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Chapter 234 - True Successor - Part 1

About 10 miles east from the Demonic Cult’s castle, there were three hundred warriors from the Buju Sword moving on a horse. They left late, and the sky was already getting dark so they had to prepare to camp soon. They were on a hill with dense bushes but they saw a large open field bit away from where they were that can be used to camp. But what they were looking for was a campsite. Jukem received a telepathic message from his lieutenant.

[This should do, sir.]

Jukem then glanced over at the darkened sky and the area and nodded. There weren’t any people here so it seemed like a good place. Jukem then got next to Chun Yeowun who was riding ahead and pulled out his sword. At that, all other warriors also pulled out their swords. Chun Yeowun then turned his head.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Jukem smirked at Yeowun’s question and shouted.

“Meaning? It means that you will die here!”


With that, Jukem’s lieutenant rode his horse toward Yeowun with force qi over his sword to strike down Yeowun’s head.

“Huhuhu… I was wondering when you will reveal your intention.”


The laughter seemed feminine. That’s when Chun Yeowun quickly pulled out the blade to defend and cut down the lieutenant’s neck at once. Lieutenant was a super master level warrior, but he was no match for a superior master warrior. Jukem turned cold and spoke.

“So, you will resist then, Crown Prince?”

“Well, you see. I’m not the Crown Prince.”


Chun Yeowun then reached down toward his chest and pulled up to throw the mask away. The face revealed underneath was the face of Huan Yi.


Huan Yi pressed down on below his chin. He had two masks over his face.

“Oh, that was close. I almost took off both masks. Huhu.”

“E-Elder Huan!”

Jukem became shocked that the person they brought here was not the Crown Prince, but Chun Yeowun. They left right away after they came into contact with Chun Yeowun. Since when the Crown Prince was replaced?

“W-…wait. You mean to say that you were acting as Crown Prince since we met?”

“Wow, you’re right. Correct answer!”

This meant that the Huan Yi they met at the mansion was actually Chun Yeowun. They thought they had led Yeowun into the trap, but they and the Lord were fooled instead. Jukem then shouted with rage.

“Elder Huan! How dare you disobey the order of the Lord!”

“Disobey? Wasn’t the Lord’s order to fight the enemy? Since when was the order changed to let him die?”

Huan Yi spoke sarcastically and Jukem shouted at his warriors.

“We will kill this traitor and return immediately!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Well, you sure have a lot of people here… but can you really catch up to me if I run away?’

Most were top class warriors and there were over 50 master level warriors. But that didn’t mean they could catch up to Huan Yi, a superior master level warrior running away. Jukem smirked.

“You think we weren’t ready when we knew we were up against superior master warriors?”


At the same time, warriors from the Buju clan began to growl like beasts. Their eyes all turned bloodshot red and Huan Yi frowned.

“Oh… I didn’t expect this.”

Buju Sword. They too were forces who had learned blood reversion art. Huan Yi became tense that maybe he might not be able to run away.

At the same time inside the Great Halls, all the clan leaders were shocked by the sudden appearance of Chun Yeowun. They were told that Chun Yeowun was sent to Bokgun Castle to fight against the Blade God Six Martial clan, so they didn’t imagine he would sneak in by faking himself as Huan Yi.

‘Crown Prince?!’

‘What is going on here?’

‘That’s strange! He sounded just like Elder Huan Yi!’

Those who had talked with Huan Yi before couldn’t find any strangeness in Yeowun’s voice.

[Changing user’s voice to normal.]

“Hmph. Hmph. Ah-”

Yeowun coughed and tested his voice as it returned to normal. His voice was changed by Nano, so even the Lord who had talked with Huan Yi many times couldn’t figure out if it was imitated.

‘He learned evil magic!’

The Lord glared as he watched Yeowun’s voice returning back to normal. He then found his coldness back.

‘Did Elder Huan create the mask for him?’

If so, then it was likely that the one who was sent out of the castle was Elder Huan. He knew that Huan Yi sided with Chun Yeowun, but he didn’t think he would do so far to turn his back against the Lord.

‘How dare!’

The Lord knew about Chun Yeowun’s boldness, but this was crossing the line. If he had shown himself in this meeting, then it was sure that Yeowun was here to settle the score with the Lord in front of all the clan leaders.

‘Are you doing this from the trust of the Great Guardian?’

It wasn’t sure how, but the Great Guardian was freed from the poison parasite’s control. And he was also taken into Yeowun’s forces, so it seemed Yeowun was thinking he had gotten out of his trap.

‘But you had made a mistake.’

The person who had the upperhand here was still the Lord himself. The Lord’s palace was a sacred place where only the Lord could decide what to do.

“What is the meaning of this, Crown Prince? How dare you disobey my order and sneak into the Great Halls? This is an act of treason.”

The Lord spoke authoritatively and the atmosphere became heavy. As the Lord said, what Chun YEowun did was an act of treason. Yeowun, however, looked back coldly, “I have something to ask you before that.”


“Why are you trying to blame me for killing 2nd Elder Kingbonki in an ambush and trying to dethrone me?”

Everyone turned their attention to Yeowun at his question. They all heard the truth that the Great Guardian revealed.


But the Lord didn’t seem to be worried. He then ordered over at the Great Guardian still on his one knee.

“Great Guardian. Crown Prince Chun Yeowun has disobeyed my order. Arrest him.”

“…I cannot follow your order.”

The Great Guardian did not follow the order. The Lord already knew that Marakim had sided with Yeowun now, so this was expected. The Lord then shouted to all elders and clan leaders.

“LOOK! Great Guardian Marakim is now listening to the Crown Prince, rather than myself! How can you trust his words?!”

The Great Halls fell silent. This was what the Lord had in mind. Every clan leader began to think differently, as they too saw the Great Guardian disobeying the order of the Lord.


Marakim looked up at the Lord with shocked eyes. He knew that the Lord was not going down easily, but he didn’t imagine he would use Marakim’s new allegiance against him.

“I see that you are very loyal to the Crown Prince. But a mistake needs to be dealt with punishment.”

The Lord snapped his fingers and the Palace Guards appeared.

“Arrest the Crown Prince and the Great Guardian.”

“Yes, my lord!”

And it was when they tried to walk over to them that they heard noise at the entrance.

“STOP! You must stop!”


“What! H-HUH? You aren’t servants!”


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