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Chapter 235 - True Successor - Part 2

“Elder Yin! Go now!”

Guards at the gate were trying to stop someone bursting into the Great Halls, but the person burst open the gate and walked in. Everyone became shocked to find someone coming in. It was 10th Elder Yin Moha who entered. But her late appearance wasn’t the reason for the surprise.

‘T-that clothing?’

She was wearing a black top and white skirt that female servants of the palace wore. That alone was weird but she had something dragging with her one hand that shocked people. It was a giant body that was partly burned.

“I am sorry about joining the meeting. I had to bring this important piece of evidence.”

Yin Moha used her Force Energy to move the body into the middle of the halls. And when people saw the body floating over, they were shocked.


The body had veins popping up from all over the body. A part of it was burned, but it was easy to recognize its face. It was Kingbonki, the 2nd Elder and Leader of the Sword clan.

“B-blood reversion art?!”

“It’s blood reversion art!!”

The body was twice as large as Kingbonki’s original body and the veins and enlarged muscles proved that he had used blood reversion art.

“The Great Guardian said the truth!”

“2nd Elder used blood reversion art!”

The halls began to become noisy.

‘What happened? Where’s Pahin?’

Lord Chun Yujong frowned. He ordered Pahin to burn the body and never let others enter. But it seemed Yin Moha had pulled it out of the incinerator and brought it here.

“You! What are you!”

“Move out of the way!”

And outside the gate to the Great Halls, female servants and hall guards were trying to stop Palace Guards from entering the Halls.

“Uuuugh! What’s with that woman!”


A tall female servant who was taller than most large men snatched one of the palace guard’s feet and swung him like an axe to strike down the other palace guards.

‘What are they?!’

The Lord had scattered all members under Chun Yeowun. If so, who were these warriors who faked themselves as palace staff to block the Great Halls? Yeowun smiled. This was Yeowun’s force that the Lord did not know of. They were his servants who stayed behind at the Demonic Academy.

‘Good job Hu Bong. You are right on time.’

With Left Guardian Lee Hameng being arrested, everything in the Demonic Academy was put on hold. Instructors were also imprisoned inside the academy for the investigation, but Yeowun’s members did not stay behind in the dormitory.

“No one will pass through me!”

The tall female staff who fought valiantly at the gate was Hou Sangwha. And someone ran up to Hou Sangwha frantically as he shouted, “M-Move out, girl!”

“You’ll have to defeat me if you want to go!”

The man was Pahin, the leader of the Palace Guards. His face was bruised and he was in a pretty bad state from being beaten by Yin Moha at the incinerator.

“Damn girl!”

Pahin was already embarrassed by losing to some young female servant, so he furiously unleashed his sword formation at Hou Sangwha. Hou Sangwha then took the sword that she snatched from the Palace Guard and defended herself.

‘Dammit! Since when did such monstrous girls sneak into the palace!’

Pahin tried to shoot past her, but he was injured and Hou Sangwha wasn’t weak.

‘What is going on?’

‘Something’s not right.’

Clan leaders began getting up from their seats as they realized things weren’t going as normal. They just thought Chun Yeowun was acting to remove the blame, but it seems that wasn’t only it.


The Lord sighed deeply. His plan had already failed when Yin Moha brought the body of Kingbonki. Chun Yujong glared furiously and threatened Chun Yeowun.

“Crown Prince. Do you really intend to bring this to an end?”

And Chun Yeowun answered casually.

“I told you. I am here to succeed you as the next Lord.”

“How dare you!”

The Lord moved quickly over to Yeowun to attack. Yeowun already sensed energy being gathered at the Lord’s fingers so he took steps to dodge it. The Lord then pointed at Yeowun and shouted, “I order every elder and clan leader to arrest these traitors!”

There was no more need to talk. He had to use his authority to overpower Chun Yeowun now. With the Lord’s order being made, a few clan leaders tried to charge at Yeowun, Marakim, and Yin Moha. Guards inside the hall also tried to attack.


But some of the guards were suddenly struck and thrown to the back. They looked dumbfoundedly at the ones that attacked them.

“W-what… why??”

10 miles east of the Demonic Cult’s castle, there was a chase going on during the dark night.



Warriors with enlarged muscles and reddened eyes growled as they chased someone. In front of them, 11th Elder Huan Yi was running away.


His clothes were drenched in blood. There weren’t any who were stronger than him, but with 300 warriors using blood reversion art, he had no way but to run. Huan Yi was barely able to get out of the warriors surrounding him, but he also had a heavy injury.

“Agh… ah..”

And Jukem, with his senses increased to that of a beast, heard heavy panting coming out of Huan Yi’s mouth. It wasn’t going to be long.

“Kekekeke… you can’t run away from us.”

Soon, they will be at a plain. At that place, warriors could shoot sword qi or throw spears to attack Huan Yi. And when they shot through bushes, Huan Yi suddenly stopped. His eyes were filled with despair.

In the distance, there were hundreds of warriors on horses that flashed another military group flag from the Demonic Cult. The reason why Huan Yi stopped was because the flag was from the Blade and Lust clan. Huan Yi moaned and shook his head.

‘This is unexpected. Crown Prince… I guess this is it for me. At least I’m glad that I was able to help during the last moment. Huhu…’

“Grrrrr. This is the end! Elder Huan! Kakakakaka!”

Jukem grinned. Warriors from the Buju Sword began to draw near Huan Yi. Huan Yi clenched his blade. If he was going to die here, then he had to use all of the energy he had to kill as many as enemies he could. And as he began to bring the energy up…

“Warriors of the Great Demonic Cult! By the order of our Great Chun Ma, hunt down these devilish fiends who have learned blood reversion art!”


Huan Yi became shocked. A warrior with gray armor standing in the front shouted with his sword.



Over four hundred warriors immediately pulled out their weapons and began to charge against Jukem and his warriors who were under influence of the blood reversion art.

“W-what is going on?!”

Jukem frowned as he thought these warriors had come to his aid, as they held flag of the Blade and Lust clan.

And at the same time in the Great Halls, Chun Yujong grimaced as he watched some people with disbelief. He was looking at elders. Bu Churyong, Ja Kinkeng, Hang Soyu, and Mong Oh were attacking the Palace Guards who were trying to attack Chun Yeowun.



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