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Chapter 236 - True Successor - Part 3

Four hours ago, at the mansion of the Blade clan located southeast of the Demonic Cult’s castle… There were many warriors of the Blade clan surrounding the main building, ready to strike at any signal. Inside the office, two men were talking with each other. One man was the 3rd Elder and leader of the Blade clan, Bu Churyong and another man was Chun Yeowun. Yeowun was holding onto a skin mask. If Yeowun did not pull it off, then Bu Churyong might have thought he was Huan Yi.

‘They have a good defensive system.’

The Blade clan, as it was considered the third strongest clan in the cult, quickly reacted to Chun Yeowun’s appearance by having half of their warriors surround the building.

‘What will he do?’

This was a bet that Chun Yeowun was making. If he couldn’t turn the tide here, then everything was going to fail before he could even start.

‘Blade clan… they have control over the northeast side of our cult toward the Kangdong Castle… If I can persuade him…’

Then there was a way to help Huan Yi who had gone out of the castle. Yeowun couldn’t send help from inside, so he required help from the four clans who had forces outside the castle. The problem was that Yeowun’s relationship with them was at its worst.


Bu Churyong was in deep thought. If Yeowun did not come as Huan Yi at first, Bu Churyong would either refuse to meet with Chun Yeowun or tie him up and report him to the Lord.

‘Is what he says true?’

There was a reason why Bu Churyong hesitated. What Chun Yeowun said was actually what he and the other elders had been feeling. It had been growing even stronger after they fought at the battle at Jurkang Castle.

‘Aside from our relationship, what he is saying is reasonable. If this persists, the next target will be us.’

The Lord just decided to strike down on the Crown Prince, the biggest force in the entire Cult right now. This wasn’t expected from any of the four clans. And from how things were going, if the four clans did not act on the Lord’s orders, it wasn’t certain as to what he might do after.

“We don’t have much time.”

Yeowun spoke to Bu Churyong. There were about four hours until the Great Meeting. Bu Churyong then spoke to him.

“Crown Prince. Are you aware that I can turn you over to the Lord right now if I wanted to?”

“Of course, if that is what you choose to do.”

Churyong frowned at Yeowun’s casual answer. After meeting a few times, Bu Churyong now realized who this man was. But the more he knew, the more he had to acknowledge the boldness.

“Crown Prince. We four clans are the foundation of the cult, but we still bow our heads to the Chun family. Do you know why?”


“Our cult serves the Demon God and the Fire. The one who communicates with them is the Lord and that is because the Chun family has been chosen to do that.”

Hundreds of thousands of cultists in the Demonic Cult had served the Lord who could communicate with gods as their leader for a long time. This was something that six clans could never have, even if they had more power, and it was the foundation of the cult itself. Without this, there was no cult. Thus, the six clans never tried to overthrow the Lord.

“What you are trying to do now is to overthrow that foundation. Without justification, this fight will go nowhere.”

This was the same even if Chun Yeowun was from the Chun family. The Demonic Cult was a group of people, and a religious sect. Even if Yeowun was successful in his revolution, there was no way to become leader of these religious people without justification.

“You are saying that I won’t be able to prove myself as the true Lord.”

“…Yes, that is correct. Even with our relationship aside, there isn’t a reason for us to follow your words…”

That’s when something weird began to happen. The black wrist guard over at Yeowun’s wrist came apart itself and began shaping into a certain shape.


And when he saw the shape turning into glowing black sword, Bu Churyong got up from his seat.

[Elder! What is going on in there?!]

His advisor quickly sent a telepathic message as he thought something had happened inside, trying to burst in at any moment. But the message that returned told them never to come in.

And four hours later, Chun Yujong was furious to see the elders guarding Chun Yeowun with their backs. Chun Yujong and none of the clan leaders thought these elders would fight to protect the Crown Prince.

‘W-what is going on?!’

‘W-why are they protecting the Crown Prince?’

‘Ugh… what should I do!’

The clan leaders who tried to attack Yeowun, Marakim and Yin Moha had to stop as things began to revolve strangely. The Lord, with reddened eyes possibly from being too enraged, glared at elders.

“You dare oppose my orders!?”

The Lord began to unleash furious energy. It was pressuring and heavy that everyone inside the hall began to go pale.


“W-what’s with this energy…”

The only ones who could withstand the energy being unleashed from the supreme master warrior were the elders, Chun Yeowun, and Marakim.

‘I thought his internal damage wasn’t healed…’

Elders became grim at such difference in power. The Lord, one of the top five warriors of Jianghu, was surely someone that cannot be matched easily.

‘Can the Crown Prince really succeed?’

Hang Soyu, the leader of the Lust clan was sweating on her forehead. She decided to help Chun Yeowun, but facing such energy brought her fears. The Lord spoke again.


The voice was very hostile, and it seemed like the Lord would charge the moment he heard the answer. Elders fell silent and without answering and the Lord began to grow furious.

“This is treason…”

“They are not committing treason.”

Chun Yeowun jumped in. The Lord became dumbfounded and tried to shout when Yeowun’s black wrist guard began to make a move. It scattered into black pieces of metal and began to form a shape. It shaped itself into a beautiful black sword. Everyone became shocked by such a magical sight and looked at the sword.

Sky Demon Sword.

So everyone saw the engraving on the blade. Sky Demon Sword. The writing also seemed very familiar. It was almost the same as the monument left by Father Chun Ma that was placed outside the courtyard of the Lord’s palace.

“Sky Demon Sword?”


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