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Chapter 242 - Culprit - Part 2

‘…Yes, Lady King.’

Chun Yujong was also discriminated against as he grew up. He was talented in martial art, but he wasn’t a true descendant from the Sword clan, so he wasn’t welcome.

‘You have to help so that Yujing can become the next Lord. Remember this.’

‘Yes, Elder.’

Kingbonkang assured this multiple times until they entered Demonic Academy. Chun Yujong believed that was his true purpose so he didn’t think it was strange.

‘Brother, did you get scolded by mother again? Ugh… if I become Crown Prince, I’ll make sure that no one will be rude to you.’


‘You know how much I love you, right?’

At least Chun Yujong was happy as his brother Chun Yujing was very close to him. But everything changed when they entered the Demonic Academy. It was okay for the first few weeks, but soon, princes from the other five clans began to treat Chun Yujong badly.

‘You dare to think you are the same as us?’

‘You are lucky to be born in six clans. Just serve your master.’

Chun Yujong became exhausted as he was discriminated. He still thought everything would get better if his little brother Chun Yujing became the Crown Prince and tried his best to help. But Chun Yujong was still too powerful. His talent was something that just could not be ignored. In less than three years, Chun Yujong had passed the fifth test in the Academy.


‘Don’t even call my name.’

Chun Yujing also became cold. Just like other princes, he too began to grow wary of his own brother. Chun Yujong was not a fool however. He knew that his talent was the reason people became wary of him, so he stopped training from that day on and hid from others.

Even when the other princes, after passing the fifth test, began gathering people for approval, he did not seek any more approvals. But there was one who wanted to join Chun Yujong.

‘I am Yi Burwi from the Buju Sword clan. Please take me in. I will make you a Crown Prince.’

The Buju Sword clan was owned by the Sword clan, so Yujong told him to go join Yujing’s forces, but Yi Burwi insisted on joining Yujong instead. And when the academy was almost over, Yi Burwi spoke to him again.

‘Prince, when the Academy is over, you have to attack the other princes.’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘The princes are working against you to kill you first. And… Prince Chun Yujing is involved in that plan.’


Chun Yujong couldn’t believe what Yi Burwi said. Even if their relationship had gotten a bit distanced, Chun Yujing was still his brother. Yi Burwi then told him that he’d collect the evidence and the princes’ meeting place.

At the hill behind the Demonic Academy’s dormitory, six princes gathered in one place.

“Are you all ready?”

Chun Mujin from the Wise clan asked everyone and the others took turns to express their willingness. Most decided to join and only one who didn’t answer was the princess Chun Yuyay from Loyal clan, and Chun Yujing.

‘No. I don’t want to win in such an unfair way.’

Chun Yuyay wasn’t like a normal cultist and preferred to solve everything in pieces, so she refused. She wasn’t interested in being Crown Prince anyway, so the others understood.

‘Yujing. What’s with you?’

‘Don’t say you changed your mind just because you are from the same clan.’

Princes gnarled at Yujing and Chun Yujing spoke.

‘Don’t give me that bull shit. Do you think I will think much about that peasant girl’s son? Count me in.’

And other than the Loyal clan, every prince agreed on killing Chun Yujong. When all of them went down the mountain, Chun Yujong, who had been watching up on the tree, couldn’t come out of his shock.

‘Why… why did you…’

Chun Yujong thought his brother was only one who considered him as family. But what Chun Yujing had said was something that he could ever even think of. Disappointment and anger was beyond imagination. That’s when Yi Burwi who also hid behind the tree spoke.

“Now you know. You have to strike them first if you want to live.”

“…Why are you telling me this?”

It even felt like it could have been better if he died without knowing this. Yi Burwin then explained his reason for helping him.

‘Because we share the same blood.’

‘What? What do you mean?’

‘Your mother, Kinghawen, was actually my aunt.’

Kinghawen’s true name was Yi Hawen. She was from the Buju Sword clan. Chun Yujong was shocked to hear something he had not known about before. He wasn’t told of his mother’s true family before, but now he had learned.

‘Aunt was adopted into the Sword clan by order of Elder Kingbonkang.’

Yi Hawen was originally appointed to marry the leader of the Giant Sword clan Ha Ilhan, but the Buju Sword clan couldn’t object the six clans.

‘Aunt had to suffer for years in the mansion of the Sword clan just to give birth to a prince and died.’

Yi Burwi had heard this from his father Yi Burkin many times. This incident was a scar that was left deep within the Buju Sword clan and still remained.

‘Dammit! Dammit!’

After hearing of his mother’s death and how she had spent years in suffering, Chun Yujong blamed himself for considering he had to be grateful for the Sword clan who raised him until now.

‘Strike them down. That’s the only way for you to survive, and also avenge your aunt.’

‘But I can’t fight all of them by myself.’

Yi Burwi was right in saying that Chun Yujong had to kill the other princes if he were to survive. But he had stopped training for past year, so his power had not grown. But other princes had trained and they now had become super master level warriors already. It was impossible to take five of them on alone. Chun Yujong had no forces to back him up and even if he had, it wasn’t likely anyone would move against six clans.

‘There is a way.’

‘A way?’

‘It’s a way for you to defeat them easily.’

‘…What do you propose?’

‘It’s through Blood God’s Reversion Art.’


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