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Chapter 237 - True Successor - Part 4

“What is going on?!”

“Why is that name on the Crown Prince’s sword?”

Every clan leader became shocked and turned to the black sword. It very closely resembled the Sky Demon Sword that Lord had, but the color was even darker and had a different vibe to it.

‘H-how did he get that?!’

Chun Yujong became shocked. There was no way that Chun Yujong would not recognize the black sword that he had since the day he became the Lord. He also had the Sky Demon Sword on his waist right now, but that was fake. No former Lords had found the true Demon Sword that Father Chun Ma had left in the past hundreds of years.

‘I can sense ominous demonic energy from the sword.’

It was as real as ever. The Lord became so shocked that he even forgot he was angry.

‘Is that sword the reason why they are helping him?’

The reason why elders helped Chun Yeowun was now revealed. If Chun Yujong acknowledged that Yeowun’s sword was the true Sky Demon Sword, then he was acknowledging that Chun Yeowun was Chun Ma now.

“No… that can’t be. It can’t be true!”

The Lord shook his head. That’s when he heard whispers in his ears.

[It’s over if you accept it. Prove that the sword is fake, or you have no other way to get out of this situation.]

Lord became surprised and turned to where the sound was coming from. A one-armed man was standing under the shadow of a giant pillar behind the elder’s seats, looking at him.

‘Yujing! How did you…?’

It was his brother, Chun Yujing. Chun Yujong told him to stay away from the Great Halls, but he was here now.

[This is no time for you to think about me. If you don’t put your act together, you might lose your throne. Break that sword.]

Chun Yujong then became silent. His brother was right. He couldn’t let the sword be considered real. The Lord then reached out at Yeowun’s sword.

“The Sword… I want to see it.”


Elders flinched and shook their head. They weren’t sure what the Lord might do if he lay his hand on the sword.

“…Of course.”

But Chun Yeowun gave the sword by offering it with his palms up. The Lord then reached out to pull the sword with his energy. He had used 30% of his energy but the sword didn’t move from Yeowun’s hand.

“Are you playing tricks with me?!”

The Lord roared and Yeowun smiled and sent the sword up in the air and made it fly to the Lord. Chun Yujong then held the hilt with his left hand. He was thinking of sending internal energy into the sword to make it weak, and break it with his right hand by force qi of Sword.

“Aaaaaaargh! W-what is this?!”

At the moment he held the sword, he was filled with searing pain. The Lord let go of the sword and found the burnt injury on his hand.

“This stupid sword!”

The Lord then tried to swing his right hand that had wielded force qi, and something astounding happened.



A giant black dragon suddenly appeared and was roaring at the Lord. The Lord got so shocked that he quickly took steps to distance himself from the dragon. And when he got back, his eyes became large from shock.

‘How can this be?’

The black dragon disappeared and there was only the Sky Demon Sword floating over in the air. Yeowun smiled and reached out and the sword flew over to his hand. The Sky Demon Sword refused to be held by the Lord, but it was calm under Chun Yeowun’s hand.

“’s the Sky Demon Sword!”

“That really is the Sky Demon Sword!”

Some of the clan leaders shouted in excitement. These were leaders from the oldest clans, who had heard legends about the Sky Demon Sword since they were young. They heard that the Sky Demon Sword, created from the bones and blood of the Black Dragon, was a legendary sword that chose its own master.

“The Sky Demon Sword accepted the Crown Prince as its master!”


That’s when Ko Wanghin from the Demon Fist shouted. And beginning with that, the atmosphere began to change. The owner of Sky Demon was the one who succeeded the name of Chun Ma and should be considered as the true master of the Demonic Cult.

‘No way…!’

The Lord bit his lips. He tried to break down the sword, but it actually worked against him by letting it prove that it was actually the Sky Demon Sword.

‘It’s time!’

That’s when Great Guardian Marakim got up from his knees. He then pulled out the blue medal from his pocket and flashed it at the clan leaders and shouted, “Cultists of the Great Demonic Cult! Listen to the Sky Demon Order!”

“S-Sky Demon Order?”

Clan leaders became shocked and turned to the medal. On the medal that the Great Guardian was holding, it had the Sky Demon Order engraved on it. Every clan leader began to kneel to the ground to bow. No one was allowed to stand still against the Sky Demon Order, which was the authority given by the founding father himself. Even the elders began to kneel down on the ground to bow.

“G-Great Guardian….!!!”

Lord grimaced at the Great Guardian who was showing off his hidden identity in front of everyone. Marakim shouted.

“I, Marakim, Guardian of the Sky Demon Order, now send a message from Father Chun Ma to you all!”

“Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

Everyone shouted in unison at Marakim’s voice. Marakim then declared.

“By passing the test left by Father Chun Ma, Crown Prince Chun Yeowun, wielder of the Sky Demon Sword, is now being appointed as the new Chun Ma!”

Chun Yeowun then knelt on one knee and bowed at the Sky Demon Order.

“Chun Yeowun, descendent of the great founding father, accepts your order.”

Everyone then shouted with joy. The new Chun Ma had finally appeared after hundreds of years. This was an amazing event for the Demonic Cult.


“Chun Ma!”

“Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

And Chun Yujong, who was watching them, grimaced even more.

‘Aaaaaargh! This can’t be! This CAN’T BE!!!’

He then glared with a reddened face back at Chun Yujing. Chun Yujing’s advice actually worked against Chun Yujong. Chun Yujing shook his head.

[Well, you lost to a chess piece. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you again, brother. Heh.]

“How dare! How dare you show such disrespect to your Lord!!!”

Everyone became silent at the Lord’s roar that rang through the hall. Everyone looked up and saw the Lord angrily shouting at the pillar of the hall.


Yeowun and other Elders were bitter from what they saw. At the back of the pillar where the Lord was glaring at, there was no one.


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