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Chapter 240 - True Successor - Part 7

“It’s force qi from Father Chun Ma!”

Someone recognized what it was. The legend said that Chun Ma, incarnation of the Demon God, swung his sword that wielded black light. But it wasn’t just in the legend anymore.

Chun Yeowun’s body stopped from being pushed back. It didn’t mean his energy grew. But the demonic energy was forming Yeowun’s force qi to become more powerful.

‘What is this power?’

The Lord also seemed to be shocked by the power. If Yeowun’s power was to defend against the level of difference, then there was no point in fighting with the power.

‘I can’t just claim my victory easily.’

The Lord then pushed Yeowun’s sword to the back and attacked with the sword formation. It was the formation from the Sword Art of the Sky Demon that Sword Demon had recreated. Eighteen sword movements struck down on Yeowun’s shoulders, chest and various blood points.

‘He’s quick.’

The power of the Sword Art of Sky Demon used by a supreme master warrior was amazing. But Yeowun’s sword skill used by his sword was a better version of the sword skill, Sword Force of the Sky Demon. The power of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon used with the qi of Sky Demon activated was beyond the power of just the sword formation. Twenty-four sword movements left the trace of black lights and countered the Lord’s sword formation. The formation aggressively shot through the Lord’s formation.

Most swordsmen would have been shocked, but the Lord was different.


The Lord then quickly moved his swords to defend against the remaining attack. But the power was so strong that he was pushed back. After being pushed five steps back, the Lord glared with more reddened eyes and mumbled, “Sword Force of the Sky Demon?”

It was the Sword Force of the Sky Demon that Chun Yujong saw many times through the book that was left at the Lords’ palace. He had tried so hard to learn it as he knew it was the last known martial art made by Father Chun Ma, but he did not know how to use the energy flow and gave up.

‘To think that the twenty-four sword movement could have this much power!’

It was surely a creation of genius swordsman Chun Ma. The Lord became serious. He had been grasped in anger until now, but he was now focused on the fight.

‘He is better in sword formations.’

If Yeowun was going to use powerful sword formations, then Chun Yujong had to answer by bringing the fight to a higher level. He too had tried very hard to become stronger.

“Give me your sword.”

The Lord reached toward the Palace Guards who were watching at distance. With strong energy force, their swords moved by themselves.


“M-my sword!”

Their swords were pulled out from their scabbards and began to hover around the Lord. Soon, seven swords were hovering around the Lord.


“It’s an air sword!”

Clan leaders gasped with astonishment as they watched the fight. The air sword was a highly advanced technique that only supreme master warriors could use. The elders became grim. They thought as the Lord was not sane and still undergoing treatment internal energy, he might not try his best. But if he was using this advanced skill, then it was sure that the Lord was determined to kill Chun Yeowun. And while everyone was shocked, Chun Yeowun smiled.

“So, you have come to a similar conclusion.”


Chun Yeowun then shouted toward the open gate of the Great Hall.

“Hu Bong!!!”

Then, someone who was stopping Palace Guards from entering into the hall, turned around and shouted as he took the blade from his back.

“Master!!!! Take it!”

It was Hu Bong. Hu Bong used his internal energy to throw the blade as hard as he could toward the inside of the hall. Yeowun reached out at the blade that was being thrown at him and the blade was pulled out from the scabbard and White Dragon Blade was sucked into Yeowun’s hand, letting him grip the hilt. His right hand now wielded black Sky Demon Sword, and his left hand wielded white White Dragon Blade.

Yeowun clashed his two legendary weapons against each other and readied with a unique stance.


Chun Yujong shook his head.

“Do you think you are the First Elder? You are a fool!”

The Lord then swung his sword and reached out at Chun Yeowun. Seven swords that hovered above them then began bolted down at Chun Yeowun.


When the Lord swung his hand, seven swords scattered to all sides and began unleashing the Sword Art of the Sky Demon on itself, as if seven warriors were attacking at once. If Yeowun didn’t block every single attack, then he was going to die.

‘Cornw Prince!”

Everyone became concerned at such an astounding attack. But their concern was not needed.


Yeowun shouted and began to move his both hands, creating sword and blade movements. From his right hand, the formation of Sword Force of the Sky Demon was used and from his left hand, the formation of Blade God’s blade skill was unleashed.

“How can this be?!”

“I-it’s Right Sword Left Blade!”

Elders shouted in shock. What Chun Yeowun was using was the secret technique of first elder Mu Jinwon. The Lord became shocked.

‘H-he’s really using it?!’

With the combination of powerful sword and blade formations, the formation countered seven formations coming at him from all sides. All swords shattered through as they struck against legendary weapons that wielded black force qi.


And as the swords shattered, the Lord felt pain from the energy that damaged his organs as it came through the connection from the sword.


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