, he heard the Lord’s telepathic message.

[If I activate the reactant, your poison parasite will kill you.]

Great Guardian Marakim flinched at the word. Chun Yujong smiled. This was what he had in mind. With Marakim being controlled by the poison parasite, there was no way that Marakim will refuse the order.

‘You saw that there are no one who side with him here, so you must know.’

There was no way for Chun Yeowun’s dethronement to be stopped. Even if Marakim sided with him, there was no need for him to risk his life. Lord asked again.

“Let me ask you again, Great Guardian. Did Crown Prince Chun Yeowun ambushed 2nd Elder Kingbonki to kill him?”

‘Now. Answer me.’

The answer was already decided. Marakim’s job was to put an end to Chun Yeowun’s reign. Marakim then stopped on shaking and spoke.

“Crown Prince had not ambushed 2nd Elder.”


Chun Yujong’s eye turned furious at Marakim’s unexpected words. He had outright disobeyed his orders.

“And Crown Prince…”

‘I have no choice.’

He had to stop it before Marakim can speak about blood reversion art. The Lord activated reactant right away. The reactant was only made to activate when the Great Guardian tries to harm the Lord, but the Lord asked Demon Doctor to alter it so that it can be made to activate the poison parasite if the reactant dissolves inside the body of the Lord.


“Did not kill Kingbonki out of his personal feelings…”

‘W-what is going on?! Why is it not working?!’

Great Guardian Marakim did not seem to be in pain, and kept on continuing on.

“as it was an act to defend himself against the 2nd Elder’s Bl…”


If Marakim tells the truth, then the Lord’s scheme of lies was going to be revealed in front of all clan leaders. The Lord became frustrated and charged against Marakim to stop him from speaking. It was then, someone appeared in front of him and blocked his attack. It was 11th Elder Huan Yi.


And Marakim was able to speak loud and clear so that everyone in the hall can hear.

“…Crown Prince had to defend himself against 2nd Elder’s blood reversion art.”

The truth was told. But people were more interested in the Lord attacking Great Guardian, and being stopped by 11th Elder Huan Yi. Chun Yujong glared furiously at Huan Yi and spoke.

“Elder Huan! You dare oppose me?!”

“I am not Elder Huan.”


Huan Yi then smiled and began to pull his skin up from his chin. His skin were stretched.


Surprisingly, the man wasn’t Huan Yi. It was a man who had mask of Huan YI over his fast.

“Crown Prince! W-why are you here!”

Chun Yeowun should have been killed on his way down to the south already. And to the Lord’s shocked eyes, Yeowun leaned close and whispered.

“I am here to succeed you.”


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