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Chapter 243 - Culprit - Part 3


‘It is an upgraded version of Blood Reversion Art.’

‘What are you talking about! That art is forbidden by the Great High Lord!’

Blood Reversion Art had a bad side effect that made users lose sanity and become mad. It was strictly forbidden from learning or using, but that was what Yi Burwi was suggesting Chun Yujong to learn.

‘No, this one’s different. Blood Reversion Art would be so, but our clan has studied and fixed this to remove the side effects. We did have success.’

‘But how did you…’

‘…We were ordered by the Leader of the Sword clan to do it.’

‘An order from the Sword clan?’

Yi Burwi said both covert operation clans owned by the Sword clan were forced to do many dirty things, including study of the forbidden Blood Reversion Art. But he said that the leader of the Sword clan did not know the existence of the Blood God’s Reversion Art yet.

‘This is different. It won’t make you mad or anything. There won’t be any side effects even if you use them once or twice while in a pinch.’


‘You are like my relative. Why would I lie to you?’

At the time, Yi Burwi was grinning in a weird way. But Chun Yujong, gripped with hatred and anger, could not see or care about this. And the night when the Academy ended and every cadet graduated, the incident that caused the entire Demonic Cult to become shocked happened. It was a night of heavy rainfall. Water puddles on the ground were red from blood and there were many bodies ripped apart in all places.


And at the front of Chun Yujong with deep reddened eyes, someone was begging. On the puddle, the man was pounding his head, begging for his life. It was Chun Yujing. He begged that he will never tell anyone of Chun Yujong’s secret and begged to be spared.

‘Please! Don’t kill me! W-we are brothers! Please!’

Everytime Chun Yujing mentioned that he was his brother, Chun Yujong was reminded of Yujing saying that he was the son of a peasant girl.

‘Kill him, prince.’

Yi Burwi shouted to Chun Yujong who was gripped with the beastly urge to kill the target. But every time Chun Yujong raised his sword to kill Chun Yujing, he was overwhelmed with a certain unknown emotion and couldn’t do it. He had learned the truth, but he couldn’t kill his brother who he trusted for over 10 years. So, in the end, Chun Yujong couldn’t kill his brother. He just cut his arm off.

‘You will now bark like a dog if I tell you to, and live accordingly.’

‘Aah… Y-yes… thank you… thank you for sparing me!’

‘No! He will be a threat in the future! You must kill him!’

Yi Burwi insisted that Chun Yujing be killed. But Chun Yujong refused and Yi Burwi pulled out his sword and tried to kill Chun Yujing instead and Chun Yujong had to stop Yi Burwi. The next day, Chun Yujong was arrested for killing the princes from the four clans and cutting the arm of Chun Yujing.

‘Why! Why have you not killed him?! WHY!!!’

And during five days at the prison, Chun Yujong suffered from terrible illusions and pain. The Blood God’s Reversion Art, which should not have had any side effects, didn’t take away sanity but there were still side effects. Chun Yujong’s mother, who he had not even seen once in his memory, appeared every night to shout angrily at him.


Chun Yujong was finally able to ease down the side effect by meditating continuously. He was finally freed after 10 days. The four clans insisted that Chun Yujong should be persecuted, but the leader of the Sword clan opposed the idea.

‘…Keep your promise.’

This was due to a secret promise being made between Chun Yujong and the leader of the Sword clan. Chun Yujong had threatened the Sword clan that he would reveal the research that was being made on Blood Reversion Art if the Sword clan did not stop doing it and help Chun Yujong instead.


When Chun Yujong was freed, Yi Burwi came to him but Chun Yujong warned him to stay away.

‘You told me that Blood God’s Reversion Art does not have any side effects.’

With this, Chun Yujong did not have Yi Burwi come close to him. He thought Yi Burwi was dangerous. But Yi Burwi told Chun Yujong, ‘Well, addiction is something you cannot stop once you start. Kekek.’

Chun Yujong thought if he should kill Yi Burwi, but it was true that Yi Burwi was the nephew of his mother and also helped him so Chun Yujong decided not to kill him. And after a year, the Lord Chun Inji came to visit him. Chun Inji took him to the Altar of Fathers.

‘I will make you become the Lord.’


Chun Inji said that he was stepping down to make Chun Yujong the next Lord. He had given up on hope as Chun Inji had postponed appointing the Crown Prince for a year after the other princes were killed. He thought Chun Yuyay would be the Crown Princess instead of him, but this was unexpected.

‘…She is too weak to withstand the danger that is coming to our cult.’


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