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Chapter 239 - True Successor - Part 6

Bu Churyong frowned as he watched the Lord shouting at the pillar. He wasn’t sure if he could believe Yeowun, but this confirmed Yeowun’s claim.

‘Something really happened to the Lord.’

This was not something that can be considered lightly. If the Lord, leader of 100 thousand cultists, lost his sanity, then it meant a giant boat was without its captain. Great Guardian Marakim knelt down on his knee and shouted.

“My Lord. There is no one behind that pillar. And Prince Chun Yujing died a long time ago.”


Marakim revealed the truth in hopes that the Lord might come back. If the Lord did not accept that he was going mad and accept that he be treated, then the situation was going to get worse.

“Please, you have to go see the Demon Doctor to…”

That’s when a sharp energy shot past his neck. His right side was left with a cut and blood dripped down from it. If he moved his head a bit slower, his head would have been cut off.

“Doctor? Hah! NOW I SEE IT!!! All of you are here to commit treason by saying that I am MAD!!”


Marakim moaned. The Lord was now losing more control over his logic. It was getting worse. The Lord then pulled out his sword from his waist. It was the replica Sky Demon Sword.

“I will bring order to the cult again!”

“My Lord…”

Chun Yeowun grabbed Marakim’s shoulder and shook his head. Marakim then glanced back at the Lord, but his eyes were now more red than ever.

‘So, my guess was right.’

And with veins popping up over the Lord’s forehead, the symptom seemed very clear.

‘Blood… reversion art…’

It was the blood reversion art. The side effect of it grew severe each time it was used. It allowed the user to increase their energy greatly, but the reverse flow of internal energy slowly damaged the brain.

‘I should’ve known then…’

At the fight in Jurkang castle, cultists went against a powerful warrior that seemed to be the leader of the Blade God Six Martial clan. The enemy went straight against the Lord. After going through a hard fight, the Lord returned with an injury. Marakim hoped that his strange state was just because of the internal damage.

But it wasn’t. It seemed the Lord had used blood reversion art at the last moment. The only reason he kept his sanity until now was because he was at the supreme master level.

“It’s you! Because of you… a mere chess piece… brought such disorder to the cult! I brought you to this world, so I will take your life away this time!”

The Lord then began charging against Chun Yeowun the same way one would charge at an enemy, not a son. Yeowun’s eyes turned cold.

‘You lost your sanity, but you still call me a chess piece. I guess that is how you saw me from the beginning then.’

Yeowun wasn’t disappointed. The only ones that he considered as parents were Lady Hwa and Guard Jang. Yeowun then aimed his sword at the Lord.

“Everyone, get back.”

“Yes, master.”

Elders who stood guard around Yeowun immediately got away to where clan leaders were gathered. This fight wasn’t just a fight between father and son. This fight was a fight to choose the true leader of the Demonic Cult.

‘You have everything you need… but can you truly fight against the Lord?’

Elders looked at Chun Yeowun. Lord Chun Yujong was now mad and had acquired internal damage, but he was still one of the top five warriors out of the entire Jianghu. He wasn’t like the first elder Mu Jinwon. The Lord disappeared suddenly from where he stood and appeared in front of Chun Yeowun. The force qi coming out from the replica Sky Demon Sword shot up to slice Yeowun’s neck.


Yeowun had already pulled up his Sky Demon Sword to block it. The Lord scoffed when Yeowun defended himself from the attack.

“Good. Then try to block this.”

The Lord began to strike down with 100% of his energy and Yeowun began to be pushed back. The difference in power was quite large.

‘It isn’t going to be easy.’

‘The Lord isn’t weak.’

Elders and clan leaders became grim as they saw the fight. These two warriors were not at an equal power level.

“Don’t try to be a fool!”

If it wasn’t for the Sky Demon Sword, Yeowun would have been cut down with the sword itself already. Yeowun’s eye narrowed as he felt the energy.

‘He sure is the Lord.’

Yeowun realized the difference in power, but he knew that he had to show the power of himself in front of all these people so that he can be considered as true Chun Ma, leader of the Demonic Cult.

‘I will use my best!’

There was no need to hide the qi of the Sky Demon. Yeowun awakened the ominous demonic energy sleeping within his internal energy. He only used this to form force qi until now, but when he wielded iot entirely onto his body, black energy began to rise up from his body like steam. The terrifying energy filled the Great Halls, as if a terrifying monster or a dragon was roaring within it.


“This can’t be!”

Elders were shocked to feel the different energy arising out of Yeowun’s body. The power coming out of Yeowun was terrifying and so powerful that it gave chills to their bones. Sky Demon Sword that wielded blue force qi then was covered with black force qi. People gasped with astonishment.

“B-black force qi?!”


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