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Chapter 244 - Culprit - Part 4

That was the answer Chun Inji gave to Chun Yujong’s question on why he was chosen. It was curious as Chun Inji specifically said ‘danger’, but Chun Inji did not go into detail. After explaining many things that the Lord should know and do, Chun Inji asked Chun Yujong.

‘The throne is not only power. It is a responsibility. You now bear the lives of 100 thousand cultists on your back. Ease your anger inside of you and think only for the future of the cult.’

‘…I understand.’

Chun Yujong then swore an oath at the altar that he would serve his entire life to the cult. And with that, Chun Yujong became the Lord, and to keep the promise, he eased his anger. But the anger that already had placed within his heart didn’t die out that easily. He took in wives from the six clans as a tradition but he couldn’t love any of them.

‘…I have to become strong.’

The Lord Chun Yujong largely lived in two ways. When he was done with his official duty as a Lord, he spent all of his time training martial arts. Chun Yujong was appointed as the Lord without any preparations, so he was weaker than the other elders and had to be protected by Great Guardian Marakim. Chun Yujong tried hard to train his martial arts. That’s when a change came into his life.

‘Oh no… my Lord, how come you always mess up your clothes like that?’

Everytime when he came out of training, a female servant greeted him with a sad look as she looked at Lord’s clothing that had turned to rags. He first thought she was amusing and exchanged a few words, and soon it evolved into almost a full day of conversation.

‘Wow. You didn’t mess up your clothes today!’

‘You always blame me for messing up my clothes, so I took it off before I trained. Hwa Yun.’

‘Okay, okay. Thank you so much for your generosity. Happy?’

‘HMPH! How dare you.’

‘…Are you angry at me?’

‘Uh- uh…’

Conversations filled with jokes and laughter was something Chun Yujong had not experienced in his entire life. It was warm and happy. Chun Yujong fell in love with the woman who always smiled at him. Her every word and smile was like a bright sun light to Chun Yujong. After a few months, she was pregnant with Chun Yujong’s baby and Chun Yujong proposed to marry her. Hwa Yun cried and said that it was against the law of the cult and that she would leave, but Chun Yujong did not allow her.

‘No… I will protect you and my baby.’

He couldn’t leave his only hope and love. Chun Yujong opened a Great Meeting and declared that she was pregnant with his baby and pressed on with the marriage. All six clans rose up against it stronger than ever. It was so severe that Great High Lord, who was in his closed room training, had to come out temporarily to put a stop to it. And after all that commotion, Chun Yujong was able to marry her but she had to stay outside the Lord’s palace.

However, Chun Yujong was always happy when he went to Hwa Yun’s house outside the palace. Chun Yujong hoped this happiness would last forever. And with Chun Yujong’s attention fully being given to a female servant and her baby, jealousy and hatred began to arise from the wives of the six clans.

‘Who is doing such a thing?’

And there had been bad things happening near Hwa Yun’s house. It was getting worse and worse so Lord appointed guard warriors and tried to protect Hwa Yun in all ways.

After a while, the Great High Lord who had left his closed room training suddenly went missing. Chun Yujong dispatched people to find him, but he was nowhere to be found. Adding to this problem, Power King Hang Yen took his forces of evil and invaded cult territory. The cult tried hard to keep Chun Inji missing as a secret but it seemed like the forces of evil somehow found out and attacked. The war lasted over six months. And during those times, Hwa Yun became sick and didn’t get well.

‘My Lord, don’t worry about me. I will be fine.’

Chun Yujong was worried about Hwa Yun, but he had to go. Power King Hang Yen himself was at the warfront and killed two elders and even Chun Yujing, so the Lord himself had to go and fight him.

‘I… I will return as fast as I can.’

‘Yes… I will wait for you.’

Even in her sick bed, Hwa Yun smiled at Chun Yujong. And that was the last smile Chun Yujong saw.

Lord Chun Yujong led a huge army of the Demonic Cult and fought Power King Hang Yen’s forces in the battle of the Sawon Plains. Chun Yujong then fought Hang Yen on one on one fight.

‘Hahahahaha! To think man such as you is the Lord! You are just a kid compared to Chun Inji!’

Chun Yujong was at the end stage of superior master level, but Power King Hang Yen was at the entry to supreme master level warrior level. Even though Chun Yujong was talented, he lacked power so he couldn’t win.

‘No… if I lose, the cult… Hwa Yun will…’


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