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Chapter 241 - Culprit - Part 1

Air sword was a technique to control swords without ever touching them. With the swords flying on their own, it allowed the user to move the swords more in a variety of ways to increase the power of formation. But the technique had a weakness. The technique was used by the supreme master level warrior using his trained focus and energy. If the user lost focus or was not sane, then it was hard to control it.

When Lord Chun Yujong was normal, he could have controlled over 10 swords, but he now could barely use 7 swords.

‘D-does he have experience against air swords?’

Most warriors would be shocked to fight against air sword for the first time, but Yeowun didn’t seem to care and used another technique to fight against it.

‘I should thank the Great Guardian.’

If Yeowun had not experienced air sword while fighting Marakim, he might have had a hard time. And more fortunately, the seven air sword used by the Lord was actually weaker in power when Marakim used it with one of his sword.

‘Let’s crush down the remaining four swords and move up.’


Another sword shattered. Every time a sword shattered, the Lord felt pain. Four swords had already shattered. And with four out of seven shattered, the attack became weaker and Yeowun moved onto the second formation, moving his hands forward.

‘You can’t…!’

The Lord then controlled the swords to attack Yeowun from the front and the sides. The Lord was now experiencing pain from a severe headache, not from the pain whenever an air sword was shattered. His forehead had a vein expanding as if it would explode. He didn’t use blood reversion art, but his reddened eyes showed he wasn’t in good condition.

‘My head feels like it’s going to explode…!’

And with the severe headache, the Lord couldn’t control his air sword anymore. Since he lost focus, three swords then dropped to the ground.

‘He’s losing control! This is the chance!’

With what was blocking him gone, Yeowun charged toward the Lord right away. Chun Yujong was holding onto his head with his one hand and stomped on the ground with 100% of his energy. The ground shattered, sending debris up into the air, shooting out toward Yeowun. Debris also wielded energy, so it worked like a throwing weapon. Yeowun used his Sky Demon Sword to defend against the debris. Chun Yujong frowned and took steps to get some distance.


The elders and clan leaders became excited. It seemed the Lord was getting weaker as the symptom of blood reversion art was getting more severe. If Yeowun wasn’t to lose his chance, then it seemed he was going to win soon. But not all wished for Yeowun’s victory. There was someone who looked grim.

‘The Lord will die at this rate.’

If the Lord was to die, then the Demonic Cult would rise up against a powerful leader called Chun Yeowun. It was unfortunate that he didn’t know about the Sky Demon Order or the Sky Demon Sword. He didn’t fulfill his purpose yet, so he couldn’t let the Lord die here.

‘You still have work to do.’

He had to make the Lord kill the remaining three people since he had lost the sanity to even try to kill his own son.


The Lord grabbed his head with his left hand and used bullet force qi via his replica Sky Demon Sword to have Yeowun to stay away.

“Don’t come!”

But that action only bought him a short amount of time. Yeowun used his both weapons to easily cut down the force qi coming at him. And now in Lord’s eyes, Chun Yeowun had turned into a devilish monster.

“Hah… Hah…”

The Lord even was drenched in sweat when he heard a telepathic message in his ears.

[Will you die at the hands of the betrayer? Will you truly let six clans to live who let your mother and loving wife die?]

The Lord’s eyes shook at the familiar voice. Chun Yeowun was coming closer. The ominous demonic energy coming out of Yeowun made it feel as if a giant Black Dragon was coming nearer.


[Use the Blood God’s Reversion Art. Use it to defeat your enemy, and kill remaining three leaders from three clans and bring order back to the cult!]

‘Blood God’s Reversion Art? …Blood God…’

The Lord then dropped the sword to the ground. He became confused at the telepathic message that urged him to use Blood God’s Reversion Art and swayed.

‘Blood God’s Reversion…’

And in that short moment, many glimpses of the past shot through his mind.

Chun Yujong was born from the adopted daughter of the former Sword clan leader, Kingbonkang. Kingbonkang had a daughter, but she couldn’t give birth to a child between her marriage with Great High Lord Chun Inji. Kingbonkang then adopted a daughter to have prince in his clan. But it was not long after adopted daughter Kinghawen was pregnant that Kingbonkang’s real daughter Kingyuyun was pregnant.

‘Both are my sons, so I should give equal opportunity to both of them.’

Chun Inji recognized Chun Yujong and Chun Yujing as a formal prince. But even through that, life wasn’t easy. Kingyuyun began to treat Kinghawen poorly, and so did other wives from other six clans. And although no one knew if that played a role, Kinghawen died before Chun Yujong could even remember.

‘Don’t call me mother. Call me Lady King.’


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